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Review of the Bosch Fontus Cordless Outdoor Cleaner. In this post I will go through what it is, how to use it, its positives and negatives – and loads more. You’ll be able to clearly see whether it will solve a problem in your own home, and I can’t wait to see what you think!

Bosch Fontus Review

I would like to thank Bosch Home and Garden for collaborating with me on this review.

I was paid for my time, but as always, you can be assured that all words and opinions are my own. I only agree to working with brands I love and use myself – and will only ever share their products with you if I’d recommend them to a friend

Bosch recently asked me to become an ambassador for them, which means I get to review a few amazing products and have the opportunity to share them with you – and today’s product is the amazing Fontus Cordless Outdoor Cleaner: –

The Bosch Fontus

To learn more, and see it in action – I’ve created a quick video – and you can read more below (of course!) – hope this helps: –

Why Would I Buy This?

This is something that fills a need we have in our house that I didn’t think existed on the market, so I was over the moon to find out it did!

Let me set the scene for you….

You see, our house has no way to access the back from the front, apart from through the house.

There’s no side access at all.

It’s not a terraced house, but I can empathise with you if you live in a home without access like this, because it’s a real pain and frustrating to say the least.

You don’t realise how much you need it until you live without it!

The obvious issues with this are when we need to do messy/dirty outside work in the back, and need to take things away.

It’s bad enough walking several loads of grass cuttings through the house when we mow the lawn, but I won’t even get started on dragging trees through the house to plant, or taking huge chunks of tree away when one had to be felled a few years ago for fear of it falling into the house (Yes, it’s fun living with us!)….

But the less obvious issue that crops up, that you don’t even think about until you need it, is access at the front of the house.

Of course, WE can get to the front of the house – but we struggle with getting one specific thing there, and that’s water!

Having a hose running through the house just isn’t ideal, and we always run the risk of water going everywhere – so we very rarely do this. But there are times when having a water supply where we don’t have one would be fantastic: –

  • Cleaning the cars
  • Cleaning bikes
  • Washing the front path and step
  • Washing the garage door
  • Cleaning the front of the house
  • After a muddy run, to hose down shoes and even our legs before we walk into the house (well, my hubbys specifically because I am SURE he runs through mud that’s thigh deep for fun when he goes out!).

… and without a water supply these things are pretty much impossible – so we live with muddy stuff, and end up paying to get the cars washed elsewhere.

It adds up to extra cost, and living with a less than ideal situation, and I don’t like either of these much…

SO – when Bosch showed me the Fontus, I was really pleased that there was a potential solution to this issue – and I waited for it to arrive so I could test it out and see if it was all I thought it could be.

What Does The Fontus Do?

It’s a cordless outdoor cleaner, that you can fill with 15 litres of water, and use anywhere outside to clean stuff.

It has an integrated 4 metre hose, 3 different pressures for different cleaning needs, 4 different water jet choices, and various attachments so is very versatile and can help clean all sorts of things where a hose and water isn’t available.

You can use it on all sorts of items, in all sorts of situations: –

  • Clean bikes before they get put back into a car after using, or when you’ve ridden home
  • After a muddy walk you can clean everything before getting back into the car – from your shoes, to a pushchair, even your dog!
  • Clean caravans when parked on a site, or when in storage
  • Clean garden furniture
  • Clean garden tools
  • Water flower beds and outdoor plants
  • Clean BBQs
  • Wash your car
  • Clean the outside of the house – windows, window sills etc….

LOADS of uses!

How Does The Bosch Fontus Work?

STEP #1 – Fill with water

Fontus Outdoor Cleaner - Filling it with water

STEP #2 – Make sure it’s charged (You can see the battery lights right under the power button on the left)

STEP #3 – Choose the attachment and the pressure you need (The pressure is the dial on the right).

Fontus Battery Checking

STEP #4 – Get to work!


What’s Great About The Fontus?

So many reasons (can you tell I like it a bit!): –

#1 – It’s portable – you can get it to where you need to pretty easily

#2 – Everything fits away in the unit – even the hose – so it’s easy to store (see the pictures below for both the hose storage at the back, and the brush and hose attachment storage at the front)

Bosch Fontus Brush and Attachment Storage in Front of Unit
Bosch Fontus Hose Storage in Back of Unit

#3 – It’s cordless

#4 – You can now have water where you need it – along with pressure and the ability to clean things!

What’s Not So Great?

#1 – It’s not a power washer – as the pressure is still quite low.

BUT it never promises that it CAN do this though, as power washers need a steady water flow and a LOT of water, so it’s just not possible in this type of product, so this is a very tenuous negative – but it’s something that crossed my mind when I was waiting for it to arrive – would it be possible to power wash my patio?.

Answer: No. But an unsurprising no! It is powerful enough to get rid of dirt on bikes, cars etc… though.

#2 – It’s pretty heavy when full of water

Just as you would expect with this product, when it’s full of water it’s heavy.

It’s just worth considering when you have to move it around.

Who Would Benefit From the Fontus?

The reason you would get a Fontus is if you want to clean things outside, but have no access to a water supply from one of the following reasons: –

Reason #1 – You live in a property that has no access to the back/front of the house

Reason #2 – You live in a flat

Reason #3 – You are away from home

As such – it would be perfect for people who own and need to clean any of the following: –

  • Car
  • Motorbike
  • Bike
  • Caravan
  • Muddy shoes from walking
  • Pushchairs / prams
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Dogs and horses and other pets that may need washing outside
  • Garden tools
  • BBQs
  • Windows / garage door / window sills etc…

Where Can You Buy A Fontus?

You can get this product from loads of places, but at present the best place I can find it is Amazon. To find out more (and to read the reviews) then just CLICK HERE.

Bosch Fontus Review

And that’s it! My Bosch Fontus Review.

I hope this has given you a good insight into what it’s like, how it can be used, and all it’s benefits.

We are using it regularly at the front of our house now, but also for the back because it’s so easy to grab and clean the garden furniture at the bottom of the garden, and water the plants when the weather gets hot – rather than having to stretch the hose to the farthest it can go!

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