Discover the Best Cleaning Tools: 10 Essentials for Effortless Home Chores!


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This is a fantastic collection of the best cleaning tools that will make those household chores easier every day. Add them to your collection and see what a difference they make to tackling everything you need to do around the house!

Because let’s face it – we all have to clean – daily, weekly, monthly – chores never seem to end – so why not make it a bit easier on yourself?

10 Best Cleaning tools to make chores easier

These tools have been selected because they can save you excess time and energy/effort when tackling all those cleaning tasks – while still doing a fantastic job.

Some of them even make things more fun, which is a winner in my eyes every time!

Criteria For The Best Home Cleaning Tools

#1 – Make a job that I don’t like doing more fun or easier in some way

#2 – Save myself time

#3 – Easy to use

#4 – Easy to store

#5 – Worth their cost (even if pricey)

The 10 Best Cleaning Tools To Add To Your Cleaning Supplies

I talk about all 10 products in more detail below, but if you’re ready to grab yours now, then just click on a picture or a link and you’ll go straight to the shop to find out more and buy…. (All links are affiliate links, please see disclosure policy for more details)

Discover the Best Cleaning Tools: 10 Essentials for Effortless Home Chores! - 350

#1 – Steam Mop

I love using a steam mop around my house for a couple of reasons: –

#1 – You can clean hard floors without needing products.

I love knowing that all the germs on our hard floors are killed with the high temperatures of the steam, and the fact that I save money on cleaning products is a bonus!

#2 – Safer on wooden floors

When we got our wooden floors in the Hallway and Family Room, we were advised to only use very very hot steam without products on it each week. Our steamer was perfect – and the boards come up beautifully!

Because I get asked! – My current steam mop is the Shark S6003UK Klik n’ Flip Smartronic Deluxe Steam Mop

#2 – Robot Vacuum

I don’t as yet own one of these as they ARE pricey – but the fact that they can get on with a cleaning job without me having to do anything (once it’s been programmed), is a HUGE bonus!

If we classed this as a cleaner, and worked out the cost per use – then it would probably be a worthwhile investment….

Watch this space!

#3 – Glass Vacuum

I reviewed this a while back on the blog and I have to say that it’s still going strong in our house.

We use it almost every day in our shower, and on the rest of the windows in the house when they’re (less regularly!) cleaned, and have had a lot less streaks on it as a result. I’d highly recommend!

Because I get asked! – I use the Bosch GLASSVAC

#4 – Long Squeegee

This is quite a new purchase for us – but it has fixed a problem we had with our glass ‘conservatory’ roof.

I say that in inverted commas because it’s not a usual conservatory – more like an area of the house that happens to have glass on.

It’s a pain to clean, and more of a pain to be sitting in the area (where our dining table is) and looking up to see lots of dirt from the roof that’s fallen on it.

I found a long squeegee that works a treat, because you can angle it to clean the whole area well.

#5 – Double Sided Window Cleaner

A great idea for those in flats, or with window that you can’t clean too easily on the outside for any other reason (we have one window that only has a small opening and can’t be reached with a ladder, for example).

This is basically something that uses a magnet to keep the outside cleaner attached, and you just move it around inside – perfect!

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#6 – Magic Eraser

I’ve loved this deceptively simple product for a LONG time – and honestly believe every cleaning caddy should contain it.

It’s a simple little white sponge – but it does a fantastic job of cleaning marks of pretty much any surface.

I use it predominantly for marks on painted walls – and it makes them look as good as new!

#7 – Liners

So many cleaning jobs can be quicker with some prior planning – and adding a liner to those areas that take some elbow grease to sort out can be the perfect way of doing just that!

There are so many liners to try: –

#8 – Steam Cleaner

You could get a steam mop with cleaning attachments, which we used to have – but if you want a separate steam cleaner then that would work just as well.

You can use steam to clean your tiles and grout in the bathroom, back splash in the kitchen, steam curtains and sofas – and SO much more.

It can honestly get quite addictive!

#9 – Radiator Brush

Quick and easy – but so effective!

There’s nothing I hate more than looking down a radiator to see dust gathering….

#10 – Your Dishwasher!

Weird but true…

So much can be cleaned in your dishwasher apart from the very obvious bits.

It can save you a lot of cleaning time PLUS do a better job.

I clean all sorts of things in mine – including glass light fittings, vases, ornaments, kids toys etc…

10 Best Cleaning tools to make chores easier

So that’s it! – all the best cleaning tools to make cleaning easier and fun!

I really hope that you find at least one of these must have cleaning tools as good as I do – and I’d love to know what you think!

P.S. If you’ve been motivated to make updates to your cleaning kit with these tools, then you may well want to take a look at updating your cleaning schedule at the same time – and you can create your own cleaning schedule step by step right HERE.


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