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Did you know it was National Spring Cleaning week last week?

The lovely people in APDO (the UK Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers – people who can give you hands on help if you live in the UK) have been writing some fantastic blog posts all about different aspects of spring cleaning on their own websites – and I’m writing the last in this series right here today – all about how to keep your home clean after spring cleaning.

{If you’d like to read all the articles written by the APDO team on the National Spring Cleaning website then just click HERE}

National Spring Cleaning Week    APDO

If you’re eager to see how you can keep your home clean and tidy after spring cleaning, then my top tips are below – I hope that they help you see long lasting results after your deep clean.

After all – you’ve put in all the hard work to really tackle your home from start to finish, it would be a shame to waste your efforts by not making it last as long as possible.


Ways to keep your home clean after spring cleaning



The last thing you may want to do is put down on paper all the cleaning jobs and chores you need to do to keep your home looking great – but it’s worth it I promise!

The main thing to remember when you create a cleaning schedule is that it doesn’t have to be something that ties you to endless upkeep.

Far from it in fact – because you have written it all down you can stop stressing about everything that has to be done as you will know you will get to it all at some point.

So – how to do it? – If you start off with what jobs you need to do, then work out how often you need to do it – you can start to see whether it can fit into your usual routine or not. If it does then fantastic! – if not, you can look to delegate or get help.

The main thing is that after spring cleaning you create a schedule that works for you and how you want to keep your home, and that doesn’t kill you in the process…

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Above all else, clutter is the thing that can make your home look the messiest and most unclean. 

Having things lying around all the time can be wearing, not to mention the extra time taken to clean around it all….

I would always suggest decluttering your home as much as you can (basically clutter is anything that doesn’t belong in the space it is in – whether that be because it doesn’t belong in your home at all any longer, or belongs elsewhere in your home) – and starting a 10 minute tidy up habit for the whole family each evening to stay on top of it after that.

If you do both of these things, then your home will always look cleaner and you will find that keeping it clean will be a breeze!


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Habits are the main way you can ensure your home stays looking as good as possible from the moment you finish your spring cleaning.

You already do a lot of habits each day that are so ingrained that you probably don’t really realise you’re doing them anymore!

Habits such as cleaning your teeth, bedtime routine etc…

The key here is to add cleaning jobs to your existing habits so that they too become habits for you and you don’t think about them as chores in quite the same way.

Some ideas for this would be: –

  • Going to bed? – why not wipe down the bathroom surfaces when you’ve finished
  • Finished dinner? – once you’ve loaded the dishwasher make sure you also set it so that the dishes are ready for you the next day.
  • Cooking? Get into the habit of washing up as you cook – that way you have a lot less to deal with after you’ve eaten.

and I already mentioned the 10 minute tidy up habit that I love to use each evening. Ten minutes is really nothing but can make a huge difference (try setting the oven timer and racing around – it’s amazing what you can accomplish!).


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Ways to keep your home clean after spring cleaning so that it looks clean and clutter free for as long as possible.So that’s it! – just 3 things will make all the difference to how clean your home stays after you’ve done all that Spring Cleaning: –


Make doing each of them a priority as soon as you can and you’ll be able to maintain a clean home all the more easily going forward.

Do you have any clean home habits to share? Do you spring clean? I’d love to know so why not leave a comment below – thanks in advance!


(… don’t forget to check out the other posts all about Spring Cleaning on the National Spring Cleaning website, or get help in your home with decluttering and organising from the APDO members HERE)


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