21 Clever Uses For Silica Gel Packets All Over Your House!


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Silica Gel sachets are found in the packaging of loads of items we buy – and are usually just thrown away. However, we need to stop that because they can be really handy to have around the house. Take a look at these 21 creative uses for silica gel pouches, because you might be surprised at how versatile they are!

21 Clever Uses For Silica Gel - All Over Your House!

I remember being a teenager and getting new school shoes. When I open the box at home there were always small packets of beads inside.

These silica gel sachets were strange! Why were they there? Not to mention the fact that they were covered with DO NOT EAT messages, so I was really wary.

Cut to years later and I understand that they’re there to absorb moisture from anything around, and they aren’t toxic at all (they just aren’t a good idea to eat so you need to keep away from kids and pets for sure, and never mistake for packets of sugar!).

But still, they always seem to be a waste every time I see them….

So I started to look around to see if there were ways to use them, and there are SO.MANY!

Really – they’re just a smaller version of the type of moisture absorbers I’ve been using for years in specific rooms / areas of my homes that have had quite a bit of condensation or moisture around (hallway cupboard, wardrobe, etc…).

Silica Gel Sachets In Hand

But these little packets? 

They can be put in some areas that the larger ‘made for use’ products can’t. I don’t want to see them around the house, or carry them around – for sure!

And, being a fan of storage solutions, I’m pleased to know that they’re REALLY handy in lots of home organising projects!

So let’s take a look at all the ways you can use these handy gel beads (loose beads or in a silica gel sachet), and I hope they inspire you to not throw them in the bin next time you come across any in any packaging that comes through the door…

21 Ways to Use Those Little Packets of Silica Gel

#1 – In Your Gym Bag

Silica Gel Sachets In Gym Bag

Gym bags can harbour a LOT of moisture, including sweat from your clothes and trainers, and water from the towel and swim suit etc..

Add a few small silica gel pouches (or one larger one) to the bottom of the bag and they will absorb a lot of the water for you…

#2 – In Bottles Of Pills (Medicine or Vitamins)

Silica Gel Packets In Pill Jar

You shouldn’t keep medicine or vitamins in a bathroom due to the moisture in the air, and the temperature changes.

But even with that, they are often taken when we’re getting ready for the day (or getting ready for bed) – and there’s usually water vapour in the air from showers or the bath etc…

Taking a pill out and then closing the jar again means you may well have trapped some of those water molecules in that airtight container – which isn’t great.

If you add a small packet of silica gel inside then that will absorb the moisture for you, and keep your pills in better condition for longer.

#3 – Inside Shoes and Boots

Silica Gel Sachets In Trainer

Sweat from wearing them, and water from wet weather – can all damage shoes over time. 

Get rid of some of the moisture in footwear by putting a gel packet in them (just remember to take them out when you wear them!).

#4 – In Handbags and Purses

Silica Gel Sachets In Handbag

Handbags and purses can be swapped over quite a bit, and if you’re anything like me they can be out of use for a few weeks/months at a time (think: seasonal). 

If they’re packed away after having been out in the rain – then some mould and mildew could well build up over time. 

The last thing I want is to bring out a handbag to use, only to find it smells a little musty, or mould can be seen – so adding in a few sachets of silica gel to each of them makes sense.

#5 – In Jewellery Box

Silica Gel Sachets In Jewellery Box

Water plus jewellery aren’t a great mix – so you can add silica gel packets to your jewellery box to prevent it from tarnishing.

#6 – In Laptop Bag

I work on my laptop every day, and often go on walks and errands, so I take it with me pretty much everywhere when I’m out and about.

When it rains, or if I go anywhere a little humid – it runs the risk of damage to this precious equipment.

Adding a silica gel pouch to the laptop case will take some of that moisture away – and helps keep this expensive item running well.

#7 – Dry Out A Wet Phone

Silica Gel Helping To Dry Out A Phone That's Got Wet

Ever dropped your mobile phone in water? 

Whether it’s a puddle in the street, or down the toilet (forgetting it was in your back pocket…) – it can be a stressful time for sure. 

Grab a plastic bag and put your phone inside along with a few silica gel packs, and leave for a day or two. They should take away the water damage (fingers crossed).

This is a similar hack to using rice – and some say it’s even more effective.

#8 – Add to Filing Cabinet

The last thing you want for your important documents is to have any water damage (especially things like Birth certificates) – so adding a few desiccant packets to where you keep these will work perfectly.

#9 – Add to Photo Boxes

Photos are pretty delicate – and if you have lots from years gone by, a lot of them are irreplaceable.

As such – taking away any possible water or damp damage makes sense – and a little silica gel packet can do just that!

#10 – In Luggage

When you’ve been away and are storing your luggage until your next adventure, why not throw in a few packets of silica gel to soak up any excess water that may be inside?

#11 – In Razor Storage

Silica Gel Sachet Next To Razor To Stop Rust

Protect metal razor blades from rusting, by keeping them with silica gel packets in a little container.

#12 – In Sewing Kit

As with your razors, there’s quite a lot of metal in a sewing kit that could easily tarnish (needles and scissors, for example).

Bung a sachet or two inside your kit and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that it’s all tarnish and rust free.

#13 – In Storage Boxes (Loft, Basement, Garage, Shed)

These rooms are all places where the temperature can be erratic – and often have condensation and water in the air. 

As such, any enclosed space could have some moisture inside when packed away. To absorb this, adding a few silica gel beads sachets into each storage container would help.

#14 – In Seasonal Clothes

Silica Gel Sachets

If you pack away your seasonal clothes, then add in a packet of silica gel to the storage containers and prevent mould or mildew happening.

#15 – In Tech Cases (camera Bag, hearing aids, headphones)

All of these items could have condensation and moisture damage – so add a sachet into their cases to prevent it.

#16 – Take Musty Smell From Books

This is a great idea I read somewhere. When you’ve got any books that smell a little musty, add them to a plastic bag along with a few silica gel packets, and leave for a couple of days.

They should have lost that smell when you take them out!

#17 – Take Musty Smell From Washing

In a similar fashion to the books in #16 – add some sachets to the bottom of your laundry basket to absorb any excess moisture and smells that may be there while waiting to be washed.

Just remember NOT to let them get put into the washing machine…

#18 – In Tool Box

Stop metal tools from rusting by simply putting some silica gel packets in your toolbox.

Simple but very effective!

#19 – In Wardrobe and/or Chest Of Drawers

Silica Gel Packets In Wardrobe

Keep clothes fresh by putting some silica gel packets to anywhere you keep things you wear – and they’ll be ready to wear when you need them!

#20 – Keep Wedding Dresses Dry And Fresh

Stops the most precious of memories getting any moisture damage – mould or mildew.

#21 – Tape To Top Of Dry Food

Pet food, coffee, flour, etc… all need to stay dry – so why not tape a silica gel packet to the inside of the top of the container?

1 Thing To Never Do With Silica Gel

Although Silica Gel isn’t toxic, it’s not recommended to eat it.

Make sure you don’t leave any lying around for kids or pets to find. If you pick any of the ideas from this article, then please make sure your children and animals can’t get to any that you use.

They can look like fun, seem like sugar or sweetener sachets – and can be dangerous for them to discover because it can cause discomfort, irritation, and dehydration if ingested. 

The packets themselves may also present a choking hazard, especially for children and pets.

If you accidentally ingest silica gel or experience any adverse symptoms after handling or coming into contact with it, seek medical attention immediately.

Silica Gel Packets
21 Clever Uses For Silica Gel - All Over Your House!

So there you have it – loads of uses for Silica Gel packets!

When I was looking into this there were definitely a few that were new to me, that I’ll be trying over the coming months.

What about you?

I hope they’ve given you some ideas for your own home – get collecting them (or buy a few) now!


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