8 Reasons To Move House – And Some Solutions To Avoid It


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Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. You literally turn everything upside down, spend a lot of money, and it takes up weeks of your life.

It can also be one of the best things you can do. It’s exciting and an adventure.

But how do you know when the right time to move is, and how can you be sure moving is the right decision after all?

What if there was a better solution?

It’s expensive to move – so you want to know that you are spending your hard earned money without good reason. – so let’s take a look at the reasons to move house in more detail so that when you next decide to move you can do it with all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

8 Reasons To Move House - And Why You May Not Want To

So – you’ve decided to move.




Of course – it’s a massive step that will turn your home and life upside down for a while – not to mention the cost and hassle.

It’s a huge decision, and sometimes it’s exactly the right thing to do – but sometimes, not so much….

When you decide to move you may think you’re moving for a valid reason – that it makes no sense not to do so.

And although I’m all for moving if it’s the right thing, I’m not one to spend that much money, time and stress for nothing.

It’s always best to take a step back from things and assess before you start the process of moving.

Maybe there’s another answer that will be ideal – maybe not – but when you start the moving process you will be sure you have considered it fully and are totally on board – which will help every step of the way.

What Are YOUR Reasons To Move House?

Let’s start by taking a minute to think about the 8 main reasons to move: –

1 – NEW AREA – moving to be closer to family, to relocating for a new job, getting into a school catchment area, cost of living is less elsewhere, or maybe your neighbourhood has changed and you don’t like it anymore (buildings, traffic, neighbours) etc…

2 – MORE SPACE – outgrown our current home / family growing / extended family moving in

3 – DOWNSIZE – home is too large for us now / money issues forcing a consolidation

4 – UPGRADE – wanting a nicer home that has things that current house doesn’t

5 – CORRECTING A MISTAKE – the last move may have been wrong for various reasons – and this time you want to make sure it’s right

6 – HEALTH PROBLEMS – maybe stairs have become an issue, or cleaning is impossible – health may be the perfect time to consider what you need now.

7 – GETTING OUT BEFORE LARGE COSTS – homes need regular maintenance, but if your home will need a new roof, or extra work imminently, you may prefer to move beforehand so that you don’t have to do the work.

8 – CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE – maybe you want to travel more and have a lock up and leave home without a garden/heavy maintenance. Or maybe you want to become self-sufficient so require a garden that’s more suitable.

All of the points about are very valid, and very crucial on the surface – some are very very valid reasons for a move.

Moving may be the best thing – but what if it isn’t?

What if there is another way to get the benefits you want from a move, without having to actually move? Let’s look at the reasons why, in fact, you maybe shouldn’t move at all… 

Moving House Clutter Quote - You Never Really Know How Much Stuff You Have Until You Move House

Why These Reasons May Not Be Ideal?

Moving For Financial Reasons

Moving costs A LOT of money – money you won’t get back. If you are moving for financial reasons you will want to do the sums to ensure you will actually be better off when you move – and not have extra financial issues as a result.

You will need to know the following figures roughly so you can really see what you are dealing with: –

  • What your current home will go on the market for
  • What your mortgage can be
  • What the costs of moving will be
  • What your max. budget for the new house therefore is

Moving Because You’ve Outgrown Your House

Your home may be busting at the seams, but is this because you actually have too much stuff, rather than your home is too small?

It sounds obvious, but if you have filled every square inch of your current home, you are likely to continue that habit in the new home, and end up with the same issues on a larger scale.

Have a massive declutter (you will need to anyway if you are moving), and see how much this helps. You may well be surprised at the results….

Moving Because You Need Room For Something

Maybe you have extended family moving in, a child on the way, or are starting a business from home. You may well need more space to be able to deal with these new changes in your life.

Or do you?

If this is the only reason you are moving, then you may want to consider the possibility of extending your current house instead.

Your moving costs could be spent on adding value to your existing house instead.

Why not get some estate agents to value your home and give an idea of what an extension would add to the value of your home, and some builders to quote, and take it from there. Maybe converting a loft / garage / cellar or adding an extension will mean you get more for the money you would have spent moving…

TIP – Drawing up plans for possible extensions may well be a draw for potential buyers should you decide to move – as people move with lots of ideas to make a house their own. Give them the vision!

Moving Because You’re Downsizing Or Consolidating Costs

If you can, then why not consider renting out a room in your house, rather than moving fully.

If you are older or live by yourself this might be perfect for company as well.

Sharing your home may be the answer you need without losing the home that you love to live in.

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Moving Because You Don’t Want To Face Large Costs In The Future

Moving itself will probably be the largest cost you would have – so are you spending that money wisely or would you actually be better off spending it on your house instead?

If you move house you may well have hidden costs later down the line anyway, and if you spend some money on your existing home you will be safer in the knowledge that your home has been well looked after. You may well have more peace of mind, and less costs, staying…

Moving Because You Want A Change Of Lifestyle / Upgrade

Maybe the grass is greener, but often it’s not.

We are human and we all have our own habits that make us who we are. Moving house won’t necessarily change any of that.

Be really realistic as to what you are trying to change with the move. Maybe try and alter a few things in your existing house first and see how you go.

Moving your house probably won’t change who you fundamentally are.

QUOTE - Instead of cleaning my house, I’m just going to move to a new one!

Moving To Correct A Mistake

Some mistakes may actually be easier to fix in your existing house than you realise. An extension, or knocking down walls etc… may make your home work perfectly for you, and be less expensive and less hassle than moving.

Now, I’m not all doom and gloom!

You may have read all this and still be wanting to move. And that’s perfect! Congratulations!

Things like location, health and things that changes to your current house can’t fix are all very valid reasons to move house.

Knowing that this is the reason you are moving will help you to understand what is really important in your new home, and it will ensure you are spending the money on moving for a very good reason.

8 Reasons To Move House - And Why You May Not Want To

So, I hope that these reasons to move house (and why you may not need to) has been eye opening for you!

If you are thinking of moving house in the near future, or know someone who is, then I hope you consider all the options and make the exact right choice for you.

Good luck with whatever you choose to do….

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