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Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do in your life. You literally turn everything upside down, spend a lot of money, and it takes up weeks of your life.

It can also be one of the best things you can do. It’s exciting and an adventure.

But how do you know when the right time to move is, and how can you be sure moving is the right decision after all?

What if there was a better solution?

It’s expensive to move – so you want to know that you are spending your hard earned money without good reason. – so let’s take a look at this in more detail so that when you next decide to move you can do it with all the information you need to make the right decision for you.

reasons to move house and why you shouldn't - reasons to not move house

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So – you’ve decided to move.




Of course – it’s a massive step that will turn your home and life upside down for a while – not to mention the cost and hassle.

It’s a huge decision, and sometimes it’s exactly the right thing to do – but sometimes, not so much….

When you move – you may think you are moving for a valid reason – that it makes no sense not to do so.

And although I am all for moving if it’s the right thing – I am not one to spend that much money, time and stress for nothing.

It’s always best to take a step back from things and assess before you start the process of moving.

Maybe there’s another answer that will be ideal – maybe not – but when you start the moving process you will be sure you have considered it fully and are totally on board – which will help every step of the way.



Let’s start by taking a minute to think about the 8 main reasons to move: –

1 – NEW AREA – moving to be closer to family, to relocating for a new job, getting into a school catchment area, cost of living is less elsewhere, or maybe your neighbourhood has changed and you don’t like it anymore (buildings, traffic, neighbours) etc…

2 – MORE SPACE – outgrown our current home / family growing / extended family moving in

3 – DOWNSIZE – home is too large for us now / money issues forcing a consolidation

4 – UPGRADE – wanting a nicer home that has things that current house doesn’t

5 – CORRECTING A MISTAKE – the last move may have been wrong for various reasons – and this time you want to make sure it’s right

6 – HEALTH PROBLEMS – maybe stairs have become an issue, or cleaning is impossible – health may be the perfect time to consider what you need now.

7 – GETTING OUT BEFORE LARGE COSTS – homes need regular maintenance, but if your home will need a new roof, or extra work imminently, you may prefer to move beforehand so that you don’t have to do the work.

8 – CHANGE OF LIFESTYLE – maybe you want to travel more and have a lock up and leave home without a garden/heavy maintenance. Or maybe you want to become self-sufficient so require a garden that’s more suitable.


reasons to move house and why you maybe don't need to after all. Reasons NOT to move!


All of the points about are very valid, and very crucial on the surface – some are very very valid reasons for a move.

Moving may be the best thing – but what if it isn’t?

What if there is another way to get the benefits you want from a move, without having to actually move? Let’s look at the reasons why, in fact, you maybe shouldn’t move at all… Click to go to the next page...

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