11 Ingenious Hidden Storage Ideas For Your Home You’ll Love


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Amazing collection of hidden storage ideas for all parts of your home (inside and out) that you’ll want to use straight away!. Whether you want to hide items for privacy, security, or a more clutter free home – there are options a-plenty waiting for you here. Get started today and make the most of every square inch of your house – maximise it’s potential!

11 Ingenius Hidden Storage Ideas For Around Your Home That You'll Love

I love finding ways to maximise the space we have in our homes – especially in UK homes where space tends to be tight to say the least!

In fact – when we moved into our home there was absolutely ZERO storage there. No wardrobes, no cupboards – NOTHING. So over the years we’ve created cupboards in alcoves, added in shelves behind doors etc.. – and created storage where we can.

But we’ve yet to create hidden storage – and so I wanted to be inspired and took a look around to see what I could find.

It’s amazing how many totally fantastic ideas there are out there, so I just had to share a few with you.

This is my roundup of some of the best ideas I’ve found. Hopefully they will inspire you to be creative and make the most of what space you have….

Hidden Storage Ideas For Around Your Home

#1 – Storage In A Wall Shelf

I love the idea of having storage hidden within thick looking chunky shelves.

They would work for bedside tables in tight spaces as well, and look smart because any items you wanted to hand could be hidden away so the space looks clutter free.

They could also be used for a home office for pens or wires, in the living room for the remote controls, or as somewhere to keep valuables when away on holiday (because they’d be well hidden!).

The options really are endless.

#2 – Storage In the Bath panel

Baths are the biggest piece of furniture in a bathroom, and often they are surrounded by at least one panel.

Panels are a great way to hide all the plumbing and the less-than-beautiful bottom of the bath – but there’s also a LOT of wasted space lurking behind them…

Why not make some use of them?

Having (or creating) panels that can be removed means that you can store cleaning items, bath products etc… out of the way but still to hand.

It’s the PERFECT solution for a small bathroom with little storage.

Bath taps

#3 – Storage In A Bed

Follow this blog for any length of time and you’ll find me waxing lyrical about storage beds.

I LOVE them! The main reason is that they totally transform a bedroom because of the amount of storage they provide – that’s also hidden away completely out of sight until you need it.

In fact, I love them so much that I now have a storage bed in ALL the bedrooms in my home. It’s 1930’s home with no built in storage whatsoever, so they’ve been a life saver to store all manner of items in.

Storage bed example of capacity and storage

#4 – Storage In A Photo Frame

We all have photos dotted around the house, so why not put them to even MORE use by adding in some frames with storage behind the pictures?

This would be a great way to store little things that often get left on show. They would also come in really handy for hiding keys in a hallway – so they’re accessible but totally hidden from view.

Another use could be to store some extra memories that relate to the picture on the front i.e. tickets / small items etc… so you can keep them together.

Now – you could buy a specific frame for this – OR you could do something just as good for picture frames on the wall – which leads me nicely to #5:

#5 – Storage Behind Pictures

Why not add hinges to a picture frame on the wall, so you can add hooks etc… behind it?

What an easy idea to make some extra hidden storage!

What could YOU store? I like the idea of keys, but what about jewellery like necklaces etc… in a bedroom, to keep that clutter out of sight and make the room feel more restful for sleep.

Just pop a hinge on one side and voila, you’ve got all those little items easily accessible, but totally hidden away.

#6 – Storage In A Headboard

Another way that a large item of furniture can become more useful when storage is added that you can’t see.

You can get a few headboards with added storage now – IKEA is a good option to look at, and they would work fantastically for things like books and other items you want to hand when you’re in your bed.

#7 – Storage In A Plant Pot

I don’t want to forget storage for outside in this roundup, and I have really fallen for the idea of using plant pots to hide those ugly but necessary items such as a hose.

Who knew you could get storage that looks good but hides it away…?!

#8 – Storage In A Free Standing Mirror

One of my favourite ways to keep jewellery organised, and one that can hold an amazing amount too!.

I can see this floor standing storage mirror in a teenage girls bedroom very easily, and it would definitely take clutter off the dressing table or shelves.

Or what about having one on the back of your bedroom or bathroom door? (I have one in my ensuite and it works a treat!).

#9 – Storage In A Bathroom Wall Mirror

And of course – the old faithful bathroom wall mirror with storage behind. It’s a favourite because it works so well.

A lot of these are obvious that there is storage there, but you can get some options that hide it well.

#10 – Storage In The Stairs

Yes, adding in storage to your stairs would need to be done by a professional – but wouldn’t it be worth it to have the space IN the stairs being put to good use?

I think this is a fantastic idea for things like small bags, or shoes.

pull out drawer in bottom step of staircase

#11 – Storage In Things That Aren’t What They Seem..

Last but not least – why not hide things sort of in plain sight – in items that look like one thing but are actually storage…

Who’d think of looking in a can of baked beans, or a wall socket, for precious items?

A great idea for storing expensive small items when you’re away.

11 Ingenius Hidden Storage Ideas For Around Your Home That You'll Love

So – there you have it.

My favourite hidden storage ideas from around the web, and I hope they’ve inspired you to look at the space you have in different ways.

You may have more storage than you think, if you just think outside the box a little…

P.S Want even more hidden storage ideas? – then you’ll definitely want to check out this post all about hidden storage furniture ideas… 


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