What To Write In A New Home Card [89 Thoughtful Ideas]


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If you know someone who’s just moved house, then no doubt you’ll be sending them a happy new home card soon. Here are 89 creative ways to say congratulations on their new pad. There are ideas for everyone for exactly what to write in a new home card – they’ll love it!

89 Thoughtful Ideas For What To Write In A New Home Card

A housewarming card can send those all important new home messages and good wishes to wherever your loved one (s) are – and show that you’re thinking of them at this special time in their lives.

After all – moving house can be stressful, so once it’s all done and dusted, and you have the keys – it’s time to celebrate!

So – whoever you’re sending a card to – here are some brilliant ideas and inspiration to help you if you’re struggling with what to say. 

NOTE: This is especially important to think about for blank cards that don’t have anything written inside already. It can often feel quite overwhelming to choose the right words for all that white space, right?! But I DO recommend getting a greetings card that’s blank inside, because it gives you more chance to send a personal message and that can be much more thoughtful for the recipient than pre-filled in words, so it’s worth it for sure.

13 Short And Sweet Messages For Their Housewarming Card

Sometimes all you need is a little message as that can say it all… 

  1. Welcome Home!
  2. Congratulations on your new home!
  3. Cheers to you and your new home
  4. Well done on your new address!
  5. Congratulations on the move
  6. All the best for you in your new home
  7. Congratulations, can’t wait to visit!
  8. Home Sweet Home. Congratulations!
  9. Happy New Home
  10. Happy Unpacking!
  11. Warm wishes for your new chapter
  12. A new pad! Yay!
  13. Happy housewarming – you did it!
QUOTE - Home is the nicest word there is

12 Funny Ideas For What To Write In A New Home Card For Your Friends

When moving house is all about being pretty serious, dealing with legal stuff etc.. – it’s nice to make it a little lighter with some funny words now everything has been finalised.

  1. Happy New Home – Good luck with spending the next 3 months looking in boxes for stuff you need!
  2. Happy new home – let’s hope your neighbours are nice…
  3. Good luck convincing your neighbours you’re not crazy
  4. Have fun making this space look like your Pinterest board
  5. Don’t ask me to paint anything!
  6. Which bedroom is mine?
  7. Well done on moving house… please send me your Wi-Fi password in advance. 
  8. Remember this moment in your new home forever. Because it will never be this clean or organised ever again.
  9. NO I won’t help with the unpacking and YES I would like to come over for free food and drink.
  10. I can’t wait to visit and overstay my welcome!
  11. Congratulations to you moving and congratulations to me for not having to help you move!
  12. Happy New Home! Enjoy your many trips to Ikea!

10 Ideas For What To Write In A New Home Card For Families

Always good to send greetings to the whole family, as moving house can be such a change for everyone involved.

  1. Congratulations on your new house. Hope you have loads of fun making it into your family home!
  2. Many congratulations! We hope everyone is settling in nicely.
  3. So pleased for you. We can’t wait to pop round for a cuppa and visit you all.
  4. Huge Congratulations! Hope your family have many incredibly happy years in this new place.
  5. So very excited for your new chapter
  6. New home and new adventures for your gang – have fun!
  7. Wishing your family happy memories in your new home.
  8. Congratulations! A new home for your growing family!
  9. We’re all very excited that you’ve finally moved in! Wishing you all the best with your new home – hope it works out perfectly.
  10. So happy for you all in your new home.
QUOTE - Here’s to a new home, new adventure, new memories

11 “Good Luck In Your First Home” Card Messages

Such an exciting time – and one of the most memorable moves anyone is likely to do. They’re a new homeowner, after all! 

Having a new place that’s the first one you’ve had is a real cause for celebration – and they’ll love that you’re celebrating with them.

  1. We’re so thrilled that you now have a place to call your own.
  2. Well done – you made it on the property ladder.
  3. Congratulations on buying your first house. It looks like it’s going to be a wonderful home for you.
  4. Hope you settle into your first home quickly – enjoy every moment.
  5. Wishing you all the happiness in the world in your first house. It’s so exciting!
  6. There’s nothing like owning your own home. Congratulations.
  7. Moving in to your first home is so special. May this be a time you cherish forever, filled with happy memories.
  8. Bye-bye, renting…Hello, home ownership! Congratulations on getting on the property ladder.
  9. Congratulations on your first home – you did it!
  10. You’re a proper grown up now! Well done you.
  11. A place of your own! So happy for you, you’re going to love it.

6 Things To Write In A Card For Your A Couple Moving In Together

Whether they’re merging two households, two homes, or a younger couple that are starting to live together after leaving home – it’s all worthy of sending a card to say congrats!

  1. Wishing you so much happiness as you start this exciting journey together.
  2. So happy you found such a great place to share. Congratulations!
  3. May your first home together be a place you share life together – enjoy every moment!
  4. Best wishes to you both on your new home together – how exciting!
  5. Hope your new shared address brings you both so much happiness
  6. Happy New Home!. You’ll soon discover that living with someone is mostly just shouting ‘what?’ from different rooms.
QUOTE - May your home know joy. Every room hold laughter. Every window open to great possibilities

7 Things To Write In A Card For Your New Neighbour

A great way to say Hi and introduce yourself when new people move into your road / street – without interrupting them while they move in.

It will make them feel welcome straight away!

  1. Welcome to the neighbourhood – bin day is xxxx!
  2. Welcome to the neighbourhood! We hope you love it here.
  3. Wishing you all the best settling in. If you need any help, please let us know.
  4. Welcome to your new home, from your neighbours <<name>> and <<name>> at number <<number>>
  5. So lovely to have new neighbours! Knock on our door if you need a cup of sugar… or glass of wine!
  6. Welcome to the street! We hope you love it as much as we do.
  7. Welcome to <<street name>>! – Hope you settle in well, if you need anything just let us know.

8 Things To Write In A Goodbye Card For People Moving Away

Always hard to say goodbye, but there’s a need for sentiments for when people move house away from you just as much as if they move into your area.

Let’s take a look at some ideas that make what can be a sad event feel a little happier…

  1. So sad to see you go, but so happy for your new adventure. Have fun, and stay in touch.
  2. All the best for this exciting new chapter in your life. Keep in touch!
  3. You’ll be VERY missed, but we couldn’t be happier for you. Can’t wait to visit as well!
  4. Here’s to your new home, new area, and all the new adventures it will bring.
  5. Congratulations on your new move! We’ll miss you!
  6. All the best for your new home. We’ve loved being your neighbour.
  7. Happy new home. Hope your new neighbours are as nice as us!
  8. Hope the move goes really well, and hope your new neighbours know how lucky they are!
Living room with boxes in - ready to unpack after a move

18 General “New Home Congratulations” Card Messages

And here’s a selection of ideas to use if you’re wanting something else that’s not been covered in any of the groups above:

  1. Congratulations! Let the decorating commence…
  2. Here’s to the start of a wonderful adventure.
  3. Wishing you lots of love and happiness in your new home.
  4. Here’s to settling in and making it your own.
  5. Wishing you love and laughter in your new four walls.
  6. Here’s to new beginnings and amazing memories in your new place.
  7. I hope the move wasn’t too stressful and the unpacking has got off to a good start. It won’t be long before you’re properly settled in.
  8. Wishing you all the very best in your new home.
  9. It’s so exciting to move into a new home. I’m so happy for you.
  10. I hope you have many years making special memories in your new home.
  11. Good luck in your new home. May this be the start of a long and happy adventure.
  12. Here’s to many years of enjoyment in your new pad.
  13. Housewarming wishes to a lovely couple – I hope you’re happy for many years to come in your lovely new home.
  14. Looking forward to the housewarming party; the champagne is on ice.
  15. Congratulations on getting your address! Here’s to making it into your special place – a home to cherish for years to come.
  16. Congratulations on your new home, we can’t wait to see it in person!
  17. We’re happy and excited for you that your search is finally over and that you have found everything that you wanted in a house. Congratulations on the new nest!
  18. You did it! Wishing you all the happiness in your new home.
QUOTE - Few things we can do in this world are so well worth doing as the making of a beautiful and happy home

4 New Home Quotes That Would Be Fantastic To Write In A Housewarming Card

I do love a good quote. They can be a brilliant way to add some sentiment that you want to convey, without having to use words chosen fully by you.

  1. “May your home know joy. Every room hold laughter. Every window open to great possibilities” – Unknown
  2. “Here’s to a new home, new adventure, new memories” – The Wilders
  3. “Home is the nicest word there is” – Laura Ingalls
  4. “Few things we can do in this world are so well worth doing as the making of a beautiful and happy home” – J.R. Miller

Favourite New Home Cards

Want A New Home Card To Write In? I LOVE choosing cards, and so I’ve done the hard work and collated my favourites for you to pick from. Hope it helps!

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

What To Write In A New Home Card [89 Thoughtful Ideas] - 350
89 Thoughtful Ideas For What To Write In A New Home Card

So there you have it – loads of great inspiration for what to write in a new home card.

Hope you’ve found the perfect thing to say in the card you’re writing – and I hope that whoever you send the card to has a wonderful time in their new home.

If they want to get it organised, you know where to send them, right?! lol

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