Handy Free Printable Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List


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Having a meal plan makes every day easier because you know what you’re eating. But what makes this meal planner even more handy is having a built in shopping list as well! Grab your handy free printable weekly meal planner with grocery list now, and get your food more organised.

Printable Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

What Is A Meal Planner?

Meal planners are a great way to plan ahead of time for your meals and/or snacks.

There are various versions available, including weekly and monthly – with space for different meals (some have 3 meals and snacks, others have one space for your main meal – and everything in between!).

They can help you keep track of what you’ve eaten, plan out meals for the week to avoid wasting food or spending too much, and even build healthy eating habits by seeing how balanced your meals are.

Printable Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

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Get A Copy Of The Printable Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

Printable Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

This free printable meal planner can be yours right now!

It’s part of the Free Printables Library available to all subscribers of OMH, and all you need to do to get access to it is click on the button below and sign up.

Note: This template is available in both A4 and Letter sizes, as a pdf template. Although 80gsm paper is adequate for most day to day uses, I recommend printing on paper that’s at least 100gsm for the best results, and 120gsm if displaying the printable. You could also use coloured paper for a more personalised style (I love using brown paper!).

How To Use A Meal Planner

Most people find it difficult to decide what to eat each day / evening, but planning ahead can take this daily stress away.

To use your weekly meal planner, just take a few minutes at the start of the week to decide what meals you want to make and eat each day.

You could do this by looking in your cupboards/fridge/freezer to see what needs eating, by looking at what time you have available to prep food each day, and who needs feeding.

This means you can food shop in a more streamlined and cost effective way, save money by using leftovers and ingredients more wisely, and generally stay on top of your food stores.

The beauty of meal plans is that you can start to re-use them when you find what works and what doesn’t over time.

Maybe you could have a few weekly meal plans ready for each season, so you can change things up regularly while eating seasonally and keeping things easy for yourself.

I particularly like this meal planner because it includes a shopping / grocery list. This means that you can track your meals on one side, and then check that you have everything you need to prepare it. If not – you can add it to the shopping list.

This means you should start to save money by buying less at the shops, and making the most of what you already have.

Printable Weekly Meal Planner With Grocery List

Make meal times easier this week by downloading the free printable weekly meal planner with grocery list now!

I love adding a few copies to a clipboard and hanging on the back of one of the kitchen food cupboard doors.

That way I can reuse the ones that work well, and the current weeks is ready to grab when I’m planning out the meals.

It also stops everyone asking what’s for dinner – as they can see it whenever they want!

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