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When you have guests to stay, you want them to feel at home, and if you have a room specifically for guests, some guest bedroom essentials are a must!

Guests are of course people you want to welcome into your home – and treat as well as possible. They will be people who are really close to you, and they deserve a treat!

As such, here are my top 15 “must haves” for your guest bedroom to ensure that your guests leave with a smile on their face every time!

Guest bedroom essentials


EXTRA TIP – If you have a guest bedroom – always stay the night in it before you have guests to stay. It’s only then that you get to know if there are any issues with the room because you will be using everything just as they will be. 



Above all else, when guests stay the night you want them to sleep well. This means making their bed as comfortable as possible. 

You obviously won’t be able to please everyone because some will prefer firm and others soft – so I would advise getting something in between. (Unless of course you will spend time sleeping in that room as well, and then go for what is best for you).

We have this one on our daughters bed**, this on our guest bed**, and this on our master bed – all of which I highly recommend.



Along with your mattress, the bedding itself is key to a good nights sleep.

Of course you will have the usual bedding for your guest bed – but there are a couple of extra things to think about when guests stay: –

  • Are they allergic to any of your bedding… I have friends who are allergic to feathers – and so the fact that all out bedding and pillows are feather (because that’s what I prefer) isn’t a great thing!. We therefore have an extra set of bedding especially for guests that we add to the bed when they stay – ideal!
  • Will they be cold/warm enough – Personally I can’t sleep at all if I am cold – and so having at least one extra blanket to add to the bed for your guests would be ideal so that they can decide how cosy they want to be.
  • Do they have enough bedding? – Some people love to have lots of pillows so they can prop themselves up a little – and others prefer to sleep with just one. Having a few in the room will enable them to decide what they are most comfortable with.



Guests should be able to have ambient lighting for the evening, and brighter light that helps them read/put makeup on etc…

As such I would recommend good ceiling lighting, bedside lamps, and possibly an extra light around the mirror in the room.



If you like to sleep in complete darkness, but the room has very see through curtains then you aren’t going to sleep all that well.

Of course – you need to decorate your home as you like it, but try and take into consideration the level of darkness your guests will have when they stay.

You could maybe look at blackout lining for your curtains, or have a blind AND curtains so that people can pick how much light comes in.

I am currently loving shutters and have put them in all my bedrooms (there will be a post on this shortly so watch this space), as you can get pretty much a total blackout, OR angle the shutters so that the right amount of light comes in for you. Perfect!



Whether it needs to be colder or hotter in the room – there should be ways to allow your guests to change the temperature on their own.

For example – on hot nights when they want to cool down – can they open windows (don’t lock them, or have the key close by), is there a fan** that they can use?

Or on colder nights – we have already talked about adding in extra bedding, but you could also ensure that the heating is on and radiators can be altered easily.



If your guests can’t sleep, or wake early – or just want to go to their room for some quiet time – then it’s great to give them something to read, just in case they haven’t brought their own.

Magazines work really well for this because they’re quick and easy to read – just ensure you pick a couple of generic styles that most people would like – such as food, home, health etc….



There aren’t many people who won’t want to take a look at their email or the internet when they stay with you – so make it easy for them by writing your WIFI password down in their room.


Guest bedroom essentials to make your guests feel at home. Tips for guests to make their stay amazing



Do you have all those 7 guest bedroom essentials? There are plenty more to come – so let’s keep going!...

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