Where To Hide Valuables At Home – 23 Clever Options To Try


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It’s always a sensible idea to hide your treasured possessions – but exactly where to hide valuables at home is a difficult choice. On one hand you want to access them easily, and on the other you want them as hidden away as possible. Let’s look at the 23 options there are, and see what works best for you.

Where To Hide Valuables At Home - 23 Clever Options To Try

Whether it’s valuable in terms of money (like fine jewellery), or value based on importance to you (important documents, for instance) – there are lots of items that I’m sure you’d like to keep hidden from prying eyes or safe in the event of theft.

And it doesn’t have to be hard to find the perfect place for these things. By simply using some everyday items or using spaces that are typically overlooked, you can create your own secret hiding spots relatively quickly and easily.

When you’re starting out to find the best spots in your home, it’s worth looking at your home as it stands right now – because you may not have to go very far to find the ideal option.

Here’s some things to consider when looking around your home:

  • Which are the least frequented and accessed places?
  • Do you have any existing furniture or items with hidden storage?
  • Are there any items that would be good contenders to be repurposed in some unique way?
  • Are some places less likely to have valuables in than others? (We were burgled when I was growing up. The only rooms they went into was mine and my parents. Looking for jewellery, our rooms seemed the most likely, even though I had a younger sister her’s seemed a younger girls room. As such, I’ve always noted that burglars are more likely to go for the obvious room before the rest, in case they run out of time or just want to be as quick as possible. Why not go for the least obvious choice?)

And once you’ve got a few areas in mind, take a look at the options below to see what fits your home and life the best.

Voila! – you’ve got your perfect places to hide all the stuff you want to.

So, let’s get started, shall we…

23 Clever Options For Hiding Important Stuff All Over The House

#1 – False Bottom Drawer

A great way to keep your valuables hidden is by creating a false bottom drawer in your home. You can easily transform one of your regular drawers into a secret storage space by adding a thin, removable panel on top of the real drawer bottom.

Store your valuable items underneath the false bottom, and no one will be the wiser. For added security, choose a drawer that is not easily accessible or in a less conspicuous location in your home.

#2 – False Cupboard Back

It’s relatively easy to cut a piece of board or thick cardboard to fit on the inside of a cupboard along the back section so it looks like the back of the actual cupboard.

When you’ve done this, you can easily slip things behind the false back – so they’re hidden even if someone opens the cupboard door.

Just remember to make the false back the same in look as the real back – so it blends in perfectly.

#3 – Back of A drawer

Any drawers that you can pull out completely from their dresser or similar piece of furniture can be used for this little trick.

Simply pull the drawer out, and then tape your valuable things to the back of a drawer and replace the drawer.

It’s unlikely that someone will pull the whole drawer out, instead they would simply check what’s in the drawer and move on to find the valuables in your home.

#4 – Hole in wall behind skirting board

When plastering and refurbishing your home, you could have the opportunity to add some space behind your skirting boards.

Even a small space, with a skirting board piece that’s easy to move, means you’ve got a great little spot for hiding things safely.

#5 – Books and Bookshelves

Hiding valuables in a false book

You may consider using your books or bookshelves as clever hiding places for your valuables.

Hollowed-out books, sometimes known as book safes, can be placed among your other books on a bookshelf, making it very difficult for thieves to find.

You can even get hidden compartments in chunky shelving.

#6 – Under A Floorboard

Hiding valuables under the floorboards

Another option if you have any space below your floorboards.

We have a 3 foot crawl space below our ground floor which means it would be the ideal place to house valuables if we wanted to… (not that we do, yet!).

All you’d need is a loose floorboard in a corner for easy access for yourself!

#7 – Air Vents

Your home’s air vents may also serve as an excellent hiding spot. Remove the vent cover and secure your valuables inside the vent using a small container or bag.

To further protect your items, you can place them in heat and moisture-resistant packaging. Just make sure you remember which vent you stored your valuables in.

#8 – Electrical Outlets

Another ingenious place to hide small valuables is within a fake electrical outlet.

These outlets look just like the real thing but have a hidden storage compartment behind the frontage.

TIP: Just bear in mind that you should never place your valuables inside a live electrical outlet, as that could be extremely dangerous.

#9 – Behind Pictures

Hiding valuables in safe behind picture on wall

In a similar way to having a full safe behind a picture (like above), why not place items inside a sealed envelope and tape it behind a large picture frame?

Perfect for paper valuables like certificates or even paper money.

#10 – Above Kitchen wall cabinets

A place that’s easy to hide in plain sight – because not many people would think to check above the kitchen cabinets, would they?!

This is a great option because there’s usually a dip behind the finishing coving above the units that would allow for items to be hidden without being seen easily.

#11 – Behind Kick Boards In Kitchen

To allow for easy cleaning of the floors, usually the kick boards below the base kitchen units are moveable.

Behind them there’s some dead space where there may be some pipes or wires etc.. – but this can also easily be used for hiding your valuables as well.

#12 – Fake Food Containers

You can buy these in many places, and they’re a great little invention!.

Whether you choose to have a baked bean can in the cupboard, or a drinks can in the fridge, or any other number of options, they can all work really well and are some of the last places someone would look for your valuables!

#13 – Staircase Storage

If you have a staircase in your home, consider turning a few of the steps into hidden storage compartments.

This can be done by creating a pull-out drawer or lift-up step within the staircase itself.

These clever storage solutions not only keep your valuables out of sight but also make use of what would otherwise be wasted space.

#14 – Hidden Room

If you’re looking for a more ambitious solution, creating a hidden room within your home could be the ultimate way to secure your valuables.

This can be achieved by installing a disguised door within an existing wall, or by cleverly hiding the entrance behind a bookcase or piece of furniture.

This secret room can be used to store valuable items, or even as a safety retreat in case of emergencies.

While creating a hidden room definitely requires more planning and building work, it’s an incredibly effective way of ensuring your valuables remain safely concealed.

#15 – Old Paint Can

Simple but really effective!

Simply clean out an old paint can and use this for your valuables. Hiding it amongst the rest keeps it well hidden, and who’d look there?!

#16 – In With Seasonal Storage

You could add your valuables in with clothes stored away in loft, or under the bed.

Extra points for adding them inside your vacuum stored items as they’re much less likely to be opened and searched!

#17 – In a Storage Bed

You can make a storage bed look like it won’t have storage in it by hiding the handle to pull the bed up (ours can tuck away so you can’t see it at all).

Go one step further and some storage beds actually house their own safe in them!

#18 – Washing Basket

Use a hidden compartment in the bottom of a laundry hamper. This is a good shorter term option for when you’re away, for instance.

#19 – Toy Box

Place valuables inside a sealed container and hide them inside a toy box.

This can be a good for short or long term storage depending on whether it’s well hidden within the box so that little fingers won’t come across them while playing!

#20 – Potted Plants

Hiding valuables in a plant pot

You might not have considered it, but your potted plants can also serve as a hiding spot for your possessions.

By placing your items in a waterproof container or bag, you can bury them within the soil of a potted plant.

#21 – Within Dried Food Containers

Hiding valuables in food containers

Just as you can hide things inside potted plants, so too can you use dried food containers such as dog food, pasta or cereals…

#22 – Inside the Hoover Bag / Shredder etc..

Hiding valuables in a hoover bag

Definitely a short term option!

But it works amazingly well for if you’re away on holiday. I don’t think many burglars would think to look inside these for your valuable stuff!

#23 – Under the carpet

If they’re waterproofed in a sealed plastic envelope or similar – why not put some important documents under a carpet in a room?

You can pick a room that isn’t used much, and pull up a corner to place the stuff underneath. As long as the paperwork is minimal, this will never be noticed!

Why Not Double Up The Security With A Safe!

One of the first things you should consider when securing your valuables at home is investing in a high-quality safe.

A lot of hiding places can be made extra secure if used in conjunction with a safe (I’ve already mentioned that sone storage beds come with safes, but you can have a safe behind a picture, or under the floorboards etc…). This can only increase the security – so would definitely be worth considering.

When selecting a safe, consider factors such as:

  • Size: Ensure it’s large enough to store all your valuables, but small enough to fit in a discreet location.
  • Fire resistance: Safes with fire-resistant properties will protect your valuables from fire damage.
  • Locking mechanism: Choose a safe with a robust locking system like biometric, combination, or key locks.
  • Not Easily Taken: If your safe is nice and small, think about how it’s secured to the house in some way. If it can simply be lifted with a little bit of strength – then all you’re doing is boxing up the valuables for the burglars to take…
Where To Hide Valuables At Home - 23 Clever Options To Try

There you have it – lots of great options that you could use to hide your valuables around the house.

After all, protecting your valuables at home is essential.

By being creative and resourceful, you can come up with clever hideaways that thieves or nosy visitors will never discover.

Look at how long you want to hide them for, and which will work best in the space(s) you’ve got available – and there’s bound to be one or two that stand out.

Lastly it’s worth noting that once you’ve found that perfect hiding spot – you’re going to have to keep it secret from most people.

Share the information only with those you trust, and be mindful of your surroundings (who’s around and can you be seen from the street etc…) when accessing your valuables.

By following these suggestions, you can protect your prized possessions and enjoy peace of mind knowing they’re secure.

I hope they help you keep your stuff safe – and if you’re hiding them while you’re away on holiday – happy holidays!


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