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Welcome To The Swan Hub

This is the place you can get lots of advice and tips related specifically to your needs as a Swan.

(This is one of the 4 bird types you could be given when taking the FREE QUIZ).

I hope it helps you focus on what will make the most difference to you on your path towards being as organised as you want to be.


dictionary definition style image for the word swan when it comes to the organising bird type


If you're a Swan, These Will Be Familiar..

  • When you see a swan it looks so serene. It swims calmly over the water and looks almost regal. BUT that's only half the picture. What you don't see is how busy it's working underneath the surface. Appearances can be deceptive!
  • Everything looks great from an outsiders perspective - and it seems like you have it all together. Your home is lovely and fairly clutter free, and you are busy living your life - but in reality, you feel like you're only just keeping afloat.
  • Behind the scenes at home you have cupboards that are stuffed full and unorganised. You spend time every day looking for things, and long to get it all organised 'properly'.
  • Your life is busy - but you feel like you're always reacting to things rather than being proactive. You feel like you can't get ahead and are always playing catch-up.
  • You find it hard to relax because you always feel like you've forgotten something, or you have something to do. This can make you feel quite anxious.
  • Ultimately, you'd LOVE to take control a little more, because it really wouldn't take much for things to start coming undone.

Not Sounding Right?, No Worries!

If you've read this far and it feels like a Swan isn't the right bird type for you, then you've got 2 options.

#1 - I'd definitely suggest taking the Quiz as that will confirm what you are properly.

Or, #2 - If you just want to work it out by yourself, you can take a look at the other 3 bird types here:

And if you're in exactly the right place, let's carry on!...


The Swan Works With The 3 Foundations:

These 3 foundations of your home are SPACE (dealing with your stuff), LIFE (dealing with your systems), and TIME (dealing with your schedule).

Each bird type ranks these differently from 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best).

The goal is to be hovering around 10/10 for all 3 (knowing, of course, that life happens and things change etc...).

With all that in mind, here's how the Swan looks:

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6 / 10

Your home looks great, but this is only at surface level because inside most cupboards and drawers is a little chaotic. There's still work to be done, but because it's hidden clutter there's less of a push to get it done.

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3 / 10

You've set up 1 or 2 systems that are working OK, but they need some work, and all others need to be set up from scratch still.

You tend to always be tired, and would love to have a home that runs better.

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3 / 10

Because you're still working against the hidden clutter and need more homemaking systems - you're wasting a lot of time that you'd love to have back for the more fun stuff...

The good news is that right now your home looks great.

External clutter is under control and there are a few systems in place that are working for you.

This is fantastic because guests can drop by unexpectedly without you worrying about the mess, and you also tend to feel pretty calm when you walk through your front door and get home each night.

The bad news though, is that because there's a lot of unseen clutter, you've almost become blind to it.

You're happy with how your home looks on the outside and you're dealing with day to day life pretty well - so there's no real push to get more sorted.

However - you know in the back of your head that you ARE being affected by not being as organised as you'd like - you're wasting for too much time, energy and money - so things DO have to change.

But don't worry - I've got you, in 3 helpful ways...

#1 - GRAB

The Totally Free "Swan 1st Steps Guide"

When you take the quiz, you're offered a copy of the free 1st steps guide for your bird type to get started on the right things.

If you're sure you're a Swan, and don't want to do the quiz, then you can grab it here too.

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Swan - get more organised first steps guide

#2 - READ

The Best Articles For Swans...

These are the perfect read for Swan relevant practical tips to implement, along with motivation to help keep you feeling positive about the changes you want to make.

I hope they help!

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#3 - GET

The Most Helpful Resources For Swans

Over the years I've worked 1-1 with clients and owned this site, I've seen what works and what doesn't - and I've used this experience to create some really useful products to help you dive deeper into whatever you're tackling.

Here are my top picks for Swans:

The 10 in 10 Kickstart Decluttering Challenge - Swan Edition
The Declutter Equation
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