Decluttering The Right Things Makes All The Difference.

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10 in 10 Kickstart Challenge

10 in 10 declutter kickstart challenge
10 in 10 declutter kickstart challenge

Each 10 in 10 Kickstart is a fun 10 day decluttering challenge based SPECIFICALLY on the results (Ostrich, Swan, Puffin or Owl) that you get from the popular free quiz 'How Organised Are You?'.

By the end of your challenge, you'll have decluttered 100 items that you really need to. NO wasted time, NO wasted energy - just AMAZING RESULTS!

So - if you need to take the quiz, then you can do so HERE - and if you already know your bird type and just want to get started on the challenge, then you're in the right place.

Your future self is already thanking you for a more clutter free life!

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“I didn't know where to start to make the changes I wanted to see in my house. After taking the quiz and doing the challenge (SWAN version), I was able to make a real difference that I could actually see and feel.


- Becca -


That's Just The Way It Is.

  • There's always something to sort out. Tidying the things we use each day, storing and maintaining the things we own, and making sure we have what we need
  • There's a constant 'busy-ness' to deal with. Places to be, appointments to keep, and generally keeping things ticking over.
  • The chores never end... Dusting, polishing, vacuuming, cleaning, laundry, cooking, and SO MUCH MORE!

In such a crazy world, how can you be sure you're spending your time on the right things, that will make the most difference in the quickest timeframe? 

The Key Is To Focus On The Right Things For You.

10 in 10 declutter kickstart challenge


Just Follow These 3 Simple Steps.


Step 1: Find Out Your Bird Type

Take the free quiz HERE and discover whether you're an Ostrich, Swan, Puffin, or Owl (it will make total sense, I promise!).


Step 2: Pick The Right 10 in 10 Kickstart Challenge For You

When you pick the right challenge, you can be sure your decluttering efforts will be tailored to what will make the most difference for you and your home life right now.

No wasted effort at all!


Step 3: Enjoy Your Success!

When you focus on the right things you'll reap the rewards so much faster.

Plus - along the way you'll get some mindset and motivational help which will make you feel more confident going forward.

“As a Puffin, I wanted to know what to tackle first - and this challenge did that for me - in bucketloads!

Thank you for changing the way I feel about things!“

- Kerry -


Here's What You're Getting...

10 in 10 declutter kickstart challenge
10 in 10 declutter kickstart challenge

Each challenge comes in a beautifully designed workbook that gives you everything you need for success:

  • Specific advice about your needs as either an Ostrich, Swan, Puffin or Owl. including what you need to focus on & declutter in order to feel REAL benefits quickly.
  • Printable word art QUOTE specific to your bird to display in your home and motivate you throughout
  • 1 page checklist to track the challenge at a glance.
  • 1 page checklist to track your 100 items individually
  • Each daily task you need to complete - along with tips to help you tackle them easily
  • 5 bird-specific thought starters that will help you change your mindset about what you're struggling with the most - and help you succeed
  • A4 and Letter sizing options
  • Immediate access upon payment

YES! all this, for just $15 each

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd

Chrissy Owner of

Hi - I'm Chrissy, Your Decluttering Secret Weapon! 

I founded in 2010 while running my own Home Organisation And Styling Business (which I successfully ran for 12 years but have since closed as I wanted to concentrate fully on the website and help many more people than my 1-1 services allowed).

I've worked with many happy clients, in lots of different shapes & sizes of homes. 

I've seen it all, and created solutions for each and every one that worked for their owners beautifully.

But the most change has been found when the method is tailored to the client. When changes are made that they can see immediately - that makes all the difference in the world.

As such, I created the quiz, the bird types, and these 4 challenges, to meet you where you need it the most right now - and I hope you love taking the one that's most right for you right now.

You're on the way to making your home a place you truly love to live in, and I'm so excited to hear how you get on!

“Chrissy is my new best friend. Her approach to organisation is just what I need to keep me from feeling too overwhelmed.

I'm nowhere near where I want to be as yet - but with her help I think I can do it.

I love this girl!"


So - Which Challenge Will You Do?

All challenges are available individually - or you can buy all 4 (great if you feel like you relate to more than one bird type or you just want to do more decluttering!).

All 4 Challenges


Get the Kickstart Collection (all 4 Challenges) for over 40% of the price that you would purchase them separately

Payments are made through the Teachable Platform* & tax for your location will be added at checkout if req'd


100% Happiness Guarantee

I'm so sure that you'll love the 10 in 10 Kickstart Challenge, that I'm offering a 100% happiness guarantee.

If for any reason you aren't happy with your purchase, eMail me at and I will do my best to help you. If, however, you still aren't happy - I will give you a full refund*.


Pinky swear!

*Please note that any refunds HAVE to be requested within 14 days of purchase.

Still got questions?


No. This is a digital product and will delivered to you via email. The challenge comes in workbook form that you can simply download, print, and use. You can use a pdf reader such as Adobe, or print it out - the choice is yours.


This challenge has been designed to do over 10 days, and will usually take no more than 20 minutes a day.

As it's self paced, you CAN do each task more quickly, or over more time - but a little each day will give you the best results as it will start you off on a daily habit that will hopefully last!

To help you commit to doing it each day, I recommend setting a daily alarm as a reminder to tackle that days task.


The challenge workbooks are formatted to print out on both sides of the paper - this gives it the best look and feel and stops it being too bulky (or wasting paper).

 Simply set your printer to print on both sides (this is sometimes called duplex printing). If your printer doesn't have this setting, then I would suggest getting it printed at a local print shop for the best overall look. (Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on printer settings).

You can, of course, print single pages out if you want to. There are only a few pages that you will want to tick things off and use as a guide - the rest could easily be read on your computer.


The cost of the each challenge is $15 and it's $35 if you buy the full collection (which saves you over 40% on buying all 4 individually).

You will be charged any necessary tax for your country at checkout - as every country has different charges. 

Please note that Teachable is where you will be purchasing from, as this is where Organise My House sells all products. Teachable is what will show up on your bank statement - but please get in touch with if there are any issues.



Although all products on OrganiseMyHouse are in USD, you can pay via Paypal and in there they will give you the product cost in your accounts currency before you pay.


You get immediate access once you buy the Challenge - and you also get updates should they ever be made.

Once you buy any of the challenge - you won't ever have to buy it again.

(I do recommend downloading a copy ASAP so you always know you've got it!)