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Welcome To The Owl Hub

This is the place you can get lots of advice and tips related specifically to your needs as a Owl.

(This is one of the 4 bird types you could be given when taking the FREE QUIZ).

I hope it helps you focus on what will make the most difference to you on your path towards being as organised as you want to be.


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If you're an Owl, These Will Be Familiar..

  • You are very work/task oriented. You have lots of discipline, are thorough & meticulous. 
  • You're happy with how your home looks and works for you, and you are always striving for balance in your own life as well. 
  • You're either naturally organised or have learned how to become organised over time - and you love the process of tweaking and adding new ideas into your home. 
  • You may have a couple of areas that you can't seem to get right (your achilles heels), but overall - things are great!
  • Your weakness it's that you're always striving for perfection. You see magazines and Pinterest and feel like you could be doing better. You always have things on your TO DO list that are projects - but sometimes your perfectionism stops you from starting them because you fear that you won't do them perfectly 

Not Sounding Right?, No Worries!

If you've read this far and it feels like an Owl isn't the right bird type for you, then you've got 2 options.

#1 - I'd definitely suggest taking the Quiz as that will confirm what you are properly.

Or, #2 - If you just want to work it out by yourself, you can take a look at the other 3 bird types here:

And if you're in exactly the right place, let's carry on!...


The Owl Works With The 3 Foundations:

These 3 foundations of your home are SPACE (dealing with your stuff), LIFE (dealing with your systems), and TIME (dealing with your schedule).

Each bird type ranks these differently from 1-10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best).

The goal is to be hovering around 10/10 for all 3 (knowing, of course, that life happens and things change etc...).

With all that in mind, here's how the Owl looks:

Adore Your Space Logo


9 / 10

It's your happy place, and you love making it as good as you possible can. 

You usually have some plans for projects to try - but these are enhancements more than necessities.

Adore Your Life Logo


9 / 10

Your home runs like clockwork with good delegation as well so you're not the only one doing it. Life of course happens, and throws a curve ball - but you're never far away from things being under control.

Adore Your Time Logo


9 / 10

You're generally content with how you spend your time.

There's a great balance between things you have to do and things you want to do. 

The good news is things are going really well and you're finding a good balance between all 3 foundations that works for you.

Trouble is that when people get this organised, they tend to want perfection (which really doesn't exist!) - and this can start to hurt how you feel about everything.

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#2 - READ

The Best Articles For Owls...

These are the perfect read for Owl relevant practical tips to implement, along with motivation to help keep you feeling positive about the changes you want to make.

I hope they help!

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#3 - GET

The Most Helpful Resources For Owls

Over the years I've worked 1-1 with clients and owned this site, I've seen what works and what doesn't - and I've used this experience to create some really useful products to help you dive deeper into whatever you're tackling.

Here are my top picks for Owls:

The 10 in 10 Kickstart Decluttering Challenge - Owl Edition
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