This Years Memories – Free Printable For End Of The Year


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Collect this years memories together in a gorgeous free printable sheet to keep and look back at for years to come. Simply print out the memory sheet and fill it in. It’s such an easy way of remembering the year, and I hope you love it!

This Years Memories - Free Black and White Printable for your YearBook

When you get to the end of the year it’s always a lovely thing to do to look back and remember what’s happened.

Most people do this by chatting in passing to their families at Christmas and over the coming months – and whatever springs to mind is talked about / laughed about / cried about etc…

But what about creating a way to make remembering the year that little bit easier?

Wouldn’t it be great to have some sort of conversation starter for the family to fill out together? – something that you could keep forever, rather than talk about once and it be forgotten over time…..

So – because we’re fast approaching the end of the year, I’ve decided to create a special printable that can help you (and me!) to remember the year gone by, and collect it all together in a simple way.

I hope you love it!

When Should I Use It?

Having a time to fill out a sheet each year means that you can collect those memories while they are still quite fresh in your head – so this specific printable is designed to be filled in at the end of the calendar year.

I love the idea of creating a tradition on New Years Eve to sit down and fill it in as a family.

Another great tradition could be to talk about all this at the Christmas Dinner table….

Don’t forget though, although I’m creating this post in December, It’s not just the end of the calendar year that this concept would work well for – it’s any year in your life that starts on any date that you could remember in this way.

They could have slightly different questions of course, but the general idea stays the same: –

Some ideas for other times it would also work well are: –

  • A school year (fill out at the end of each school year)
  • A year of your marriage (perfect to fill out on your Anniversary)
  • A year of a childs life (fill out on their Birthday)
  • Your Birthday Year (fill out on your Birthday)


Struggling For Inspiration?

It can sometimes be hard to think of things to write about the year gone by if you’re faced with a blank sheet of paper – writers block will no doubt hit – so you may need help with a little reminder here and there.

The first place to look is in your diary/planner at the year, and seeing what events etc… you’ve been to. You will naturally start to remember things as you read through what you’ve done over the past few months.

… and the second place is of course this free printable sheet!

The Years Memories - A Free Printable For The End Of The Year

It will help loads, because it has some great questions and triggers in it that you just have to read out, chat about, and fill in. (I like to make things as easy as possible for you!).

The questions I’ve included are: –

  • What 1 word describes your year?
  • Favourite month of the year. and why
  • Favourite day of the year
  • Biggest change made this year
  • Favourite place visited this year
  • Best Holiday Memory
  • We couldn’t stop laughing when…..
  • Song that we couldn’t get out of our head / stop singing
  • It made us sad when….
  • Best family moment
  • Best friends moment
  • Most embarrassing moment of the year
  • How did we spend Christmas?
  • Nicest place we’ve eaten this year – and who with
  • Relationship that’s been really strong this year, and why
  • Best advice you’ve got this year, and from whom
  • Word for next year – looking ahead

They are all meant to get you thinking a little – and about things that aren’t all that obvious if you were left to think about the year by yourself (and I bet that just reading through these questions has already got you thinking!….).

… and you can of course add your own questions and write on the back!

Where Do I Keep This Years Memories?

You may be wondering – this is all well and good, sounds great, but where should these printables be kept?

For my own, once I’ve filled it in, I plan to scan it and add a copy to our photo book this year. This is the place where we keep ALL our family memories – so for us this makes perfect sense.

You may prefer to add it to one of the following: –

  • Your Diary / Planner – perfect if you keep them all.
  • Your filing cabinet – create a folder for your memories.
  • Your Memory Box.

Whatever works best for you (as always!) – just make sure you have a plan, and keep to the same place each year because having years of sheets makes for really interesting reading (as long as you can find them all!).

The Years Memories - A Free Printable For The End Of The Year

Get a copy

If you want a copy for yourself, then it’s in the Free Printables Library. Just click HERE or on the button below, and you’ll be taken to the Free Printables Library page – which is where I collect together ALL the 50+ free printables from this site. I hope you love it!

Free Printable for This Years Memories

What do you think of this free printable to collect this years Memories on?….

I’m sure you’ll love filling it in, and that it will bring up loads of memories and start some fascinating conversations along the way…

P.S. Don’t forget that adding them to your Photo Book each year is a gorgeous way of keeping those memories forever (I will add a scanned copy of this sheet to the back of ours…).


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