5 Holiday Essentials To Make Life Amazingly Easy While Away


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I love to find ways to make life easier when I’m at home, but when I’m away it makes even more of a difference because I can spend my time doing the fun stuff instead!

I have just come back from a fantastic week away in the sun and there were a few things that I used while away that really did make everything that little bit more simple, so I of course had to share them with you…

Holiday essentials - items that help when you're on holiday

When I’m at home I like to have a place for everything, so I can grab it as and when it’s needed, and put it back quickly and easily. I like everything to hand as much as possible.

And it’s no different when I’m away.

Being on holiday, you tend to have less space for storage, less ability to take lots of things (especially if you are flying with weight restrictions etc…), and more need to find what you do have quickly and easily without hassle.

The last thing you want on holiday is to lose something, or not be able to get it when needed. You want to spend time out and about and not inside sorting things.

That’s why I love to gather my favourite portable storage items to take with me wherever I go.

Simply unpack, unwrap and use.

No messing, no fuss.

The perfect holiday essentials, in my opinion!

Holiday essentials to make life easier on holiday. Products you need in your life!

{For more info and to buy these holiday essentials, click on the number –  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 }

Each of these items has a specific job to do when I am away. It stores what I need it to, and is perfect for the job it has to do. Let me share some more details below: –

I Need – Somewhere To Store Toiletries And Medicine

Solution: A Simple Set Of Clear Bags In Different Sizes

  • Use one for medicine, one for suncream/aftersun, and one for shampoo/conditioner/shower gel.
  • Each can be easily stored in the bathroom when away, and grabbed when needed
  • Clear bags mean easy to see what you need without having to rummage through everything.
  • Better than carrier bags as more sturdy.

Where to buy?

You can find these bags in several different places, I have used ones from Amazon and Boots each year and they work really well.

I Need – Somewhere To Store Jewellery

Solution: A Hanging Jewellery Wrap

I love mine! – It comes in so handy when I’m away and I actually hang it in my wardrobe at home as well.

Simply unwrap and hang in your wardrobe when away – everything will be in its place and you can grab what you need easily.

Where to buy?

You can find these bags in several different places, mine is from John Lewis but you can also buy from Amazon and Stackers directly.

I Need – Somewhere To Store Books, Magazines, And Games

Solution: A Kindle (or iPad!)

  • Download all the books you want to read in one place – much lighter to carry and you will be able to have much more choice when away.
  • Use digital magazines rather than hard copies to save on bulk in your bag
  • Download games – works well to keep kids amused, or play games like scrabble/sudoku etc…
  • Download films – great for the journey!

Where to buy?

Kindles can be bought from Amazon – I have a Kindle Fire and love it – and I have a free book download monthly as part of my Amazon Prime membership which is great!

I Need – A Way To Make My Handbag Organised

Solution: A Handbag Organiser!

I have talked about these before on the blog, and I mainly use them for transferring all my handbag items from bag to bag quickly. However, they are really useful just in terms of organising your bag, and this is especially true on holiday.

  • Lots of pockets to put all you need so that it’s easy to reach
  • You can take the organiser out of your bag when you are going out to the beach etc… for safe keeping
  • Using a large holiday bag usually means not many compartments, this solves that issue.

Where to buy?

You can find these bags on Amazon 

I Need – A Way To Store Makeup And Personal Toiletries

Solution: A Hanging Wash Bag With Storage

I love my wash bag – for so many reasons: –

  • Large enough to hold everything I need for my holidays.
  • Separate space for makeup, personal items, hair items and shower items
  • Clear pockets make it easy to see what you have (although you can buy some with at least one opaque pocket for more private items if necessary)
  • Hangs on a hook so you can keep it clean and out of the way (I tend to hang on the back of the bathroom door).

Where to buy?

These are available in many shops – I got mine years ago so it’s not available any longer, but there are some great alternatives out there, take a look here for some ideas.

Holiday items to take away - essentials
5 amazing items that you should take on holiday as they make it so much easier. Holiday essentials

So, you can see that most of what makes a holiday a little easier is to choose great ways to store what you are taking.

It means that you can pack, unpack, and live in a much more simple way, everything stays where it needs to be, everyone knows where things are, and when it comes to packing up and going home – its already pretty much done for you!

I love that these items help me enjoy my holiday that little bit more, and I hope that you have found something to try if you go away this year at all.

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