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Christmas shopping – you either love it or hate it.

There’s something lovely about going out and buying gifts for people that you know they’ll love – but it also takes a lot of time and can be quite stressful.

Whatever you feel about it though – it has to be done, and if you can get it done with as little hassle as possible that’s got to be a good thing, right?

As such, I’ve put together a list of easy to follow shopping tips that should help you get it all done this year with ease – hope they help!


simple shopping tips to help organise Christmas more easily





Start with a plan and everything will be a LOT easier…

Think about where and when you will shop – so that you don’t waste time or have to go back to somewhere because you forgot something.


You may choose to shop in your local town, in the city, online, at an outlet shopping centre, or a mix of all these. Whatever you decide, work out where you will be shopping right at the start so you can plan when you shop as well.


Plan time into your diary based on what you can schedule, and stick to that so you don’t get stressed. Usually a day or two of shopping works well, with a little online shopping done over a few evenings.

The more you can plan the easier it will be to get things done – and you won’t run out of time!



I’m not just talking about a present shopping list, but a list for EVERYTHING you need over Christmas.

There will be things included on this list like: –

  • Wrapping paper
  • Cards
  • Tags
  • Decorations
  • Crackers
  • Anything for parties you are hosting or going to
  • Anything for guests
  • Outfits

… it can get very long, very quickly!

Write it all down, brainstorm everything you will be doing over the Christmas period and see what you will need.

If you can buy things ahead of time then you will lose the need for extra trips nearer the big day itself – and you may well need to shop for these things at the same place as you are going for Christmas presents as well, so you will save having to go to the same place a few times.



One of the hardest things about Christmas shopping is how much you spend.

It can get out of hand pretty quickly – even if you think you are being good with how much you spend. There can be so many little things to get that it all adds up quickly.

The answer is to set a budget for everything up front and you will be less likely to overspend.

Simply work out what you can afford to spend as a whole for Christmas, and then what you need to spend it on – and then split your budget up into each of these categories.

Categories can include things like food / presents / cards / entertaining / decorations etc….

EXTRA IDEA – for presents, if you have a set figure for how much you will spend per person it will help you not go overboard.



Having a theme for all your present shopping can really save time and hassle when you have lots of people to shop for.

Themes could be something like the following: –

  • Books
  • Vouchers
  • Board games
  • Clothes
  • Calendars & Diaries

Obviously some themes work better for younger people or older people – so it will depend on who you are buying for.

The best thing about doing things this way is that you will, of course, have to visit less shops – so shopping will be a breeze!



The shops get busier and busier in the run up to Christmas of course – so try and shop as early as you can, and ideally on a weekday to save precious time in queues.

Unfortunately the one thing you can’t do up front is fresh food shopping – so I always suggest doing this out of hours (really early or really late in the day) to avoid really heavy queues.



And to avoid queues altogether, why not buy your shopping all online?

Presents and food can all be bought from the warmth and comfort of your sofa.

Remember though, that food shopping slots for Christmas week get booked up really quickly, so get organised and make sure you get one! (At least get a slot in the week or so before Christmas for the bulky stuff so you don’t have to do a large shop in store, and then you can plan to go to the store to get the fresh food and anything else that crops up nearer the time).



Make the most of what sales there are in the run up to Christmas – the earlier you start shopping the better really.

If you are REALLY organised, you may have shopped in last years new year sales for Christmas items for this year, or you may have done a little shopping throughout the year when things have been marked down.

And there are still some great sales on in the run up to Christmas as well. Days like Black Friday (usually the last Friday in November) have fantastic shopping deals available – if you can grab them!



Shopping tips for Christmas - make things easy on yourself by following these crucial tips and get things done without hassle. Christmas will be easy if you follow these tipsOverall, shopping for Christmas can use up valuable time and money if you don’t think about it up front.

Remember to have a plan, have a budget, and shop at the right time – then you won’t go far wrong!

If you have any shopping tips to share please leave a comment below as I’d love to add yours!, thanks in advance!


P.S If you want to have all the planners that you need for an easier Christmas then I wanted to let you know about the Christmas Planner that’s available – it has 54 printable pages including shopping lists so you won’t forget anything! Learn more HERE.

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