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The perfect way to find out what’s inside a professional organisers kit / bag is to look inside one! My own kit that I used for over 10 years with clients has been opened up, and I can’t wait to show you the items and tricks that I used to make organising things SO much easier!

A Peek Inside The Kit Of A Professional Organiser

This was the actual bag that I took to clients homes each and every day over the 10+ years I was a professional organiser, and it was SO handy to find everything I needed quickly and easily.

Because everything was to hand (no zips or things to open to get to anything), projects got done more quickly and without interruption (a huge waste of time is having to look for things when you are in the middle of something).

So, why not take a peek inside and you may just be inspired to create your own organising toolkit for your own home!

Let me start by introducing you properly to the kit – here’s a quick picture of it with everything inside ready to go:-

professional organisers kit

and here’s everything laid out for you to take a look at more closely:-

Items inside an organisers kit

I always find it quite surprising how much fits inside this kit – it’s a bit like Mary Poppins’ bag, isn’t it!

Of course, the pic is quite small, so let’s go through each item in turn and I will explain why it’s in there for you…

What’s Inside a Professional Organiser Kit?

#1 – Catalogues – I love having a few catalogues for the shops I use most for organising products. Buying more products is always the last step in getting organising, but if things are needed, then it’s really important to be able to flick through them to show examples of what would work, or to create a shopping list to go on behalf of my client.

My favourites are IKEA, Next, and John Lewis.

If you prefer to go paperless, then using your mobile phone with wifi access would be great as well.

#2 – The Caddy – This particular caddy was a great bit of kit I actually picked up in my local TKMaxx a while ago.

As soon as I saw it I knew it would be ideal for my organising jobs, because it’s easy to carry around, everything has its own section/pocket, and it’s easy to find everything at a glance.

So much better than using a bag that has lots of pockets to open etc…

#3 – Decluttering Category Printables – Every time I declutter, I need to make sure that the piles created are easy to define.

You don’t want to be throwing away that which should be sent to a charity shop – do you! As such, I made a set that I could use again and again – and they are FANTASTIC!

They are easily visible during decluttering projects, and avoid me having to write out all the categories each time (dependent on the space available I usually use masking tape and stick each category to the wall above the space where that categories items will be placed.

#4 – A4 Plastic folders  – Plastic pouches of various types come in really handy when sorting paperwork into piles, and for containing paper found when organising a space (such as receipts and letters).

#5 – Bin Bags – Always necessary for organising as rubbish and charity shop items. You can use bags for each category. A great tip here is to use different coloured bags for each category, as then you won’t accidentally take rubbish to the charity shop.

TIP – Always use degradable bags wherever possible – and reuse as many times as you can as well – making our homes tidy and organised shouldn’t be at the cost of the environment if possible

#6 – Post it Notes – Useful for labelling items when sorting out, labelling shelves for the short term, and writing notes on items.

#7 – Sticky Labels – Sticky white labels can be used to label things a little more permanently.

#8 – Different types of sticky tape

  • Masking tape is less tacky and can be used to tape things for the short term
  • Parcel tape secures cardboard boxes well
  • Double sided tape always comes in handy for items that may have broken, or for making sure photos and pictures don’t slip around in a frame.

#9 – Screwdriver with changeable heads – You never know when you may need to put furniture together, take something apart, mend something etc… and having a screwdriver that’s small but has detachable heads means you don’t have to carry around loads of different ones.

#10 – Label Maker – A great device for making labels quickly and easily – that look great! – I label shelves, boxes, drawers etc….

I also now use a couple of different label makers in my home – one is a more retro embossing one that I have completely fallen for as it fits my home style perfectly.

You can shop around for different colours and styles, and look at different fonts if you have a preference.

This is the fun bit!

#11 – Spare labels – In case I run out in my label maker I always have extra tape to put in. I also carry a variety of colours in case a specific one is needed

professional organiser

#12 – Hard cover folder with paper inside – For writing any notes down as they arise, for making room plans etc…. – the hard cover means there’s a hard surface to write on when walking around.

#13 – White/Blu tack – For sticking posters to a wall, or schedules to the insides of cupboard doors etc….

#14 – Batteries – For the label maker, and anything else that you may carry around that has batteries (digital tape measure, camera etc…)

#15 – Scissors – I usually carry a small pair and a large heavy duty pair to tackle any cutting jobs

#16 – Bulldog clips – Useful for holding papers together – and also can be hung from a cupboard door or wall. You can buy clips again to match your style if they are staying around for a while, or go plain if they are purely functional.

#17 – Hammer – For that furniture again!, and for putting up art/pictures etc…

#18 – Envelopes – Always useful to have handy. You can carry smaller items together so nothing gets lost (great for putting broken jewellery inside, also good for collecting receipts when tackling month end items in a home office etc…).

#19 – Tape Measure – Perfect for ensuring things will fit if you are trying to move furniture around or are thinking of buying new items for a space (measuring the inside of cupboards will ensure you don’t buy wrong!)

#20 – Various Pens – (Highlighter, Permanent Marker, Pencil, Biro, red marker pen) – for labelling, making notes, hanging artwork etc… You are going to be writing on paper, wood, plastic etc… so you need pens that will mark each type of surface well.

#21 – Rubber bands – Useful for containing groups of items such as pens, rolls of wrapping paper etc…

#22 – Picture Hanging Kit – Lots of different nails and hooks – love these kits as they contain everything you need in one place!

#23 – Anti Bacterial Wipes – Things ALWAYS are messy before they get better – and often shelves and surfaces are dirty when everything is taken off them. Having wipes means it’s easy to wipe clean surfaces as you go.

#24 – Hand wipes and Anti Bacterial Gel – To clean hands after all that hard work!

#25 – Mobile phone – You can use as a timer and also to take before and after photos so you can see how much you’ve achieved.

#26 – Rubber gloves – I always advise gloves (thick if necessary) if tackling a particularly dirty or unknown area such as a loft or cellar. Unknown areas mean there could be broken glass, dirt, mould etc… that you don’t want to hurt yourself on.

#27 – Laminator and Laminating Pouches – Useful for creating schedules on a wall that’s wipeable, displaying kids artwork and protecting it etc…. – I sometimes take if I know this will be needed.

Quite a few bits I’m sure you’ll agree!- after all, a professional organiser has to be ready for anything as you never know what you may find at someones house that needs sorting.

It really is one of the most useful kits for anyone to have when they tackle a project in their own home as well – everything is to hand, everything has its place, and you can be more focused on the job at hand!

You can have loads of fun adding what you need into a kit like this – so have some fun and get started, and I’ll make it easier for you right now: –

Are you tempted to create your own kit?

I’ve collected everything together for you below – so just click on any item** you want to find out more about, and you can grab it right now – Hope this helps!

Discover Exactly What A Professional Organiser Has In Their Kit - 350
A Peek Inside The Kit Of A Professional Organiser

I love being able to use this kit for my own projects as well as when I was working with clients.

And I’m sure you will too!

If you have any other items that you think should go into this kit, then please leave a comment below.

I can’t wait to see what you’d add…

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