5 Fantastic DVD Storage Ideas To Use For Your Collection


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When it comes to storing your DVDs, what you pick depends on the space you’ve got available, your personal taste, and how many DVDs you’ve got to store. Here are some great DVD storage ideas that you might want to use for your collection.

5 Fantastic DVD Storage Ideas For Your Collection

Even in these digital times, a lot of us have our favourite DVDs still, usually as part of a select DVD collection.

Trouble is – they take up space and can look less than pretty on the shelves.

So – how can we create DVD storage that works well, takes up as little space as possible, and looks good too?

Here are some ideas.

DVD Storage Ideas To Try

#1 – DVD sleeve storage

These are slimline plastic pouches which your DVD discs easily slide into. They take up very little space because you take them out of the more bulky boxes they come in as standard, and you can slip in the paper cover as well.

Because they are more streamlined, they can easily be added to a basket or box by the DVD player, ready for when you need them.

This DVD storage option is a fantastic space saver, so is a particularly good idea for a small space – but has two main issues:

Issue 1 – They’re not the most protective option, so if you’ve got kids or pets who could potentially damage them, this might not be the best solution for you.

Issue 2 – If you’re ever going to sell them in the future then you may want to keep them in their original DVD case.

putting dvd cover into dvd sleeve

#2 – Specific ‘made for purpose’ DVD rack

A DVD holder that’s been made for that exact reason is a great option if you want to be able to see all of your DVDs at a glance and don’t mind having them out on display.

They come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, so you’re sure to find one that fits your storage space. Just bear in mind that the more DVDs you have, the bigger the rack you’ll need!

#3 – Floating shelves

Any type of dvd storage shelf is a good idea, but a floating shelf can give a particularly streamlined look.

They allow you to store your DVDs out of the way and take up very little space. You can also have as many as you like – and you can intersperse the DVDs with other home accessories to make it look more aesthetic.

TIP – If you know these are being used for DVDs only, then remember to hang the shelving so that there’s enough space between them to file the DVDs, but not too much – that way you don’t waste too much space between shelves.

#4 – DVD Storage Unit

If you’ve got a lot of DVDs (or if you just want to keep them out of the way), a DVD cabinet or storage box is a great option.

Cabinets come in all sorts of different styles, from simple and functional to more elaborate and decorative pieces. Just make sure you choose one that’s big enough to store all of your DVDs!

#5 – DVD Binder

This is a great DVD storage solution if you want to be able to store your DVDs without taking up too much space.

DVD binders hold your DVDs in slimline cases, so they take up very little room. They’re also easy to keep organised, so you can find the DVD you want quickly and easily.

#6 – Chest Of Drawers

A fantastic hidden storage option is to use a chest of drawers (or just one drawer in a dresser, for example) and file the DVDs away so that their titles are visible when you open the drawer.

This makes them really easy to find, and hides them away neatly.

Things To Think About When Choosing DVD Storage

Do you really need to store all the DVDs you’ve got?

Make sure you declutter what you don’t want before you start to sort out storage. Otherwise you’re just organising your clutter…

Pick a storage area that’s suitable for DVDs.

Moisture and cold can warp them – so a garage or loft wouldn’t be ideal. Also – keep them in shady areas and not by a window, as sunlight can cause disc rot. You really want them where you’ll use them, for easy access.

Make sure you measure your storage area carefully

to ensure that your DVDs will fit where you want them to.

Don’t forget to leave some extra space for any new additions to your collection.

These things can grow quite quickly, and if you don’t leave space then they will start looking messy before you know it.

Think about how easy it will be to access your DVDs

..with whatever storage idea you choose. If you’re going to be using them often, you’ll want to be able to get to them quickly, but if you’re not planning on using them very often, you might want to consider storing them out of the way.

Will you need to move your collection?

If you watch them in different rooms, or plan to take them on holiday with you etc… then you may want to keep them in carry cases rather than in furniture or a shelf.

You may want to have a carry case for a few as well as static storage. It’s totally up to how you’re going to use them.

Think about how much protection your DVDs will need.

If you’ve got young children or pets, you’ll want to make sure they’re stored safely so that they don’t get damaged.

Consider how your DVD storage will look.

If you’re planning on keeping your DVDs out on display, you’ll want to choose something that looks good. But if you’re not too worried about aesthetics, function is more important.

How To Store DVDs So You Can Find Things Easily

No matter how you decide to store your DVDs, the most important thing is that you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. So take some time to think about what would work best for you and your collection. Here are some of the most popular options:


If you want to be able to find things quickly and easily, storing your DVDs alphabetically is the way to go.

By Genre

If you’re a movie buff, you might want to store your DVDs by genre. That way you can easily find what you’re looking for, whether you’re in the mood for a romantic comedy or an action-packed thriller.

By Format

If you’ve got a mix of Blu-rays and DVDs, consider storing them by format. That way you can easily find what you’re looking for, without having to search through both types of discs.

Colour Code

If you want to make it look like art, you could colour code your DVDs.

By Person

If you share your DVDs with other people, consider storing them by person. That way everyone can easily find what they’re looking for, and you don’t have to search through all of the discs to find the one you want.

Get DVD Storage For Your Home Now

Here are some of the best options on the market right now – just click on any of the pictures and you’ll be taken to the shop to learn more about it and buy.

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

5 Fantastic DVD Storage Ideas To Use For Your Collection - 350
5 Fantastic DVD Storage Ideas For Your Collection

Choose DVD storage that’s right for you and your home and you’ll be able to enjoy your DVDs for years to come.

No matter which option you choose, with a bit of planning, you can create DVD storage that looks great and works well for you.

So why not get creative, and see what you can come up with for your own home. You’re bound to find the right solution for you.

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