10 Clues You Need To Get Organised [And How To Do It]


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Sure, we all have times when we have to let things slip a little when it comes to being organised.

Because, well, life happens…..

But how can we know when it’s more than that?

How can we decide that enough’s enough, and things need to change in a more major way?

Well – I’ve put together a collection of tell-tale signs that may help you do just that.

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Have a look through these 10 clues that you need to get more organised, and add up which you can relate to.

Obviously, the more you mentally tick in your head, the more that getting organised to a greater level will help you in your day to day life.

And please remember – at all times – don’t beat yourself up if you find that you’re nodding your head to anything on this list.

It’s life – it’s totally usual to fall foul of these things at one time or another – and this site can help you SO much with anything you need to tackle first.

Let these clues guide you to what to sort out in your home life first (I’ll of course give you some ideas of where to start for each of them – I never want to leave you high and dry!).

So – without talking any longer – let’s get on with it, shall we?

10 Clues You’re Unorganised Right Now…

#1 – You can’t find whatever you need within 5 minutes

We all spend a certain amount of time each day looking for things – but when it becomes a habit that you know you are going to have to spend a while looking for your keys AGAIN, or that you ALWAYS lose your passport before a holiday – then you know that things need sorting a little.

Ask yourself what the main items you lose are – and start there.

  • Lose your keys? Create a habit of putting them in a small tray or hook near the door when you walk in the house.
  • Passport gone missing? – Get yourself a fire proof safe and add your important documents in there
  • Kids always late because there school stuff is all over the place? Create a basket and hook area for each child and add their stuff to it each night. Make them start the habit of packing for the next day the night before – and having everything ready in that space then.

You get the idea!

For help with ANY part of your home life, take a look around this site.

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#2 – You forgot someone’s birthday

I’ve done this once in my life, and felt AWFUL – but it was the thing I needed to make my system for remembering Birthdays that much easier.

With Birthdays I use a 2 pronged approach which works really well.

#1 – Add all dates to an IMPORTANT DATES section of my Home File. This is the master copy of Birthdays and other Special Occasions such as Anniversaries, and I add new births and weddings etc… to that over the year.

#2 – When setting up my planner for the next year, I use the master list to transfer all dates into the right day. I also then add a reminder a few days before so I have time to send the card or present, or set a reminder on my phone to call/text them on their special day.

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#3 – You’re late for an important meeting

Time management is crucial when it comes to being organised, because pretty much everything you do in your day to day life revolves around the clock.

With appointments it’s all too easy to get it in your diary, but then have to rush because something else has run over, or you didn’t give it enough time.

As such, I now ALWAYS add not only an appointment to my planner, but I also add travel time and a small buffer of time in case I need to prep anything etc….

Try it and you’ll see what a difference it makes…

#4 – You don’t pack something important when you go away

In all the excitement of your holiday, it’s too easy to forget something and open your suitcase to find out too late…

Most of the time it’s something that you can live without, or that you can buy a replacement of while away – but sometimes this can have massive consequences.

For instance – medications.

As such – I suggest having a packing list for your holidays (keep in your suitcase or your home file so you have it to hand when needed). Update it each holiday based on what you actually needed and used while away, and before long you’ll have streamlined the whole process.

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And if a packing list sound like too much hard work – at least write an ESSENTIALS list – so that you know that you have the vital things you need whenever you go away.

This may be a list of 1 or 10 things – but it will be small enough to be manageable – and save you a lot of stress in the long run.

#5 – You’re always leaving the house with an uncharged phone


Your phone, like most of us, is your lifeline (how did we cope before them lol).

It means anyone can contact you – including important stuff like the school in case your child falls ill, or if there’s been an accident etc…, and you have access to your email and the internet on the go.

I also listen pretty constantly when out and about to audiobooks through my phone.

So – it stands to reason that when you are about to walk out the door, you need a fully charged phone….

It’s a horrible feeling if that doesn’t happen – and it’s actually an easy fix.

Create a charging area in your hallway and put your phone on charge when you walk through the door. OR create a habit of charging it overnight, and have your charger ready and waiting for you in the right place.

Mobile phone next to tulips

#6 – You can’t switch off at night because there are always things in your head

This is pretty much everyone – seriously – life is BUSY!

But there’s an easier way, I promise – and that’s to get things into your schedule or onto your TO DO list regularly – so you know that you have things sorted.

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#7 – You buy things that you already have…..

Let me tell you a quick story.

Before I started getting more organised – I had a habit of buying too much in our weekly food shop.

Not because I was extravagant – far from it – but because I had my weekly shop saved, and I just re-ordered without really giving it too much thought.

But because I created that list without thinking about how long things lasted, I ended up with a cupboard full of washing up liquid.


Crazy, right!

We all do it – go shopping because we think we’re out of something, only to find that when we get home and put it away, we’ve got plenty.

It happens with food, clothes, gadgets, and LOTS more.

The trick is to be able to see what you have – and that, my friend, comes with having like-things grouped together, and stored in a way that you can see them.

It’s that old adage – a place for everything – and it works!

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#8 – You have a full wardrobe, but never have anything to wear

This is a horrible feeling – and all too familiar to most of us.

The key is to have a smaller amount of clothes.


You see – when you can see what you have, and when you limit yourself to what you buy, you are more careful about knowing what goes with what, and knowing what you have.

As such, you start to create your very own capsule wardrobe.

You have just enough – and no more.

And it can be SO freeing.

I used to think the answer was a massive walk-in wardrobe – but you know, my small free standing wardrobe is perfect and I always have things to wear because I have bought clothes that mix and match well. So well that I rarely feel constrained.

Try it!

#9 – You never want to have people over because you’re embarrassed by your home

This is a horrible reason to not be able to socialise, and is one of the major reasons to get more organised.

You don’t have to stress about having a Pinterest worthy home (unless that’s what you’re after).


Just focus on the room(s) that your guests would actually see, and work hard on getting them guest ready.

That will give you motivation to keep going, I promise!

…. and your friends aren’t judging you, you know… #justsaying

#10 – You’re constantly paying more for things than you should (utilities, late fees, quick postage etc….)

Being organised means that you would have reminders in your schedule for posting presents and cards way ahead of time (second class rather than first class saves lots over time).

You would also be able to budget better – meaning savings could be made by paying ahead for bills by direct debit, and taking advantage of discounts when they came up.

Statistic - Late Fees
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There you have it – 10 things that show that you need to get organised, at least a little bit, starting today.

Pick one of these (one that you ticked in your head as you read through), and start there with some of the suggestions I’ve given.

I can’t wait to see what a big change some of these simple solutions make to your life.


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