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If you’re looking for great ideas for organising your car then you’re in the right place! Today I wanted to introduce you to a fantastic new product that I have been testing out for you on behalf of VELCRO® Brand – one I think of as the ultimate car boot organiser. Ready to see what it is?…

The ultimate car boot organiser

A couple of weekends ago myself, my hubby and my daughter all visited my parents, and bought them a couple of little things to say “thanks for having us” – namely a bottle of wine and a plant in a pot.

Nice as it felt to have got them something, I found myself playing a little game in the boot of the car – that game will now be known as – “find somewhere safe so that nothing breaks or spills before you get there“.

Catchy? No – but oh so true!

It was a good few minutes of rearranging the bags we were taking around the gifts so that I was as sure as I could be that nothing would be damaged en route (it’s around a 2 hr journey so anything could happen!).

I’m sure you’ve been there – whether you’re travelling with breakable items, spill-able items – food from the supermarket, paint from the DIY shop, or gifts as I was – and there’s nothing worse than spending the entire journey just hoping that things don’t move around too much.

Luckily – things got there in one piece, but it did make me think.

Each and every time I end up in a situation like this, I wish there was an easier way to make sure things stayed put.

(I haven’t even mentioned the time when my poor daughter had to strategically balance a load of things around her after a rather larger than expected shopping trip in IKEA – for a 30 minutes journey back home….)

Well – when I was approached by VELCRO® Brand with a new product they have created that promised to solve this issue I was more than happy to give it a go.

As always, I try things out for you so that I can bring you great products – most things don’t ever reach this site as I only show you things I would genuinely use – and this is definitely something I wanted to share.

Introducing – STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers

The perfect organising system for your car boot. Here’s a quick video to show you exactly what they are all about: –

See?! – amazing right!

But do they really work? Are they worth the time/trouble? – I wanted to find out – so they kindly sent me a SUPERPACK box which has a selection of the entire range to try: –

STAYHOLD™ boot organiser in box

and contains the following: –

  1. 2 small – Mini
  2. 1 large – Classic
  3. 2 large Utility straps
  4. 2 small elasticated Quick straps
STAYHOLD™ boot organisers superpack

It was the perfect way to get to know what the range consists of, and would be a great starter pack should you wish to give them a go yourself.

So – now was the time to test them out and see whether they do what they say they do – or not!

Testing Out The STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers

I wanted to see how sturdy they were, how well they stuck to my boot floor, and whether they really could prevent things tipping over en route.

I also wanted to know how easy they would be to store in the car boot – because I don’t like keeping much in there – only the essentials wherever possible, so anything I am going to give up valuable space for better be worth it…

And  I wasn’t disappointed!

Firstly – the STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers are very lightweight, and easy to store against the side of the boot like so –

STAYHOLD™ boot organisers in car boot

So they don’t get in the way at all, and are there and ready to go when needed.

TIP – These are items that should definitely ALWAYS be kept in the car, because you never know when you’ll need them. They are now an essential part of my car kit!

The way they work is that they have VELCRO® Brand Technology on the bottom which fixes really well to the car boot floor (N.B make sure you have the right flooring – carpeted – as they won’t work on other surfaces).

STAYHOLD™ closeup - velcro bottom

I was pleasantly surprised at just how well it adhered, yet still was easy to move around as and when I needed it to. I have no doubt it will last for a long while as long as I keep the VELCRO® Brand Technology clean.

So – they work in terms of weight, stickiness to the floor (it’s a new technical term I just created – humour me!), and feel – so now it was time to see whether it works for the function it’s designed for – keeping things in place!

Test #1 – Shopping Bags

Here you can see a shopping trip that I managed to bring home all in one piece –

STAYHOLD™ with shopping bags in car boot

I included a couple of bottles of wine that would otherwise have been laid on their sides and wedged somewhere, and it’s worth mentioning here that I would have struggled to keep the shopping bags upright at all on this trip because my boot was otherwise empty so nothing to prop them up against.

With these, the small straps were amazing and held in place perfectly. I had no worries that the bottles wouldn’t be safe, which made for a much less stressful journey home!

STAYHOLD™ holding bottles of wine in car boot

Everything stayed firmly put, and was ready for me to just lift out and take into the house when I got home.

This was such a nice change to the usual grabbing things that had rolled out while the car was moving and basically repacking some of the bag before I can get going again….

Test #2 – A Plant

Next – I carried a plant home using the 2 mini organisers – and once again it stayed in one piece easily.

STAYHOLD™ holding a plant

I often buy plants and so this was a very necessary test to say the least! (I can also see it helping me to carry bunches of flowers more easily – especially those that really shouldn’t be placed on their side at all).

As an extra test, I also tried out the utility strap for holding it, and that worked well too: –

STAYHOLD™ utility strap holding a plant

There are so many things that this product helps to not spill/fall over/damage in transit: –

  • Full bags of shopping
  • Paint cans
  • Wine / drinks bottles
  • Plants / flowers
  • Anything delicate and breakable

… not to mention stopping things rolling/sliding around all the time when you drive and causing you irritation every time you drive around (footballs, heavy boxes etc…).

There always seems to be something in the boot that needs steadying in some way or another, and that’s the beauty of STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers.

They’re one of those items you know you need when you see them,  because they solve a real problem for our day to day lives.

Car boot organiser - organising product - ways to prevent spills and damage in the trunk of your car

STAYHOLD™ Boot Organisers are genuinely a really simple yet effective car boot organiser system.

It’s the easy way to keep things upright and damage free – whatever you are transporting around.

It saves having to wedge things in with whatever happens to be in your boot – you just grab it and let it do it’s thing!

I am a complete convert (and you’ll probably see a few more posts with these featured over coming months because I love them so much!), and the set has now got pride of place on the edge of my boot, ready and waiting for its next assignment…


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