Over 11 Thoughtful Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing


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Gifts for the woman who wants nothing have to be some of the hardest to find. You want to get them something, but what, exactly? Here are some brilliant options that she’ll love to get from you.

Over 11 Thoughtful Types Of Gifts For Women Who Want Nothing

We all have those people that say they don’t want anything for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special event – whether it be your mum, best friend, sister, or work colleague.

Although it’s admirable that they are happy with what they already have, it can be frustrating to not get any ideas for what to get them (because, let’s face it – they WILL still be getting a gift!).

As such, I’ve put together these brilliant ideas of good gifts for the woman in your life who don’t want anything. They should give you some much needed inspiration when it’s not forthcoming from her… Hope it helps!

What To Think About When Buying A Gift

If you’re worried about getting exactly the right present then it’s worth taking a few seconds to read a post that I wrote a while back – just CLICK HERE to read it, and I’ll see you back here in a moment…

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What Makes Thoughtful Gifts For The Women Who Wants Nothing?

  • A unique gift that they wouldn’t think of themselves
  • A treat that they would love to indulge in, or an upgrade to an existing item they have and use loads.
  • A useful gift / practical gift that will help them in their daily life but that they didn’t necessarily know existed
  • A gift that money can’t buy
  • A gift that they would never ask for – even if they really wanted it

Let’s Find The Ideal gift For That Special Lady

Let’s get started straight away with a selection of brilliant items to buy now (perfect if you don’t want to have to scour things yourself – I’ve done the hard work for you! – just call me your personal gift fairy!).

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

Over 11 Thoughtful Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing - 350

Themes To Look At For Your Gift

#1 – Better Sleep – relaxation

Often women can be overly busy, and finding time to relax or even sleep better can be hard.

Some ideas in this category are:

These are all things she may well not have thought to get herself – so would be a real treat (especially if she also got the desired extra hours sleep!).

#2 – Work With What They Already Own And Love

Often a lady has something they already love. This would make them feel like they don’t need anything – but what if you could multiply the joy by getting something similar for them?

How about getting the same top or scarf but in a different colour, or a book written by their favourite author that hasn’t yet been bought.

It’s always a good idea to start by looking carefully at what they already like – and working from that. You won’t go far wrong that way!

#3 – Upgrade something she uses loads and has seen better days.

Along the same lines as the previous category – anything she already uses and loves but is getting old is an opportunity for you to get the upgrade for them.

How about a gorgeous water bottle to help her get healthier, as she’s been using an old on for months now, or you could pay for her to get a dress altered if she loves it and has lost weight for example.

#4 – Food treats are always welcome!

Why not make this category even more special and create a gift set of their favourites?

Grab a box or hamper and fill it with things they love – or you could create a special occasion for them such as:

  • An indulgent night in – include truffles, some champagne, a face mask etc…
  • A Film Night – include a DVD, popcorn, sweets, and a favourite drink
  • A food theme night – pick a cuisine and fill with things to make a great meal
  • Cocktail making kit – with ingredients for their favourite – and a cocktail book

The personal touch is what makes this a really awesome gift.

#6 – Clothes to chill out in

What women doesn’t like to relax when at home? I know I do – and changing into comfy clothes ASAP when I walk through the door is the first step!

Why not get her some lovely loungewear, fluffy socks, a cosy dressing gown etc…? so she can feel lovely when she gets changed and has some time for herself.

#5 – Give them the gift of time and energy

She may have everything under control – but that could come with being tired and in need of a break.

As such, why not give them a treat of some time off the chores?

  • Pay for a cleaner to come for a one off deep clean
  • Get them a robot vacuum so they don’t have to do that job again
  • A meal delivery service

Whatever job you know she does, but doesn’t really enjoy – let her off it for a while…

#7 – Thoughtful / sentimental items

Anything that will be sentimental for her will be appreciated because it really is the thought that counts.

It also doesn’t have to cost a lot to be really meaningful.

Why not frame a special photo, create a photo book of memories etc…

#8 – Personal items related to their special time of year

Anything personal to her shows you care a lot and haven’t just bought a generic gift.

Look at her date of birth and see what birthstone, birth flower etc… she is – then work out something for her based on one of those.

Examples include:

  • Birthstone jewellery
  • Birthdate Candle
  • Star sign artwork
  • Bunch of her birth month flowers

#9 – A subscription To Something They Love

This is a gift that keeps on giving – and although she may have everything she needs, there are always things that can come and go through the year that she’d love to get.

Maybe it’s a bunch of flowers each month, an Audible subscription, or a magazine for a hobby they love – whatever they enjoy doing – why not treat them for the longer term?

#10 – Someone Who Always thinks of others?

Women can neglect themselves, especially when they have little ones to look after – so some self care presents would be a really useful and appropriate gift.

Help them relax with some indulgent bath essentials – bath bombs – add a few items to a beautiful gift box and you’re onto a winner!

#11 – Give them a voucher for time with you, help (babysitting etc…).

This is especially good for those women who don’t care that much for material things, or of you want something special but need it to be budget friendly.

Never forget that inexpensive gifts can be the very best, and a very thoughtful present when done right.

Over 11 Thoughtful Types Of Gifts For Women Who Want Nothing

There you have it – the best gifts out there to give you some great ideas.

Hopefully these unique gift ideas have helped inspire your shopping for that special woman in your life.

Each and every one is a great gift idea, and there’s sure to be a few that have sparked your interest as it would make an amazing gift for who you have in mind.

I truly hope so!

Plus – the best part of all this is that as they haven’t asked for anything – it will be a HUGE surprise to mark that special occasion – whatever you end up giving them!

If you’ve got any ideas to add, don’t forget to leave a comment below…

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