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A fantastic (and short!) free printable teacher thank you note template that you can print off and let your kids fill in at the end of the school year. Makes a great alternative to a traditional thank you card, adds some personalisation, and is a great finishing touch to a gift

Thank you Letter for teacher being filled out with title words overlaid

I love making life easier, as you know! – and so I decided long ago to make thank you card writing as easy as possible for the kids in our lives.

After all, it’s so important to say thank you, and a personalised note means so much to the recipient – so it’s always worth the time.

BUT – kids can be difficult to get writing at the best of times, so it makes sense to make the process fun and simple – and short!

As such I’ve created a gorgeous free printable teacher thank you letter that I wanted to share with you today so you can print off and let your child(ren) fill in.

I’ve left it black and white (as with all my printables), because this not only saves on your precious printer ink, but also to allow for them to colour in and personalise to their hearts’ content.

Teacher Thank You Note Template

Teacher Thank You Letter Template - Black and White

It’s got a place to write the teachers name, and to sign off with their own name, and has 4 easy areas to fill in: –

  • I have loved being in your class because…
  • My favourite memory this year…
  • You taught me…
  • You always say…

It makes finding something to say much more simple for your child(ren), and allows them to show appreciation for their teacher, along with probably making them smile as well.

After all, kids will probably fill in the last section (you always say…) with something funny, but true!

Thank you Letter for teacher template on table with coloured pens by its side

I like this idea so much, because it also makes it REALLY easy for teachers. They have lots of students, and so being able to have one piece of paper to keep in a memories folder just makes sense!

They can look back over the years and remember students, seeing what they wrote about them etc…

Making A Thank You For Your Teacher Personal

If you buy a thank you gift for teachers as well, it’s a great way to personalise the present without having to personalise the gift quite as much.

You could buy a voucher, some flowers, chocolates etc… – which they would love – but then have this special note attached.

It’s the best of all worlds, really!

Free Printable Teacher Thank You Letter

Want A Copy?

It’s available in the OMH Printables Library – the place where all free printables from the site are kept.

Just CLICK HERE or on the button below, and you’ll go straight there. Hope you enjoy!

Thank you letter for teacher being filled in on table with title words overlaid

So – grab your short thank you letter for teacher now…

Make life easier for your children to show their appreciation, AND for their teacher to have something small as a memory/keepsake.

Print it off today, let your kids colour in and fill it out as they want – and give it to the teacher knowing it’s personal to them.

They’ll love it!

P.S – Want a present to go with the Thank You Note? – I’ve got you covered! CLICK HERE to see my selection of fantastic ideas for Teacher Gifts

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