6 Indoor And Outdoor Lawn Mower Storage Ideas You’ll Love!


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A brilliant selection of innovative lawn mower storage ideas for a clutter-free garden. From the garden shed to a garage wall rack, keep your mower protected and ready to garden where and when you need it.

6 Indoor And Outdoor Lawnmower Storage Ideas You'll Love

If you’re all about keeping your garden in tip-top shape, then you know how essential it is to give your trusty lawn mower the love it deserves.

The hardest part of it?

Finding suitable storage space for it when it’s not in use.

Particularly during winter when leaving it outside will cause it to rust.

As such I thought it was time to look at the best lawn mower storage ideas there are available right now.

From nifty wall-mounted racks for inside, to clever outdoor solutions, get ready to revamp your storage game and make your gardening life a breeze! 

Let’s dive in and find the perfect spot for your mower to rest between those grass-cutting adventures.

Things To Consider Before Picking Your Mower Storage

As always, before you pick a storage solution, there are specific things you need to think about.

This will ensure you get the right option for you – and save yourself lots of time, energy and money in the process.

For lawn mower storage these are the things you should know:

  • Does your mower fold down?
  • Does it have a separate grass collector, or any other accessories that need to be stored with it?
  • How heavy is it? (can it easily be lifted by you?) A riding lawn mower would be really heavy, whereas a lot of push mower styles are really quite light.
  • What are the dimensions of it (in the state it will be when you want to store it). For example – you may want to ideally leave it fully made up so you aren’t forced into breaking it down after each use).
  • Where is the best location for your mower, in an ideal world?
Lawnmower lowing green grass in garden

Brilliant Outdoor Lawn Mower Storage Ideas

#1 – Outdoor Storage Shed

Best For: Secure outdoor storage, and easy access to garden.

When it comes to safeguarding your lawn mower from harsh weather, an outdoor storage shed can be a lifesaver. 

Whether you pick a metal shed, a wooden shed, or even a resin one, this dedicated storage unit offers a secure haven for your mower, shielding it from rain, scorching sun, and relentless winds. 

Storage sheds, purpose-built for housing gardening equipment, provide ample space to stow away not only your mower but also other essential garden tools.

You can also organise them with shelves, hooks, and racks for a clutter-free setup.

These robust storage sheds come in various sizes, accommodating lawnmowers of all shapes and styles.

You’re bound to find the right one for the outdoor space you’ve got available.

TIP: You can get sheds that have one door that opens, or double doors. Depending on your mower, you may well be better to choose the latter so it’s easier to manoeuvre out of the shed when needed.

TIP: It’s important to buy a lock for your shed if it’s in a hidden area of your lawn – so it’s more secure when out of sight.

#2 – Outdoor Storage Box

Best For: Low outdoor storage that’s waterproof.

This is the solution I have in my own garden – as it was the best for the space we had available (I actually may get another one for our outdoor cushions from our garden furniture, I like it so much!)

These storage boxes come in many sizes, and are a brilliant way to store all manner of items in your garden.

We have one that easily fits the lawn mower and all other gardening tools, which is key as we don’t have easy access to the garage (we have to walk through the house).

As such, this robust lawn mower storage solution offers a dedicated space to safeguard your equipment from harsh weather. 

You can also get ones that you can lock – which add and extra layer of security and could potentially put burglars off.

Lawnmower and other items stored in a storage box in the garden

Clever Indoor Lawn Mower Storage Options

Indoor storage ensures your lawnmower is protected from extreme weather conditions and other elements. 

It’s also a great option if you have more space indoors than outdoors – as you won’t want your garden full of storage if it’s a small one.

#1 – Wall-Mounted Rack

Best For: Less bulky lawns mowers and those wanting to free up floor space

You can make the most of your indoor space with a convenient wall-mounted rack for your lawn mower. 

This smart storage solution saves you precious floor space by keeping your mower up on the wall. No more tripping hazards or messy areas! They firmly hold your mower, making sure it stays safe and sound. 

Ideal for garages or garden sheds, the wall hanger keeps everything tidy and easy to reach. 

#2 – A Ceiling Hoist

Best For: Those with limited floor space or heavy mowers. However can be pricey.

Say goodbye to backbreaking lifting and hello to convenience with a storage system with ceiling hoists for your lawn mower storage. 

These ingenious solutions are designed to make storing and retrieving your mower a breeze. With lifts and hoists, you can effortlessly raise your mower overhead, maximising floor space in your garage or shed.

When you need to use your mower, simply lower it down with ease. 

#3 – Garage Extra Space

Best For: Inexpensive option when you have a garage that’s used for storage already

You know what’s great – and really simple?

That unused space in your garage – it’s the perfect spot to keep your lawnmower safe and sound! 

With easy access and a sheltered spot, you can keep your trusty mower in top-notch condition, ready to tackle your lawn when the warmer days return. 

Utilise your garage’s extra floor space to create a dedicated storage area for your lawnmower, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing it’s well taken care of and always at the ready for your next gardening adventure!

Or you could create some made to measure shelves to house your tools and mower, or buy a ready made shelving unit.

Then you can have a specific section of your garage dedicated to all your gardening items in one well organised place.

Lawnmower and other items in brick garage

Extra Option To Consider:

#1 – Use a Mower Cover

Best For: Extra dust and dirt protection – wherever you want to store your mower.

When your lawn mower needs a little extra protection from the elements, a trusty mower cover comes to the rescue and is one of the most simple of all lawnmower storage ideas.

This temporary solution shields your mower from mild weather, dust, and debris, keeping it in good shape between uses. 

However, it’s important to note that mower covers may not be suitable for extreme weather conditions, particularly when facing strong winds.

While they do a great job at safeguarding your equipment on regular days, it’s best to find alternative storage options during storms or heavy winds to ensure your mower stays safe.

Should You Store A Mower Outside without covering?

While it’s considered unsafe to store a mower in your home (with sharp blades, a fuel tank etc..), if you don’t have a garage then you may be being forced into storing yours outside.

Whenever you store it, make sure the blades are clean and the fuel is drained – of course.

However, if you’re going to store your mower outside uncovered, then please think again.

Without protection from a cover of some sort, then it will rust over time.

You’ll end up spending more trying to make your mower work than you would to spend on some decent storage up front.

6 Indoor And Outdoor Lawnmower Storage Ideas You'll Love

There you have it! Which lawn mower storage idea will you pick?

Finding the perfect storage solution for your lawnmower is vital to ensure its longevity and performance. 

Whether you opt for an outdoor or indoor solution – each option offers unique advantages. 

Remember to consider your space constraints and weather conditions when making your choice.

A well-organised and sheltered storage area will not only protect your lawnmower but also enhance your overall gardening experience. 

I hope that you now get to enjoy a clutter-free, efficient storage solution that keeps your lawnmower ready for action whenever you need it!

Happy Gardening…


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