7 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas You’ll Want To Try Now


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Perfect garage storage solutions for all that stuff that you have to have in there. Get your tools, bikes, kids stuff, car, and more – all organised more easily. That way you’ll be able to find things and have more space. Great ideas for all your garage organising.

7 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas You’ll Want To Try Now


Where we have to keep so much stuff for things like Home maintenance, outside toys, and lots more – but where SO MUCH other stuff tends to live as well…

It’s all too easy to just throw things in there and forget about them – but that way means that the room often gets unorganised so we can’t find anything anymore.

And that’s where this post comes in!

I wanted to look at all the different ways to organise your garage, with lots of fantastic storage solutions to try out.

Whatever size your garage is – and whatever you have to store in it – there will be some great inspiration here for you.

Use just a couple, and your garage will soon become a useful place rather than a dumping ground.

Let’s go, shall we….

Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas To Try

#1 – Pegboards Rock!

Every house has a need for tools – whether you’re a keen DIYer or a novice – you will always be able to find a hammer and a few others bits at a minimum.

But these smaller items can feel like clutter all too quickly.

The option of a tool box is good – but you still have to hunt through the box to find what you want – so I LOVE the idea of hanging everything on a pegboard.

It means that you can easily see what you have – and you could go even further with labels for each item or drawing round each item so you know what goes where!

pegboard wall storage for tools in a garage

#2 – Storage For The Long Stuff

Things like brooms, rakes, hoes and so many more are prone to topple over at the slightest touch or movement – and it’s SO annoying to have to keep picking them up!

As such, you may want to consider adding specific storage for these types of items as well – and you can go the DIY route or purchase something that works instead.

spade and rake attached to wall with white hooks
tools hung from wooden slats on a garage wall

#3 – Shelves Galore

There is a LOT of wall space available in most garages – so it makes sense to have a wall of shelving (as high as possible – but always make sure it’s attached to the wall so it won’t topple over – safety first!).

Metal or wood shelving works well – and you can get lots of different types like THIS from DIY stores or on Amazon.

I particularly like shelves where you can change the height of the openings – because then you can make it fit what you need to store really efficiently.

A few tips for shelving: –

  • Store heavier stuff on the lower shelves so that it’s safer
  • Attach to the wall so that it doesn’t topple over
  • Measure before you buy shelves so you get the best fit for the space you have (width and height).
  • Keep a small step/ladder close by if the shelves are high – for easy access
garage storage - crates on shelves and cycles on the wall
white car in garage with wall storage shelf with bags and other items on it

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#4 – Add Workspace

Because there are always jobs to do around the house – it can be useful to have a flat surface that isn’t the dining table to do any dirty DIY chores on.

There’s not always space or the need though for a full workbench – so having a pull up drop leaf table attached to the wall makes perfect sense.

car in garage with wall storage for tools
modern garage storage - streamlined cupboards along a wall

#5 – Storage Boxes

Storing anything in a garage can be tricky – because it’s more open to the elements than other room in the house.

As such, it’s worth getting sturdy plastic boxes that have lids with clasps – so that the boxes are airtight and water proof as much as possible.

Another great tip is to label all the boxes clearly so you can see at a glance what is in which one (saves a LOT of time searching – believe me! – especially if you’re like me and want all the boxes to match to look nice!).

TIP – When you store ANYTHING in a garage – keep it off the floor as much as you can – just in case of any flooding….

#6 – Hooks Are Always A Good Idea

Whether you add a few command hooks to the wall, the door, the side of shelves etc… – there’s always a place for hooks when it comes to storage!

I like the idea of adding hooks for the larger things in the space as well (like ladders and bikes) – so you can keep them off the floor as well.

bike on a wall in a garage
open garage door with bike and other items in the garage

#7 – Contain The Kids Stuff

Kids have a lot of big stuff that needs keeping in the garage or shed etc…: –

  • Bikes, Trikes, Scooters
  • Outside Toys
  • Balls
  • Sports kit

and lots more!

I like the idea of having a small area in the garage devoted to the kids – with lots of easy storage for them to be able to grab what they need AND be able to put it away easily too.

Having open buckets and plastic baskets that are labelled will help them to keep smaller toys tidy.

Adding tape to the floor will give their wheeled items a place to park! (chalk the names of the items on the floor as well!).

And lastly – create a cage for their balls – so they can grab the one they want without having to take them all out of a large bin to find it.

Ready To Get Some Garage Storage Of Your Own?

I’ve given you loads of ideas and inspiration to try in your own home – but I don’t want to leave you there!

To help you even more, if you’re looking for anything specific from the ideas above, I’ve gathered them together below – so just click on the images for more details: –

7 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas You'll Want To Try Now - 350
7 Brilliant Garage Storage Ideas You’ll Want To Try Now

There you go – 7 simple but Oh! so effective Garage storage ideas to try now.

I can’t wait to hear how you get on, as I’m sure there’s at least one new idea in this selection that will really change how useful this space is for you and your family.


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