How To Decorate Kitchen Walls – 32 Creative Ideas To Try


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When it comes to kitchen design, there are loads of options to choose between for decorating the walls. The trick is getting a balance between function, beauty, and your own tastes / style. So let’s look at how to decorate kitchen walls so that you can pick what’s right for your space.

How To Decorate Kitchen Walls - 32 Creative Ideas To Try!

First Things First – Get Your Kitchen Walls Right

Whatever you add to your kitchen wall(s) in terms of decor, you need to have a great base to work with.

Pick a colour that will work well with the cupboards and flooring you have – and the lighting available.

Also worth thinking about is that you’ll be cooking and eating in the space as well – so some colours will lend themselves better to the space than others.

Some of my favourites are greens and neutrals – as they give that natural base that food sits well with, along with being a perfect backdrop for some fun decor!.

2 Crucial Things To Think About Before Picking Kitchen Wall Decor

As well as thinking about the wall colour, there are a couple of extra things to consider when you’re about to choose some decor for your kitchen walls…

Function vs. Form

Why not mix form and function in a room that does this so well?!

You could include open storage and display areas that make the most of the wall space you’ve got available, because why not make your walls have a use as well as look good?

Where in the kitchen will the decor go? 

If it’s near food or cooking then the decor has to be suitable for that area.

You won’t want to have anything that could fall into food, or get covered in oil etc… And if it does – will it be able to be cleaned easily?

32 Perfect Options For Your Kitchen Wall Decor

So now we’ve talked quickly about getting a good base in the kitchen wall colour, and some of the things to keep in mind when picking the decor for your kitchen walls – now it’s the fun part!

Let’s look at all the options available…

#1 – Wall Art

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Extra Large Picture

There are so many design ideas for kitchen wall art – the choice is endless!

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#2 – Extra Large Noticeboard

A brilliant idea for a large kitchen wall is to have a huge noticeboard on it.

You can get them in loads of gorgeous colours which can either make a statement or blend into the wall colour / colour scheme.

They’re perfect for adding in your kids artwork and crafts, a calendar, and all those important little notes / appointments and cards etc.. that we all have to put somewhere.

#3 – Gallery Wall

Picture Wall In Living Room With Dark Wall Behind

The above picture is a gallery wall / picture wall in my family room – but it would work equally well in a kitchen or the dining area of a kitchen around the kitchen table walls.

I love the idea of having lots of family photos intermingled with kitchen related artwork (word art works particularly well, like recipes, food info etc…).

#4 – Kitchen Decals

Kitchen decals are simple word art or picture artwork stickers that you can put directly onto a bare wall to add interest – for a great effect that’s really cost effective.

#5 – Chalkboard Wall

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Blackboard Chalkboard Wall

Adding chalkboard paint to a blank wall really makes the most of the wall space by creating interest and function at the same time.

You could add notes, shopping lists, recipes etc… – or just let people draw for fun! It’s perfect home decor that can change regularly!

#6 – Clock

A clock – especially an oversized one – can be a real statement to any wall space.

#7 – Tiles

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Patterned Tiles

Tiles don’t have to be for just splash backs, you could add them to an entire wall to make much more of a feature of them.

And there are so many tile designs, you can get mirrored ones, patterned, plain – or what about putting them in an unusual design (brick pattern, herringbone, etc..) to match your interior design style?

#8 – Accent Wall

Bare brick walls, a different wall colour on one wall, or wallpaper in an alcove, are all good decor ideas for the kitchen – as these can add interest without having to add in smaller decor to the wall as well.

#9 – Floating Shelves

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Floating Shelf

Whether you want to have one or several on the wall – a floating shelf can be a lovely kitchen wall decor idea that’s practical too.

A great idea for open shelving is to either make it a feature by using a different type of material and colour to the wall – OR to let them blend in by painting them the same colour as the wall.

An open shelf is so handy as well for displaying kitchen items and having them to hand for when needed. Mix up some greenery with crockery and glass – and voila!

#10 – Wall Hanging

A lovely kitchen wall decoration that adds cosiness to a practical space is a wall hanging.

You can get lots of different choices, from wooden to fabric.

#11 – Open Cabinetry

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Open Shelves

Kitchen cabinets are great for storage, but can feel very bulky (especially in a small kitchen) if you have too many.

One brilliant option for kitchen decor is to take the doors off and have an open kitchen cabinet or two that can then be used for display.

Being able to see the depth of the cupboard can give a real sense of space.

TIP: You could add some wallpaper into the cabinets and shelf to add a pop of colour and interest.

#12 – Mural On Entire Wall

I LOVE a mural! And you can get some lovely ones that would be perfect for a kitchen space or cooking space.

Although, I quite like the idea of having a landscape as a backdrop for the morning coffee!

#13 – Pegboards

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Pegboard

One of the decorating ideas that gives some aesthetic beauty along with function – and they’re perfect for both a traditional and modern kitchen.

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#14 – Decorative Plates

Plates are, obviously, a great option for the kitchen as they are very apt!

You could choose your favourites or ones with sentimentality (like your grandmas plates etc…), and hang them in a picture wall style design.

#15 – Glass Splash back

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Glass Splashback

Great for a splash back – but why not have glass on a larger wall instead?

You could have clear glass that shows the wall underneath, a coloured glass, or even patterned or artwork on.

#16 – Wall Planters (Herbs)

I love having greenery in any room – and herbs make perfect sense for a kitchen because you could actually use them in your cooking each day!

Hang a set of planters on the wall near where you need to grab them, and they’ll always be handy.

#17 – Utensil Bar

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Metal Hanging Rail

A quick and easy kitchen wall decor idea that adds extra storage even to the smallest of spaces.

You can pick the metal based on your kitchen design – as an accent or to blend in.

#18 – Vintage Signs

Vintage metal signs are a lovely feature on any kitchen wall. Get an old advert for a food or drink you love – or just something that works with your kitchen design.

This would work particularly well in traditional farmhouse kitchens or retro style ones.

#19 – Wood Planks

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Wood Planks

Wood planks on a wall can be a beautiful feature that adds texture and colour (you could whitewash them like above, use untreated wood, or stain them any colour).

#20 – Cookbook Display

Cookbooks are stunning.

Most have colourful and stylish covers – so why not make these into a feature?

#21 – Panelling

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Panels

I love panelling on a kitchen wall because it adds some depth to the space without being overly fussy.

From the picture above – you can also create a ledge to add objects on – which can be a stunning idea.

#22 – Mirrors

As with most rooms in a home, one of the best decor ideas to use is mirror.

You could have one large mirror, mirrored tiles, a set of mirrors in a pattern – or just randomly dot them around. Whatever you pick, it can really add light and space to the room.

#23 – Hooks

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Hooks

In a similar way to a rail – a set of hooks can be handy to add extra storage – but can also have a decorative quality about them.

#24 – Wall Hung Bar Table

If you like the idea of casual seating in a kitchen, why not hang a (basically) large shelf on the wall and use as a bar style table?

You could have one for a drinks area, a coffee table, a work station – or lots of other reasons – and then decorate accordingly.

Have some fun with it!

#25 – Crates

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Crates

One of the most creative kitchen wall decor ideas I’ve come across is to use simple crates as open wall storage and display, like above.

Looks really cute, don’t you agree?

#26 – Plate Rack

A plate rack can be a real feature on a kitchen wall – and you can get them in lots of different styles to fit the room.

#27 – Wall Rack

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Open Wire Shelving Unit

Another great wall option when you want things handy and on display is a wall rack similar to the above picture.

You can easily add in food canisters, plants etc… to create a lovely feature.

#28 – Oversized Calendar

As the kitchen is the hub of the home – it’s the one space everyone will go into at least a few times a day.

As such – a calendar is a handy thing to have on show. And if you’re going to have one out, then why not make it a feature?!

You could also have a decorative weekly planner if this works better for your household…

#29 – Hanging Kitchen Items

Kitchen Walls Decorated With Wooden Cutting Boards

Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective – and hanging your kitchen items directly on the wall can make a fantastic decor idea.

I particularly like the idea of chopping boards, as you can get these in such a lot of shapes and sizes. You could even start a collection!

#30 – Exposed Brick

Exposed brick always make a lovely feature, and I think particularly so in a kitchen.

Two of the best options would be if you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, or as a back splash as it’s really durable (just make sure to seal the brick so no dust goes into the food!).

#31 – Clipboards

Printable Colouring In Monthly Planner Pages on a Clipboard

One of my favourite wall decor ideas is to have a set of clipboards hung up to display things like calendars / kids art etc…

As you can see from the picture of my kitchen from a few years ago, we have fun with different coloured clipboards and they look great along with being useful.

#32 – Wine Rack / Glass Rack

Wine and glasses need storing, usually in the kitchen, so why not make a decorative feature of them?

You can get some stunning wine racks that are wall hung – just take a look around and get something that suits your kitchen design.

How To Decorate Kitchen Walls - 32 Creative Ideas To Try!

And that’s it! – lots of kitchen wall decor ideas that I hope have inspired you for how to decorate your kitchen walls.

Have some fun with it – because it’s all about what makes you happy, right?!

Add some style, and use it for extra storage and function while you’re at it – and then you’re onto a winner, for sure!

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