Housewarming Gift Ideas That All New Home Owners Will Love


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Brilliant selection of unique & thoughtful housewarming gift ideas that your friends & family will be happy to get. Presents they’ll love in their new home.

Brilliant housewarming gift ideas that they'll really love

If you’ve got friends or family that are currently moving house, or thinking of moving in the near future, then you’ll definitely want to take a look at all these brilliant housewarming present ideas for inspiration.

It can be hard to know what to get when someone moves house – and you will no doubt want to mark the occasion in some way – so I’ve done the hard work for you, and collected together some of my absolute favourite choices – hope it helps!

Housewarming Gift Ideas you can grab now

Let’s get started straight away with a selection of brilliant housewarming gifts to buy your straight away (perfect if you don’t want to have to scour things yourself – I’ve done the hard work for you! – just call me your personal present choosing fairy!).

You can find out more about any of the items below by simply clicking the picture – where you’ll be taken to the shop it’s sold in. All links are affiliate links – which means that I get a commission if you make a purchase, at no cost to you of course.

Housewarming Gift Ideas That All New Home Owners Will Love - 350

Themes to try when buying a new house gift

There are a few themes that keep coming up when looking at Housewarming presents – so let’s look at each of these in turn, as these may give you some gift giving inspiration as well.

#1  – Something about the new location

A great way to celebrate a move would be to give something that marks their new location.

Whether they are moving a long way or a small distance – there are fantastic gifts that will suit…

Some great ideas for these would be: –

#2  – A welcome for guests

This is a great option, because it does two things very effectively.

Anything with the word ‘welcome’ on – makes them feel welcomed to their new home – AND can welcome guests into their new home.

Some options for this would be: –

#3  – Something to celebrate with!

You won’t go far wrong with a tipple, or something to drink out of (champagne glasses or wine glasses would of course, be perfect!)

Find a gift that the new home owner(s) will love to celebrate using – and you’re on to a winner for sure!

#4  – Something that smells lovely

Just as the sense of smell is important when buying a new house (dog smells, food smells etc.. are known to put buyers off) – so too is the smell of your new home.

It will no doubt feel different, and less homely when they move in – so giving them a house warming gift of some sort of nice scent makes total sense!

( Bonus points if you can get something with NEW HOUSE on it! )

Some ideas for these types of presents would be: –

  • Scented Candle
  • Diffuser
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Or go a little different, and get them a coffee maker – there’s nothing like fresh coffee in the mornings to make somewhere feel like home (and to get them working hard on unpacking asap!)

#5 – Keyring

Love this idea, because they will of course be putting new keys onto whatever keyring they may currently have – so it makes perfect sense to have that as a new thing as well!

#6 – Plants

Potted plants are a fantastic gift in any home, as they last for ages (unlike flowers), they add some colour to a space (which is important if the new house may need some redecorating!), and add some texture and interest to a room as well (important especially if the new home owners are first time buyers and don’t have a lot of home decor right now).

You could get a selection of small plants in pots, or one large one – whatever you choose, they’ll love!

#7 – Vouchers

Always useful in a house move, when spending reaches a peak – money or a gift card of some sort can make the perfect housewarming gift.

You can make this special by buying a takeout meal for their first night in their new home (helping them not have to cook!), or a voucher for their favourite home shop, or a meal out in their new location etc… – the ideas are really limitless!

#8 – Help

If you’re short on cash yourself, or just want to be a little more use because you know the new home owners will need it – then help can be a great gift.

You could babysit kids or pets while they are moving, offer to help them unpack, help with decorating or cleaning before they move in, or many other tasks on their TO DO list that they’ll be trying to tick off as soon as possible.

TIP – Make this a really special house warming gift by doing it in a voucher format in a card – so, so thoughtful!

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Brilliant housewarming gift ideas that they'll really love

Loads of housewarming gift ideas to choose from…

I hope there’s something in this gift guide that will work well for those new home owners that you’re buying for…

When I’ve moved house in the past, I would have loved any of these items, as they’re all useful or special in their own right, and would have helped me to make my house a home more quickly – and that’s the aim really!

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