9 Amazing Ways To Use Magazine Holders As Storage In Every Room!


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Magazine holders have so many clever storage uses around the home when you are wanting to get more organised. These fantastic ways to use magazine files for extra storage are all things you may not have thought about before but may just make all the difference to your home.

9 Clever Ideas For Using Magazine Holders As Storage Around The House

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, as I truly love magazine holders and how versatile they can be around the house.

Over the years I have used them in many ways – some more obvious than others – but all are worth a mention as you may just need them as a solution for something you’re struggling with right now.

I hope this roundup of ideas helps you to get a little more organised around your home.

Where Can I Get Magazine Holders From?

If you’re anything like me, you probably have a number of these around your house already – they are often picked up as quick and easy storage for a variety of paperwork so that shelves look neater.

They are available from a multitude of places, but my favourite is definitely IKEA, followed closely by Amazon.

With IKEA selling packs of 4 white paper/card ones for 90p, this next paragraph may not be needed (your time costs money, after all!) – but you could also consider making your own magazine files from old cereal boxes.

QUICK TIP – When buying magazine files, make sure you know how sturdy you need them to be, and whether they need to be heat proof/fireproof/water proof etc… You can get files made from cardboard, metal, wood and plastic – so just be certain you get the right type for what you’re using it for.

So, now you know where to get them from (if you haven’t got any already), you’ll be awaiting the fantastic ideas I’ve promised you so you know which type you’ll need!

Well, wait no longer!….

5 Ideas To Use Magazine Holders As Furniture

#1 – Add A Paperwork Area To A Simple Dresser

This is one of my favourite DIY hacks for IKEA that I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s relatively simple to recreate (you can find the full tutorial HERE): –

Dresser with magazine file storage on top for paperwork
Image credit:

#2 – Create A Bedside Shelf Where Space Is Tight

This is a project I actually did over a decade ago when I was helping my father in law to sell his house.

The Master Bedroom needed bedside tables and lamps on each side, but there simply wasn’t the room for them – so I had to think outside the box a little.

Magazine files were the saviour, and I think they worked really well (although the picture isn’t great, you can get a good idea of what I mean… it’s 10 years old and way before I thought of this blog and what pictures I may need!): –

Magazine folders used as bedside tables

#3 – Create A Shelf With Added Storage – Anywhere!

Using the same idea as the bedside table above, why not create shelving with your magazine files? This is a great idea especially when you need to store things like paperwork – such as the office below: –

Magazine holders used as shelves in a home office

Image credit:

#4 – Create A Place For the Main In A Hallway

What a great idea! – this saves creating piles of paperwork on the shelf itself, and you could have as many sections as you need (split things by person, or by inbox/outbox etc…).

You can find the whole tutorial HERE if you’d like to make it: –

#5 – Create A Shelf For Your Printer

I am SO doing this in my own home!

What a fantastic idea for keeping the printer paper (and maybe ink cartridges) easily available but in an organised way: –

Using magazine files for printer paper storage and a shelf for the printer
Image credit:

4 Ideas For Storing Small Items Using Magazine Holders

#6 – Use For Small Storage In Kitchen Cupboards

There are loads of items that you can use magazine holders for in kitchen cabinets – the first I’ve found is for storing cans (please note that these are smaller than average cans, so make sure what you want to store fits OK!): –

Using magazine files for storing cans in a kitchen cabinet
Image credit:

Or what about storing drinks bottles (they can sometimes be too tall to put on the shelf): –

Using magazine storage for water bottles
Image credit:

Or how about all those random paper goods we all have lying around such as napkins, paper plates etc…?

Or lastly – what about food that needs some air but also needs storing in a dark place like a cupboard: –

Storing food in magazine files
Image credit:

#7 – Use For Storing Small Items On The Back Of Cabinet Doors

You can use this simple trick for both the bathroom (you could also add in hair straighteners etc…, but keep in mind the space you have so that the door still closes well): –

Bathroom cabinet door storage with magazine folders
Image credit:

…and the kitchen: –

#8 – Use For Craft Storage

I love this idea as it hits all my organising buttons… Colour coded – TICK, Pretty to look at – TICK, Easy to use – TICK. I’m sold!

#9 – Use For Flip Flops

A great little idea for those smaller shoes we all have lying around (although I’m not sure I have THAT many!): –

Shoe storage in magazine files
Image credit:

And An Extra One – #10 – Use For…. Magazines!

Now, with all this amazing inspiration you’d be easily distracted from using these wonderful little storage items for what they were made for in the first place – so I had to mention that they are PERFECT for magazines too!

I like to turn them around on a shelf so that they look neat and tidy – and you can use for magazine and any other papers as well (I like how this set of folders has been decorated with wallpaper so that it works well in the room – you can find the project HERE: –

Magazine files on shelf
Image credit:
9 Clever Ideas For Using Magazine Holders As Storage Around The House


I truly hope that these magazine holder storage ideas have given you a few ways to try in your own home next time you get the organising bug.

I’d love to see what you do, so please take a photo and post to the Facebook group.

… and in the meantime, if you want more ideas for projects around the home that make life a little easier (and prettier), then you may want to take a look at these posts next: –

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