31 Easy Things To Declutter From Your Bathroom [Incl. Free Printable]


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Ready to purge your bathroom once and for all? This post has a fantastic list of all those things to declutter from your bathroom asap – and also includes a gorgeous printable checklist for you to stay on track.

This really is bathroom decluttering made easy – so let’s get started!

Printable Checklist Of Things To Declutter From Your Bathroom

Get Prepared To Declutter The Bathroom…

Grab a bin bag and a box for anything you want to give away – print off the free checklist (see below), and get started…

You’ll have a clutter free bathroom that you love to relax in before you know it!

Printable Checklist Of Things To Declutter From Your Bathroom

Grab Your Free Copy NOW…

Your very own copy of this gorgeous checklist is waiting for you in the Free Printables Library (available to all VIP Subscribers). To get FREE access to the entire library simply click the button below – hope you enjoy!

Things to Declutter From Your Bathroom

#1 – Toiletries you will never use 

We all get products for one reason or another that we just won’t use.

The most common culprits are things included in boxed sets that we’ve been gifted (there’s usually 1 or two items in them that we won’t touch), or hotel toiletries brought back from a trip.

You could re-gift these to someone, or give away to a friend, or keep in a jar for guests to use when they stay. There are even places to donate your unused toiletries that do good with them!

#2 – Out of date vitamins and medicines

Never a good idea to keep these, as they won’t be any good, and are just taking up valuable space.

Go through your medicine cabinet and be ruthless. They aren’t any good if you aren’t able to use them…

QUICK TIP – Ideally, take medication to a doctors surgery for them to dispose of properly.

Medicine tablets

#3 – Makeup past its best or that you don’t wear

Makeup doesn’t last for more than a few months (they have their recommendation on the packaging) – so get into the habit of checking through your collection regularly.

QUICK TIP – When you open a new item, check todays date and the recommended amount of months to keep it for – and write that date on the side (a sticker works well). Then, you can easily see when things should be changed.

#4 – Excess cleaning supplies

I always like to keep a set of cleaning supplies in the bottom of my bathroom cabinet because they’re then on hand in a room that needs regular cleaning.

BUT – it’s too easy to start building up these supplies – either through over-buying, or not using all of each before opening a new one.

Go through what you have – and safely take away the excess (maybe use in a different part of the house instead).

#5 – Small product samples you’re not going to use

Ahh – the free samples on magazines, the samples you get when checking out new perfumes – they can build up too and cause lots of bathroom clutter before you know it.

Be realistic – if you haven’t used them yet, chances are you won’t…

#6 – Toiletries and perfumes you hate the smell of

Why would you want to keep them?!

These types of items tend to build up on the bathroom counter all too easily – and can look quite nice for a while – until they build up so much that you can’t find what you need and you can’t easily clean it all…

#7 – Old nail varnish / nail Polish in a colour you don’t wear any longer

Go through your collection and work out what you haven’t used for a long time, and also what bottles are past their best.

After time, nail varnish becomes unusable – and it’s more frustrating to think you’ve got the perfect colour to use, only to grab it one day to find it’s unusable….

Yellow Nail Varnish Bottles

#8 – Hair products you used to use when your style was different

You won’t use them. Trust me!

#9 – Old toothbrushes – they should be changed every 3 months

This is just common sense! This is something that’s worth adding as a reminder to your diary to change regularly going forward.

TIP – Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning small places – so you could keep one or two in your cleaning caddy

#10 – Sun cream that is past it’s best (see the package for months it can be opened for)

Like I suggested for makeup – it’s worth writing the date that your sun cream should be got rid of, on the side when you open it up.

This means you can be sure when you need some, that it’s still in date and still has the right amount of protection in it (as it degrades over time

Printable Checklist Of Things To Declutter From Your Bathroom

Grab Your Free Copy NOW…

Your very own copy of this gorgeous checklist is waiting for you in the Free Printables Library (available to all VIP Subscribers).

To get FREE access to the entire library simply click the button below – hope you enjoy!

#11 – Your bathroom scales

Most of us don’t need a reminder of how much we weigh. It’s usually much better to go by how your clothes are fitting anyway (especially as muscle weighs more than fat).

#12 – Open up gift sets and declutter the items you won’t use from Them

Toiletries are given SO often as gifts – especially at Christmas.

Chances are though – you won’t use all the items in them, and so they start to build up in the cupboard because – well – you got them as a gift so it would be rude to not keep them, right?


No-one notices what you keep and what you don’t. Chances are that person assumes you’ve used the items by now anyway – and they aren’t likely to go looking through your bathroom cupboards to check!

#13 – Decant small amounts of Shampoo / Shower Gel etc.. into 1 container

There are ALWAYS bottles of shower gel, shampoo etc.. in bathrooms that are sitting there because they’ve got a little left – but most of us can’t be bothered to wait for them to drip that little bit out when we’re in the shower and are rushed in the morning.

It’s easier to open another bottle – and that’s when those little bits start to create clutter.

There’s still product in them – so we don’t want to be wasteful – but we don’t have the time to wait for them each day…

The answer is to decant each of them into one bottle if they are similar products – and then declutter the excess bottles.

Bathroom items on a shelf

#14 – Attachments for your hair dryer that you never use

Hair dryers come with all sorts of weird and wonderful attachments – and most of us don’t use any of them.

If your bathroom cupboard is full of these – then say bye bye!

#15 – Glasses / contacts that are the wrong prescription

They really are no good to anyone… (although – even as I say this – you may find your local optician would be happy to take them off your hands).

#16 – Old perfume that’s past it’s best

Perfume loses it’s scent over time – and can be affected by light and heat wherever it’s stored – so get rid of any that this has happened to.

#17 – Hair grips that have been bent out of shape

Because life is too short to try and get them working again!

#18 – Any duplicate hair styling equipment or things you don’t use

Gather together all your equipment and see what you’ve got (likely you’ll be surprised how many duplicates you’ve gathered over time).

Keep the best hair dryer, hair brush, hair straighteners etc… – and let the rest go.

#19 – Past its best Toilet Brush…

Sometimes replacing something is just necessary.

Cleaning your toilet with a less than sanitary brush isn’t doing anyone any good.

Of course – try and clean it as much as possible – but if it’s past its best, then it’s time to declutter it.

#20 – Overstretched hair bands/elastics

Go through all your hair bands/elastics – and only keep those which will work well when you next use them.

Naturally over time, they will lose their elasticity – so be aware of this going forward and throw them away when they get to this stage.

Keeping them all in one container means that you will be able to see clearly when you’re running low – AND you’ll be able to grab one when you need it (rather than the morning rush when you can’t find one anywhere for your daughters hair…)

#21 – Blunt razors

Because life really is too short!

#22 – Excess packaging in the bathroom – toilet roll bags etc….

A quick trick I like to use in both kitchen and bathroom is to unpack items from excess packaging as soon as they are put in the cupboard.

Taking loo rolls out of the plastic bag makes them easier to grab from the cupboard, and taking toiletries out of the boxes they come in can save lots of storage space too.

#23 – Toiletries that don’t work well for you – that you’re just putting up with – a cream that doesn’t feel nice – for example

We often try new products, especially if they’re on sale – but some of these are naturally not a great fit.

These products usually end up clogging up a bag or cupboard for FAR too long.

It’s a guilty feeling that we’ve spent money on something and not used it – but just let go… seriously.

You spent the money. You tried it. Sometimes that will pay off, sometimes it won’t. Next time you may find something that saves you money – and it will all work itself out in the end.

#24 – Excess towels – how many do you really need?

How many towels do you REALLY need?!

Most of us have far too many.

Work out the right amount for you, and get rid of the excess.

TIP – I like to have 2 for each person, and 1 for each guest (we have max. 4 guests staying at any one time). As such – with a family of 3 – we have 10 towels in our house. This covers us for 1 in the wash and 1 in use, and we’ve never run out!

#25 – Shower mats that you never use

If your shower is in your bath, then it’s likely that for safety reasons you got a shower mat to stop sliding around when showering.

But – if you’re like me, and like baths as well – the habit of taking the mat in and out of the bath gets boring VERY quickly!

As such – our shower mat ended up at the bottom of the bathroom cupboard instead of where it should have been.

If that sounds like you – be realistic and just lose the mat completely…

#26 – Old Towels that you don’t use any longer

When a towel is thread-bare, or malting (I had one do this to me the other day and ended up COVERED in fluff!) – then it’s time to let it go…

Towels folded up in the bathroom

#27 – Lipsticks you can’t apply properly because they’ve almost finished….

If you’ve got a lip brush, then you can still get some of the lipstick out of the container, but if not – get rid of the lipstick now.

Even if you LOVE the colour – you know deep down you won’t be able to use it any longer…. (add this to your shopping list, wish list etc… so you don’t forget about it).

#28 – Worn out bath mats

You are worthy of a nice bath mat to step out of the bath/shower onto each day!

Upgrade your life a little and get rid of the ones that aren’t in the best condition.

#29 – Everything but the essentials off the bathroom surfaces

Every day we have to use toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, toiletries, makeup etc… – and they need to be put down somewhere.

If there is already clutter on all the surfaces – then the whole process will just add to your frustration.

The best idea is to contain each persons items in a bag or basket of some sort, and have them put away somewhere easily accessible – and ONLY leave out what’s absolutely needed by everyone.

These essentials are things like toilet paper, hand soap, a hand towel, some air freshener, and that’s pretty much it!

#30 – Excess decor items

Let’s face it – the only thing a lot of decor items do – especially in a bathroom – is slow down the cleaning!

Keep decor to a minimum – a plant, a picture, and maybe one or two nice bottles – as there is enough going on without lots of extra clutter!

#31 – Old kids toys that they’ve outgrown

All too easy to let these collect at the bottom of the cupboard, and become blind to them.

If your child(ren) has outgrown any items, or hasn’t played with them for a while – let them go.

If you’re not sure whether they’ll be missed – then take them out of the Bathroom for now, and see whether they notice or not. If not – then you can get them out of the house completely (charity shops would love things like this!).

31 Easy Things To Declutter From Your Bathroom Today

So there you have it! – 31 easy things to declutter from your bathroom right now!

I hope it’s given you inspiration for what to purge from your cluttered bathroom next time you have a sort out!

Don’t forget to download the free printable checklist from the FREE PRINTABLES LIBRARY – and let me know how you get on with your declutter!

… and if you want even more decluttering ideas – for every room in your home – then you’ll definitely want to check out the 365 Things To Declutter post I wrote a while back – as it’s a project that will keep you going all year (a little at a time, the best way to do it!).


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