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Do you enjoy packing for the holidays? Most people don’t, as it can seem like an endless task and not only that but you are never sure whether you have everything or not, so I wanted to create a list of loads of packing tips that can really help make things easier for you this summer, or indeed for any holiday you go on from now on.

101 easy packing tips to get things sorted for your holidays

I’ve grouped these packing tips into categories to make it easier to read through, and to help you find the relevant tips that much more quickly. There are packing tips for: –

  • planning your packing
  • paperwork
  • clothes
  • childrens clothes
  • toiletries
  • entertainment items
  • fitness / swimming items
  • general items
  • packing itself!
  • flying
  • and one last tip at the end that’s my favourite!

I really hope that they help you to get packed in a more stress free way this year.

So without further ado – let’s get going shall we!…



  • How long are you going for? You will need to pack a lot of the same stuff whether you are going for a day or a month – i.e. clothes/toiletries/entertainment/documents and money/medical – but the quantities will be different. Knowing how many days you need to pack for will help when it comes to knowing how much of everything you need, so you don’t over – or under – pack.
  • Check what the temperature/culture etc.. is of where you are going – and then you can pack accordingly (if you need to cover up more where you are going then you need to know before you pack 10 bikinis). It’s always worth checking just before you go as well in case the place you are going is currently having some unseasonal weather.
  • What space will you have available? Are you flying? do you want to just carry on or have other luggage, are you taking the car? etc…. get to grips with the space first and you will then know what you are working with
  • Write a checklist of everything you will need. This will help you to understand what you will be packing, and also hopefully ensure you don’t find something that needs washing/dry cleaning/mending etc… at the last minute. Add categories such as clothes, toiletries, entertainment, underwear, swimming/fitness, shoes, food etc….
  • Get the whole family involved in packing – it’s not just one persons job, and they will then also see what constraints there are on what you can take etc…
  • Keep your checklist next to your bag as you pack – and cross out each item – that way you will know what’s left to add (this is especially useful when you are using things right up to the last minute such as toothbrushes).
  • Keep your checklist inside your suitcase – and circle what you used when you get back – this will give you a much better idea of what to pack the next time and you will start to make life easier and easier the more you go away
  • Plan what you are going to wear and need while traveling – it is often best to wear layers so you can be comfortable whatever the temperature (especially useful if you are going for a hot to a cold country), and if you are traveling overnight you may need your toiletries close to hand rather than in your main suitcase. If you are flying then you may want to consider wearing your heavier clothes (jeans for example) as these won’t count towards your baggage weight.
  • Are you carrying your luggage far? Use a suitcase ** with wheels whenever possible as they are just easier to move around
  • Don’t leave things until the last minute – start buying what you need as soon as possible before you go (at least 3 weeks) as this will save last minute emergencies



  • Pack all your paperwork and documentation into a plastic ziplock bag ** so it’s more water proof and easy to keep everything together – keep in your hand luggage for safety
  • Ensure all documentation (including passports) are not out of date
  • Where possible – scan your travel documents and keep somewhere like Dropbox so you can access copies if you need to when you are away
  • Ensure all important numbers you may need are in your phone (insurance, medical, emergency number of your local area etc…)
  • Check with your mobile provider what fees there are for making and taking calls or texts abroad and ensure you are on the best deal.
  • Think about taking a plan of what you want to do and local things to do – Lonely Planet have great guides that you can read before you go and highlight what you want to see/do to make the most of your trip – you could also highlight where you have been while you are there so you can remember when you get back everything that you did
  • Talk to people who have been to where you are going and/or look online as to whats local to you so you know more about where you are going to beforehand.
  • Pack your house key somewhere safe and out of the way – in a zip within your hand luggage or handbag is the safest as it will always be with you when traveling
  • Pack medical information in your wallet so that in an emergency someone can read it and know of your medical history (allergies etc…)
  • Pack a credit card so that you can access cash when you are away, pack it somewhere other than your wallet/purse so that you have access to money if your wallet/purse gets stolen.


101 easy packing tips for your holidays - find out loads of great advice to use next time you get your suitcase out!


20 tips in, and hopefully you’ll have already found lots to think about – on the next page I have loads of clothes tips – for adults and kids – so let’s keep going…

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  1. Sarah Jul 24, 2015 at 3:00 pm #

    So many useful tips!! I’ll start packing next week, so thank you so much for these, they will definitely come in handy! Cheers, my website

    • Chrissy @ Organise My House Jul 24, 2015 at 4:54 pm #

      Hi Sarah – no problem and I’m really glad you have enjoyed the post! Let me know if you have any tips to add after you have packed!

  2. diva Jul 22, 2015 at 10:47 am #

    wow you are brilliant! is there a printout of this page? thank you.

  3. HonestMum Jul 13, 2015 at 10:31 am #

    Fab tips here. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts please add my badge and link back to Thanks

  4. Kathryn Jul 15, 2014 at 12:28 am #

    I love this list! It’s so extensive! I had put together a list of my own last summer but I will definitely be coming back to this one, thanks for sharing!

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