Why Grouping In Odd Numbers Works So Well In Home Decor


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I have been asked a LOT for ideas on what to do after you have decluttered and organised your home. What do you do with what’s left? Well, one idea that springs to mind immediately is an interior designer trick on how to display items to make them look carefully put together rather than giving a sense of clutter.

That trick? it’s simply grouping in odd numbers.

So simple, but SO effective!

There is something about odd numbered groups (especially groups of 3) that are really calming – and thats perfect for your home, where you want to relax.

Today I wanted to go through some examples so that you can see how well odd numbers work around homes, and to give you a little inspiration along the way…

Why Odd Works So Well In Home Design

But before I get to the examples, I wanted to consider WHY it works so well...

I think the main reason is that there is a central point to a group of 3 that means your eyes can rest on something more easily. You get drawn to the centre and it’s all balanced.

And when it comes to creating a calm, simple home that feels and looks great, that’s exactly what you want – so odd is a must!

Let’s go through the various ways I have found to create gorgeous groups of things – one by one: –

Wooden console table with plants and a white picture on top


Lighting works so well in groups of 3 – whether it be 3 fittings hung in a line over a dining table or a light fitting with 3 or 5 lamps on it – it creates a lovely balance to a room.


Triptych artwork is art that comes in 3 separate pieces that you hang together to create one larger piece. This works really well above a sofa, along a large wall, or above a bed.

The other way of hanging art is to hang them in odd numbers but use separate pieces of art, so they become one piece of artwork when grouped – both work really well.

Odd Numbers In Home Decor


Specifically I’m thinking here about bar stools – these work so much better at a kitchen island when in groups of 3

Other accessories

This picture shows really well the much loved and used composition of 3 items to make an interesting grouping for accessories.

Whether it be glass, candles, tins, boxes/baskets or any other grouping, using the trick of having 3 differently sized items of similar type works every time!

Odd Numbers In Home Decor
Odd Numbers In Home Decor
Odd Numbers In Home Decor

I have just done a really quick walk around my house, and have found odd numbers in all the following things – it’s amazing how much works so much better in odd numbers!: –

  • All my radiator covers have 3 panels
  • I have 3 cushions each side of my master bed(!)
  • All the windows in my house have a diamond pattern on the top section – each one having 3 diamonds in it
  • Any candles in the house are in groups of 3
  • 80% of my artwork in in odd groupings
  • All my lighting is in odd groupings
  • There are 3 bar stools at my kitchen island
  • I even plant all my plants and trees outside in groups of three!
Why Odd Works So Well In Home Design

So – if you want to add some designer touch and calm to your home, why not look around and see what groups of 3 you can make?

Have a try and see what things look like, you may just be surprised at the difference!

P.S. One of the very best things to group into odd numbers is artwork – to get some tips on hanging your art just CLICK HERE

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