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Do you struggle with knowing how long to keep your important financial paperwork for?

It’s definitely tricky to know for sure whether we can throw things away, but with the ever increasing mountain of paperwork in our homes it’s important to get to grips with it as soon as possible.

That’s why I’ve put together this post which should help you make those all important decisions.

Whether you want to know about home paperwork or business, what to keep and what you never needed to keep – there is information to help – so let’s get going, shall we…

How long to keep financial paperwork for - tips


I don’t know many people who don’t worry about keeping enough important paperwork, and whether they may be caught out one day needing something vital that they have thrown/shredded/recycled.

It really is a minefield out there!

So if you want to declutter that filing cabinet once and for all – read on!

PLEASE NOTE – I do want to say that if you EVER feel uneasy or unsure about a specific document, then always seek advice from a professional before you get rid of it – better to be safe than sorry…


How long should you keep financial paperwork for, and what papers should you keep? - tips to help work things out once and for all.

Now – I’m a girl who wants to tackle things from the start – and as such I can’t write a post about what to keep without first starting at why you need to keep it in the first place.

So I wanted to take a few seconds first to look at what sort of things are coming into your home, and how you could reduce this from now on. This, after all, will ease the amount of papers in the future, so it will be easier to manage.


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