Top 15 Tips To Get Your Paperwork Organised


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Top 15 Tips To Get Your Paperwork Organised - paperwork 51

If you are like most people in this world, the pile of paper coming into your home on a regular basis is nothing short of crazy. It seems that even in a society that tries to use less paper, we can’t get on top of it.

Paperwork Organising Tip 1:-

When storing important documents, they don’t need to be as easily accessible as your home file – so consider storing out of reach – this is also more secure.

Paperwork Organising Tip 2:-

Consider using a fireproof box, or storing very important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates etc… with professionals for extra security

Paperwork Organising Tip 3:-

Scan each document you file into your computer so you have a backup should anything happen to the original – best to be prepared as it will be much easier to get back on track if you have an emergency in your home such as flood or fire if you can send your documents to the insurance company etc… still.

Paperwork Organising Tip 4:-

Only keep items for the time that they are needed – there is no point in keeping last years car insurance paperwork when this years has arrived, just get rid of them and you will keep on top of the paperwork.

For self employed people, 7 years is the key time frame to keep items.

Paperwork Organising Tip 5:-

When setting up a filing system, ensure that each section is clearly defined – and DO NOT have a MISC or OTHER section as you will never find anything once filed – make each section specific – its better to have lots of easily found sections than a messy vague filing system where you still can’t find anything.

Paperwork Organising Tip 6:-

When reading magazines, fold down the corner of any pages that have interesting articles or things you need to keep – when you have finished reading the magazine rip out all the pages that you want, and get rid of the rest.

You could then make a folder up of all the snippets you have cut out, which is great to pick up when you want something to read, as you know that you want to read everything in it!

Paperwork Organising Tip 7:-

Keep only current issues of magazines and newspapers etc…, unless you really need to keep them for work or a hobby – ask yourself will you honestly ever have time to read them again?

Give them to friends / family / doctors surgeries / hospitals etc… or recycle.

Paperwork Organising Tip 8:-

Think about sharing subscriptions with friends, if you have 3 close friends, why not each get one magazine, and share so you get the benefit of 3 magazines to read each month without having to pay for more than 1 (and you won’t have to store them at your house as you will be passing them on)

Paperwork Organising Tip 9:-

Ask yourself if you need to buy magazines or newspapers at all – can you get the information you need online?

Paperwork Organising Tip 10:-

Immediately open all mail and get rid of the junk mail and any unneeded items straight away – have a bin by where you open the post to make this as easy as possible.

Keep a shredder near to the bin also so that you can destroy any personal information that is to throw away

Paperwork Organising Tip 11:-

Have a place to put each member of the households post each day so that they know where to look and nothing should get lost.

Paperwork Organising Tip 12:-

Try to deal with paperwork in batches – so all outgoing mail is sent at the same time so that it saves you rushing to catch the post, all filing is done once a week, all shredding is done in one go etc….

Paperwork Organising Tip 13:-

Don’t let things build up – deal with it daily, and definately don’t let the piles blend together or get bigger than the space they are allocated – you want to only touch paperwork once if possible.

Paperwork Organising Tip 14:-

Subscribe to the Royal mails OPT OUT services to lessen your unwanted mail (available for any unaddressed items)

Paperwork Organising Tip 15:-

Cancel any catalogue subscriptions you have with stores you haven’t bought from for a while – also consider cancelling them all if you have internet access as you will be able to find all the most up to date information there.

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