8 Space Saving Towel Storage Ideas That Work So Well!


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Ready to get your bathroom a little more organised? Let’s look at towel storage ideas, as this is an area that can look cluttered pretty quickly.

… because Bathrooms are heavily used areas, and spaces where organising each item that you need is crucial.

8 Space Saving Towel Storage Ideas You'll Love

Bathroom towel storage can be tricky for lots of homes.

Bathrooms tend to be the smallest spaces in the house, and when towels are quite bulky, if you don’t find the right storage that saves space, then they can easily take over.

Towels also need to be stored for use, but also stored while in use (when being dried off after a shower or bath for example) – so different solutions are needed as well.

So – here are the best ideas out there that I think would work really well in many different size, shape and style Bathrooms.

As always – to make things as easy as possible for you, I’ve also included some quick (affiliate) links for you to purchase items if you’re inspired to try any of the ideas yourself.

I’m sure you’re find some great inspiration that works well for you, so let’s go, shall we….

TIP – Please be aware that storing towels in the bathroom can be a good idea if you have good ventilation in the space, BUT if not, it may create damp musty towels. It may be better for you to store extra towels outside the bathroom itself. Damp Towel Alert complete!

TIP – Another quick warning… (sorry, I have to tell you everything so you may the right choice for your space!). Make sure that if you’re using some of the towel storage to store a wet towel or two – that the storage solution means they can easily dry (i.e. you need them to be able to be as opened out as possible and not folded or rolled up.

8 Bathroom Towel storage ideas you’re going to love

#1 – Use the back of the Bathroom door

A space that’s often forgotten, but can be really useful for storage as it’s not used for anything else really, right?!.

You could add hooks, or a simple rail – for your towels – so they are easy to grab when you need them.

Towel rail with white towel
Bathroom with towel on hook on wall

#2 – Use baskets

This is a quirky but really effective idea. It stores loads of towels, looks good – AND keeps the floor space clear.

Or you could be more traditional with your basket styling…

Smaller baskets work well on a shelf or by the sink – especially for hand towels or flannels. As you can see, using rolled towels makes it easy to have lots in the basket, and makes them look nice too!).

Basket with towels in

Or you could add baskets to any shelves you may have in the space (maybe not this many, as you will need to house some toiletries etc… – but you get the idea!).

I also like the detail in the picture that shows how to maximise the storage space by using a basket under the shelf as well:

shelving with baskets of towels and linens

Although not space saving for the room when it’s in there, a great idea for when you have guests is to use a large basket on the floor, so that they can grab a towel when needed.

It’s not fixed to the space, so you could add this just outside the door as well.

Towel storage ladder

#3 – Go above the door

This is a space that is totally wasted and can be useful for storage in smaller Bathrooms.

Just add a shelf – and voila!

You could also use a shelf high on any wall really – above the toilet usually works well as this can be space that isn’t used otherwise:

Shelf above toilet with towel on

#4 – Use a Towel rack

To me these are brilliant – as they keep things really neat and tidy, and don’t take up a lot of space at all.

You can also really easily see when they need replenishing, and you could have a space for each person in the house to make things even more organised.

#5 – Go under shelves

Another great storage idea for those towels is to make use of an existing shelf (see the picture above for the idea of a rail below a shelf).

If you’ve already got a shelf on the wall, then why not add a rail on the under side of that as well?

TIP – You can also buy shelves with these rails already attached.

#6 – Double shower rail

This is an ingenious towel storage idea!

Basically, having a double rail for your shower curtain (if you have one) – so that one of them can hold towels.

It would be quick and easy to add a double rail to your shower (or a tension rod), so that you can hang your towels up after use without taking up any extra wall or floor space.

#7 – Use a Free Standing Bathroom Cabinet

A unit could fit well into the space, or even one with doors could be housed outside the bathroom so that spare towels are handy but hidden away (the latter would also be sensible if you worry about the towels having too much damp if kept in the bathroom itself).

Stand alone unit with towels inside

#8 – Ladder Shelves

This is a great towel storage for bathroom idea when the wall space is there, but there is too little floor space for a big unit (or the unit would just feel too large in the room).

It can also be moved around as and when necessary – always useful!

Towel storage ladder

Of course – a traditional heated towel rail comes in ladder style too:

Metal heated towel rail with yellow towel

Ready to go towel storage shopping now?

I’ve given you loads of ideas and inspiration to try in your own home – but I don’t want to leave you there!

To help you even more, if you’re looking for anything specific from the ideas above, I’ve gathered them together below – so just click on any of the images that you like the look of, and you’ll go straight to the shop to get more details and to purchase: –

Note – Clicking on any item below will take you to the store so you can see details and purchase – for your convenience. The links are affiliate links, which means I earn a small commission for any purchase you make – at absolutely no cost to you, of course.

8 Space Saving Towel Storage Ideas That Work So Well! - 350
8 Space Saving Towel Storage Ideas You'll Love

There you go – 8 easy ideas for storage for towels to try in your own home right now!

I can’t wait to hear how you get on, as I’m sure there’s at least one new idea in this selection that will really change how useful this space is for you and your family.

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