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Home Decor Tips To Make Your Space Look Great!

If you dread making changes to your home, have no idea where to start - or even just want some extra ideas and inspiration for your next project - then this is exactly where you need to be right now.

Having owned my own Interior Design business for over 12 years, I KNOW that it's COMPLETELY possible for you to make your house a place you love - and a huge part of that is to make it reflect your style.

And you can do a LOT - even if your budget or space is less than you'd like them to be...

Just take a look below at all the home decor tips and interior design ideas and I hope they inspire you to get started today. 

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Where To Shop For Home Decor...

I get asked a LOT what my favourite places to shop for home decor are - so here are my top 2 places with a little info as to why they've made the cut. Hope you get some good ideas for your own home in them:

ETSY - Great for more unique items from small generally local businesses. I often find something here that's perfect, and can also get items made to measure - which is fantastic!

HOMESENSE - Possibly my favourite - as you never know what you'll find! It's the home equivalent of TKMaxx - with lots of fantastic items including candles (I always stock up!), cushions (tip - get ones with feather inserts as they can be plumped up and look good for longer), faux flowers, and general home organising items.