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Time is the one thing we all seem to not have enough of. 

It would be great to have an extra hour – wouldn’t it!

Well – I’m a little short of being able to create a 25 hour day any time soon, so I want to look at how we can save an hour out of the 24 that we already have instead.

Same result – but less need for time travel!

So – without further ado, let’s get going shall we….

Ways to save an hour each and every day



I am a world leader in procrastination when I let myself – wasting so much time trying to decide what to do.

But I’ve learnt over the years that the best way to avoid that waste of time is to create a plan for the following day, the night before.

You can be as detailed as you want/need to be – but outline what you want to achieve so that you can hit the ground running the next day.

Write down what the essentials are, and fit other things around that – so that you fill your day (but not overload) and feel that you have achieved something by the end of it.

The beauty of planning up front is that you can see whats possible – and what isn’t. You will learn to not overload yourself, and be more productive as a result.



From a perfectionist this is said with a wry smile.

If you have ever tried to finish something so that it is 100% perfect, you will know that you will have spent a large chunk of time on the last 10% of the task.

Trouble is – this last 10% is probably not required in order for the task to be considered complete by most people. It is usually good enough when you are 90% finished.

So – aim for 90% perfect every time and you will then save so much time over the course of a day on all those things you do.



Multi tasking is a great time saver – as long as you do it when you really can.

The way to make multi tasking work is to do things that don’t require much thought. You can’t split your brain power two ways very easily, but you can split other things: –

  • Call someone while washing the dishes or folding laundry
  • Listen to a podcast/audio book while cleaning
  • Walk with friends instead of having coffee – you get exercise at the same time as the catchup
  • Watch TV and iron

You get the idea!



Of course – the biggest time saver is to not have to do tasks at all, and that’s where delegating comes in.

Why not ask the rest of your family to do their bit with the housework (they live there too), or pay for help by hiring a cleaner.

TIP – If you are short of money to hire anyone to help you – why not hire them for just part of what you need. For example – if you want your home cleaned every week – hire someone to do a fortnightly clean, and that way you get every other week to spend time on other things. Or just hire them to do a specific task that takes you the longest. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

Whatever you can manage, you can get great benefits from freeing up your time this way.



No more travel, queues, walking around for hours looking for specific things – the internet it a fantastic invention and can be a real time saver when it comes to shopping.

Consider getting your weekly food shop online, and buying presents and cards for people in the comfort of your own home.

You get them delivered to your home, and can then get on with doing other things while you are waiting for the delivery. Perfect! (and a little multi tasking as well ;o) )


What would you do with an extra hour if you had it? Here is the next best thing - save an hour every day with these simple time saving tips and ideas


How many of those 5 do you think you can do/already do every day? Why not challenge yourself to save 15 minutes today on something – and maybe the next 6 ideas will help you decide how…

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