Where To Hide Spare Keys – 13 Really Clever Options To Try


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Discover ingenious solutions for the best places to store your spare house key with these 13 clever ideas. From unconventional spots to crafty disguises (and a couple of completely alternative options), learn where to hide spare keys securely and outsmart potential intruders. Find the perfect hiding spot for your keys now!

Where To Hide Spare Keys - 13 Really Clever Options To Try

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your home or needed a neighbour to check on your home while you’re away, you’ll understand the importance of having a spare key (or spare set of keys) available.

Finding the best spot to hide one can be challenging though, as you want it to be secure and concealed from potential burglars.

As such, I’ve put together the best ideas you could use, to guide you in choosing the ideal location for your hidden key.

Remember, the goal is to strike a balance between easy access for you and keeping your home security front of mind and protecting your house from unwanted intrusion.

So – which will you pick?

9 Common Hiding Spots For Spare Keys – Short Term

Each of these is a great place specifically for short-term hiding places (and are a step up from the obvious place of hiding under the mat…).

I’d only suggest using them when you’re out for a little while, or if you’re leaving for a friend to pick up asap while you’re away.

The reason being that they’re pretty obvious to burglars, and so you wouldn’t want them stored in a place that people are likely to search over time…

#1 – Fake Rocks

One popular hiding spot for spare keys is a fake rock.

These clever creations look like any ordinary rock, but they have a hidden compartment for your key.

Simply tuck your key inside and place the rock amongst your landscaping to blend in naturally.

However, bear in mind that thieves may also be aware of this trick, so try to choose a less obvious location for your fake rock.

#2 – Garden Ornaments

Another option for hiding your spare house key is within garden ornaments. Many people use statues or other decorative items to add a touch of personality to their gardens, so you can get creative and find a discreet hiding spot in one of these.

Make sure the ornament is solid enough to protect your key from the elements, and again, try to pick a less obvious location to deter potential intruders.

Where to hide your spare keys - under an ornament in the garden

#3 – Door Frames

Door frames can be used as a hiding spot for your spare key. You could tape the key to the top or the side of the door frame, making it difficult for anyone to spot.

This method provides quick access to your door without requiring a dedicated hiding place like a fake rock or garden ornament.

However, like the other methods mentioned, it’s essential to be aware that experienced thieves might check door frames for hidden keys, so don’t rely on this method as your primary security measure.

#4 – In Outdoor Lights

Who would think to look inside an outdoor light for a spare key?

You can cleverly conceal a spare key by attaching it to the inside of an outdoor light fixture.

Just be sure to secure the key in place (a magnetic key box may work well if it fits).

Make sure the light still functions normally in that you don’t end up with a key shaped shadow on the wall as it gets reflected!

Where to hide your spare keys - on outside light

#5 – Under Patio Furniture

Another discreet option for hiding your spare key is under your patio furniture.

You could either just place the key under a leg of the furniture, or choose a sturdy piece of furniture with a hollow or hidden compartment, and secure the key in a small weatherproof container.

Conceal the container beneath the furniture so it’s not easily spotted. This way, you’ll have an easily accessible spare key, hidden from prying eyes.

Where to hide spare keys - under garden furniture

#6 – In A Shoe

If you have any shoes left outside (we have shoes in our porch, for example) – then you could put your key inside one of these.

This is a good option if there are lots of shoes (so it’s not too obvious a place to look for others…).

Where to hide spare keys - in a shoe

#7 – In a Birdhouse

For a more creative and fun approach, consider hiding your spare key inside a birdhouse. Not only does it serve as an ideal hiding spot, but it also offers a touch of charm to your front or back garden.

When selecting a birdhouse, opt for one that blends well with the surroundings and ensures the key isn’t visible.

Just be sure to check the birdhouse occasionally so the key stays undisturbed and accessible when needed.

#8 – On a Nail On A Tree Trunk

This is a simple but very effective idea, because you can choose a pretty random tree in the garden and hang your key (or key fob as that has a loop to hang it easily) on a nail out of sight.

#9 – In The Meter Box

A lot of homes have their gas / electric etc… meter boxes on the outside wall in a box of some sort.

You could try putting your spare key inside the box somewhere that’s not easily visible but accessible.

Where to hide your spare keys - in meter box

2 Safer Alternatives For Keeping Keys Outside

When hiding an extra key for a longer period (maybe you want to have a spare key always ready in case you need it, or even a spare car key), then you really want to avoid obvious locations.

As previously said, burglars are well aware of the more common hiding spots above, making these places vulnerable.

So, if you want to look at more secure options, let’s explore those next.

#10 – Magnetic Key Holder

A less visible hiding spot would be to attach a magnetic key holder discretely to the underside of a grill or a drainpipe.

Just make sure that the key couldn’t slip into a space that you wouldn’t be able to retrieve it from.

#11 – Use Lockboxes

A safer alternative to a magnetic key holder is to use a lockbox, a locked padlock, or a key safe.

These devices require a combination code to access and can be secured anywhere on your property. These are what are often used with holiday lets, so that no-one needs to be in to let a holiday maker inside. Really handy!

By using a lockbox, you ensure that only individuals with the code can gain access to the spare key, significantly reducing the risk of theft or unauthorised entry.

Lastly, 2 Alternative Solutions To Hiding A Key

Anywhere that has your key left outside (however secure) is still risky.

As such, let’s look at a couple of options that avoids hiding the key, and instead makes sure it’s in as safe a place as it could be, should you need it.

#12 – Use Keyless Entry

One excellent alternative to hiding spare keys is to opt for a keyless entry system. These systems allow you to lock and unlock your home using a digital keypad, a smart device, or a fingerprint scan.

Not only do keyless entry systems eliminate the need to hide spare keys, but they also offer increased security and convenience. Many of these systems can even be programmed with temporary access codes for visitors or contractors.

If you’re frequently worried about losing your keys or forgetting them, a keyless entry system might be the perfect solution for you.

#13 – Share with Trusted Neighbours

Another option to consider is sharing a spare key with a trusted neighbour or friend who lives nearby. This solution depends on the level of trust and relationship you have with the person you choose.

Sharing your spare key with someone responsible and trustworthy ensures that you have a backup plan in case you’re locked out of your home. Additionally, it can be helpful during emergencies or when you need someone to check on your property while you’re away.

Just remember to return the favour and be there for your neighbour when they need assistance.

TIP: Although this is a great option when you’re living in your home, lots of people do it. As such, I always advise you getting the door locks changed when you move house. You can never be sure who has a spare key!

TIP: If you store a friend or neighbours spare key – NEVER label it with their house number or their name. If you were to be burgled, the burglar could also then have easy access to their home. Better to put initials on, or an easy to remember word.

Make Sure You Regularly Check The Condition

Over time, keys can become damaged, rusty, or even get lost due to environmental factors.

Periodically inspect your chosen hiding spot and ensure the key is in good condition and still accessible.

This ensures that when you need it most, your spare key will be both easy to find and functional.

Where To Hide Spare Keys - 13 Really Clever Options To Try

So – where will you decide to hide your spare key?

Remember that the main goal when hiding it is to balance accessibility for you and your family, while ensuring that the location is not easily discovered by potential intruders.

And don’t forget to regularly re-evaluate your chosen hiding spots to make sure they remain secure and discreet.

By making sure your spare key’s location is both secretive and accessible to you, you can enjoy peace of mind and maintain the security of your home.

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