10 Eye-Opening Truths of Organising That’ll Change Everything!


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Along the journey of getting more organised, you will find that you learn lessons that will help you in the future. These lessons are what I like to call the “truths of organising”.

10 Astonishing Truths about Organising that make life much simpler

Once you understand these truths, the whole process of organising becomes so much easier, and you will be less stressed as a result.

So today I wanted to share the 10 truths that I have learnt through my own life, in the hope that they will help you with your expectations of getting organised – and also help you get organised to the level you want, just a little bit faster as a result!

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10 Truths Of Organising That Will Help You Get More Organising

Organising Truth #1 – It Continually Evolves And Never Finishes

Life changes.

We grow up, change our living arrangements, start families, change our jobs etc… – and the needs we have for our homes and lives have to change to keep up.

If we stick with the same old routines and organising systems that we set up years ago, they may well start to not be as effective, as they were made for a different stage of our life – and so we need to be continually evolving and reviewing what’s working and what isn’t.

Have a sit down regularly and work out whether anything needs tweaking – you’ll thank yourself for making the changes when you spot them!

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #2 – It Gets Easier the More You Do It

As with anything in life, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.

Things you do will become habit, and you won’t even have to think about them any longer.

I find this is especially true when it comes to decluttering – the first go through your home can be so hard because it’s the first time you have tackled it.

But – if you schedule a declutter on a regular basis after this, then each time will become less and less hard because there will be less that you need to declutter – makes sense, right!

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #3 – Everything Needs A Place – At Home And In Life

If you don’t start your organising by assessing what goes where in your home, and in life – then you can’t ever get fully organised, because there will always be questions about where things go, and things will start to get pretty messy pretty soon.

Your home will start to have piles collecting, as people don’t know where they go, and your diary will start to double book because your schedule hasn’t been looked at properly.

If you can give everything a place (labels work really well!), then everyone will know where to put things, and where to find things – and everything will run so much more smoothly.

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #4 – Like With Like Makes Things Simple

Do you know how many of each item you own you have?

How about pairs of jeans?, shampoo bottles?, scissors?

If they are kept all over the house, then you may find that you end up buying more than you need, and storing more than you need because you don’t know what you have.

If you start collecting everything together that’s the same – and storing them together – then you can easily see what you have, what you use, and what you need when you need to stock up again.

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #5 – Maintenance Is Key

Once you’ve got organised to the level you want, you have to keep up with the schedules, routines and habits you have created – otherwise things will go back to how they were before and you will undo all your hard work.

It’s like a food diet – you may have done really well for the weeks/months you were following the diet, but once you reached your goal weight and started to eat as before, you may well put the weight back on.

You have to change your diet for life to maintain your weight – and tweaking how you eat makes all the difference.

Things that I love to incorporate into my maintenance are: –

10 min rule – have the whole family go round the house tidying and putting things away where they should go each night – a re-set is the perfect way to stop things getting out of hand

blitz clean – I like to deep clean a room a week on top of my usual quick cleaning as then I know that I am getting to every area of the house thoroughly in a pretty good amount of time, so nothing is building up too much.

and the other big one is to simply stick to the routines and schedules you have created – they should have been created in such a way that they are specific to you and the time you have available – so no excuses!

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #6 – Ideally You Need Everyone On Board

You aren’t going to be able to keep things as organised, clean and tidy as you could if you don’t have everyone who lives in your home on board with what you have done.

Ideally you would want them involved in the organising stages so that they have input in how they want things to work, what they can agree to etc… – but if not, then you need to know that to keep things organised without everyone on board you may well have to do a little more….

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #7 – It Doesn’t Have To Be Pretty To Work For You

In this world of gorgeous Instagram and Facebook pictures of beautifully organised wardrobes, pantrys and drawers, it’s easy to become disillusioned by the level of organising that you need to do – and how it should look.

But the trick is to know that you absolutely don’t need things to look magazine-worthy for them to work perfectly for you, and to help you be organised.

Work out the function of everything first as that’s the key to being organised – and if you want to make it all pretty afterwards – who am I to stop you!

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #8 – Routines, Schedules and Habits Will Keep you Organised – But They Need To Be Flexible

Having routines, schedules and habits in your life will be key to being (and staying) organised – it’s true.

But there is a BIG “BUT” here – and that’s that if you make these things too restrictive then you may stop using them altogether.

You have to leave wiggle room in everything, don’t overload yourself, don’t assume you can do more than you really can, and give yourself some flexibility in things.

In this way, you’re so much more likely to succeed.

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #9 – A Diary or Planner Is Your Lifeline

I really would crumble if I didn’t use a diary / planner each and every day.

If you try and remember everything then you are setting yourself up for disaster – and you are cluttering your head so much you will feel stressed and overwhelmed at most points of the day.

Use your diary as your P.A and write down all scheduled items, all TO DOs, all your personal goals etc… – and any reminders for events/birthdays etc…

Whether you have a paper planner or an electronic system – that really doesn’t matter as it’s whatever works best for you – what matters is that you use it every day as it will become your most important tool in your more organised and easier life.

Organising Truths - What you Need to know

Organising Truth #10 – Organising Works Best When It’s Based Around Your Goals And Priorities

Have a plan – organise around your goals and priorities in all aspects of life and you’ll feel happier and content.

By this I mean that if you know what is important to you, and where you see your life going in a few years, you can much more easily make decisions on a daily basis that will make you happier.

You will be able to say NO to things more easily if they don’t align to your goals and priorities, you will then be able to spend more time doing what IS important – and you will find that you probably save money as you won’t be buying unimportant things anymore.

Having a plan thats clear in your head will help you live an organised life that truly reflects you and your needs.

Organising Truths - What you Need to know
the 10 truths of organising that you need to learn so that you can get the most out of being organised - and get it done more quickly!

So – there you have it – 10 truths of organising – how many of these ring true for you? How many were new ideas?


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