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15 Time wasters to delete from your life

Everyday we spend hours trying to complete tasks, and the majority of us could use an extra hour in the day – so how can we make that hour appear?

Its all about being clever with your time, and maximising it where you can.

I have made a list here of my top 15 time wasters to look at deleting from your life, and hope that by doing some of these things you can claim back some time to do the more exciting things on your TO DO list instead!!!

15 time wasters to delete from your life - which are you guilty of?

15 Time wasters to delete from your life

  • People who bring you down, who you don’t feel uplifted by after speaking to. Some people are naturally “fair weather friends”, only there in good times, whereas some are “true friends”, there through the good and the bad – its working out who’s who that’s difficult and sometimes hard to admit, but giving yourself more time to spend with people who make you feel great will be worth it!
  • Tasks that you do but are not necessary (if no-one notices, are they worth doing?), or tasks that are not bringing your more towards your goals
  • Tasks that you could delegate to others (a professional or a willing helper!). Unless you LOVE ironing or cleaning then why spend your valuable time doing it? If you haven’t got spare cash to pay for this help, could you swap with a friend and do a job they don’t like in return (if you like it more then chances are that it will take you less time and you’ll be happier in the process!)
  • Lengthy meetings or conversations – set a specific agenda and say what time you have free. Also, ensure that you are really needed at the meeting, could it be a phone call instead etc…. VALUE YOUR TIME
  • Waiting in queues – plan your day as much as possible so things are done in quiet times (do you really have to drive in rush hour? my husband gets up 1/2 an hour earlier and gets to work an hour sooner so can fit in a gym visit every morning which is a great bonus and much more time savvy!, can you shop late or early rather than at lunch time when its busier?)
  • Making time for going to the bank – Move to online banking
  • Paying bills as they come in – pay by direct debit instead
  • Answering the phone to unknown callers – if they need you they will leave a message – why interrupt your train of thought when it may not be important
  • Checking email and social media sites regularly – set a specific time to do this once a day
  • Being reactive about errands – be proactive instead and try and group errands so you only go to specific places once a week rather than several trips
  • Food shopping on foot – online is much quicker (and saves temptation of buying items you don’t need). The only thing that I think is better to buy when you see it is fresh food, which you can buy when you go out and do errands.
  • Wasted time on TV – work out how much time watching a soap opera takes out of each week – what could you be doing instead!
  • Things you feel you should do rather than things that you want to do
  • Saying YES too much – over-giving will suck your time away – learn to say NO as well.
  • Don’t procrastinate – if you want to do something, or need to do something, get it done – you will save lots of time in the long run as it will gnaw at you until its done.

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15 times wasters that you could delete from your life to make more room for what matters - which are you guilty of...?

Have you got some time wasters in your life?

Please add any you can think of in the comments section below – you may just help someone else to realise that they are wasting their valuable time doing something.

Our time is valuable, and we all get a finite amount of it – so why not make the most of every second!

If you follow even just one of these then you are sure to free up some valuable time in your life.

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2 Responses to 15 Time wasters to delete from your life

  1. Erin Robison Nov 20, 2015 at 8:53 pm #

    Chrissy, I know this post is several years old, but Pinterest thought I would enjoy it and they were right. Great job succinctly lining out really great points on how to create more time in our too-busy lives! Thanks so much!!

    • Chrissy @ Organise My House Nov 23, 2015 at 2:10 pm #

      Hi Erin – thanks for reading the post – and don’t worry about the date on the post – all info is meant to be read whenever you find it! – I’m really glad Pinterest recommended it to you, and hope that it helped!

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