6 Eye Opening Reasons Why You’re Making Excuses To Not Get Things Done


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In this post I want to explore the 6 main reasons why we make excuses to NOT do things in our lives – procrastinating our way through life is no way to live… 

Procrastination is one of the worst things to do, it wastes your time and energy – and more often than not, you will find that once you get something started, you will feel so much better for it, it will be easier to continue and you will get loads done!

The 6 reasons why we make excuses - procrastination

Procrastination is the main thing that will stop you from getting organised. It is the excuses that we find to not do something, and it has many guises.

I wanted to start here as I want you to get an idea of why you maybe have not had success organising your home before – most people have at least one reason why they haven’t got as organised as they’d like to by now in their lives.

If we can deal with what is stopping you, and make you confront the issue, then you have a much more solid chance of succeeding this time.

Why can’t I get started?

We always think about starting something with the very best of intentions, but as the day draws nearer to when you are going to start this thing, the doubts and excuses start to come.

This may be just niggles in your mind, or voiced to people – but it always has the same result, and thats stopping you from starting what you set out to complete.

Procrastination kills many projects before they even get off the ground, and whether you realise it or not, this is usually what has stopped you getting organised in the past.

So – why do we procrastinate – and what’s the answer?

Most people find that being organised doesn’t come naturally at all – and people that do usually have areas that are easier for them to organise than others.

A good example is someone who is ultra organised at the office, but wants to be relaxed at home.

Anything that you find difficult in life tends to be procrastinated over – it’s human nature. If we can determine the reasons for procrastination then we are already past the main hurdle in getting over it – this is why we are dealing with it right at the start on this website.

Take a look at some of the main reasons people give for not doing something – and see which category you fall in (you may find you fit more than one). I have given the answers to these below each one, so you can see how we can turn a negative thought into a positive one, and stop it from stopping you getting yourself organised.

Time Issues

  • I have no free time to get started on this
  • There is always something with a bigger priority.
  • I’ll start tomorrow
  • It will be my new years resolution

Whats the solution?

You save time if things are organised – so the quicker you get organised the quicker you will have more time to do those things that you really want to spend your time doing.

Organising is an ongoing process and yes, it will take time, but it will ultimately save you time in the end – so you can spend more time doing what you really want to do.

Make organising the top priority for a while and it will pay you dividends in the future. Don’t set a date in the future to get organised – start now by doing just a little and that will get you motivated to carry on.

Fear Issues

  • Fear of failure – What if it goes wrong and what will others say
  • What if I get organised and then can’t keep it up?
  • Fear that you will regret getting rid of items

Whats the solution?

What’s the worst that can happen? – no one is going to laugh or tell you off if you try – and you will usually find that even if not everything works, then there will be some areas that you organise that work so well they will feel as if they have always been like it.

Just doing what you can will make all the difference, and you will never know until you give it a go!Any amount of organising that you manage to do – whether it only be a drawer or a routine for the home – will be more than you have now – so how can that be classed as failure?

If you’re worried that you will regret getting rid of items – try this approach – ask yourself whether you use it, whether you would miss it if lost in a house fire – and then you will have the answer! – other options are to house items like this is in a sealed container in the garage / loft, and after 6 months if you can’t remember what was in it, then that should be good enough to show you you won’t miss it!


Perfectionist Issues

  • I don’t want to to start something unless I can complete it 100%
  • I need a full week off so I can get everything done
  • I won’t start until I have all the necessary items I need to help me get organised

Whats the solution?

Getting something done 100% is pretty much impossible – so give yourself a break!

Things change and events happen in life, and you have to roll with them. However, having an organised home can help with what life throws at you as your home will run smoothly anyway.

If you do something 80% well then that’s usually good enough – have an organised home that suits you, not the most perfectly organised home that you can imagine – otherwise you will just keep stressing yourself out over and over again.

You will never have the time it takes to get organised given to you in one chunk, so do what you can when you can and you will see results. If things start working better for you then you know that you are getting yourself more organised

Lack Of Energy Issues

  • It’s boring – why bother
  • I have not got the energy to start – its too much hassle
  • Isn’t it easier just to stay as I am

Whats the solution?

We all would prefer to do something other than get organised – but once you are organised then you will have more time in your day to relax – properly.

If you really like relaxing, then how do you find trying to do it when you have so much to do in the house?

There will always be a small voice in your head telling you to do things, until you start doing them.

Another good idea to add accountability to the process is to tell a friend what you are doing, and either do it together or get him/her to check progress frequently – there’s nothing like having to show someone what you have done, to get you motivated

Overwhelm Issues

  • I don’t know where to start
  •  Theres just too much to do
  • My family just keep adding to the confusion – I’ll never do it

Whats the solution?

Break it down into small sections – small sections are easier to manage and you will get loads done without even realising it!

Just get started!

TIP – write a TO DO list – for anytime you feel overwhelmed – usually what’s swimming around in your head is a lot less than you think – but trying to remember it all is what is causing the stress

Passing The Buck / Head In The Sand Issues

  • It will sort itself out
  • Someone else will do it

Whats the solution?

If you live with others then there are times that this may be the case – but if not everyone in the house has the same systems then the house will never be actually organised – the visual reminders may be gone, but what happens next time you are looking for something that someone else has put away?

Time taken and stress gained will be huge – unless you have a specific place for that item that everyone knows about.

Also – this doesn’t all have to fall to you to get organised – other people can be called in to help – get the whole family involved and responsible for a part of the organisation

the 6 reasons that we make excuses to NOT do things - which do you use?
So, if you’ve been procrastinating over something recently – can you more easily identify the reason that you have been, and the answer going forward to stop doing it again?


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