17 Key Things To Declutter From Your Garage – Today!


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Is your garage starting to resemble a storage unit more than a functional and useful place to be in? It’s time to declutter and reclaim that valuable space. Let’s look at what items that can be cleared out right now for a more tidy and spacious room.

17 Key Things To Declutter From Your Garage Today

Your garage has to be quite a multifunctional space.

It houses your vehicles (if you’re lucky!), tools, outdoor gear, and sometimes even forgotten treasures when it’s used for storage.

But the issue is that it can all too easily become a general dumping ground for everything that’s making its way out of the house slowly.

It’s one of the most common places in your home that gets filled with clutter, because it’s ‘out of sight and out of mind’ most of the time.

This garage clutter makes it really challenging to keep the space useful, but by decluttering and streamlining the space, it IS possible to create a fantastic place for what the garage should be for.

So, without further ado – let’s look at what you need to let go of right now in your garage to free up that valuable space – finally!

What Types Of Items Should Be Decluttered?

For each item that I’ll list below, you want to look for each of the following ways they may appear as clutter to you.

I won’t list them all in each section as that’s just word clutter, but if you go through this list you won’t miss a thing!

  • Broken items – take somewhere to fix, upcycle, recycle, or throw away as rubbish
  • Old items – out of date, expired, not suitable for your life (kids grown out of, you’ve moved on etc…)
  • Unused / unwanted – give to charity or have a garage sale if in good condition, or recycle / throw away
  • Duplicates – Keep the one you prefer – and for all the other similar items, give to charity if in good condition, or recycle / throw away

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17 Items to Get Rid Of From Your Messy Garage

Here are all the common items that can build up in your garage space. Let go of enough unwanted items and you’ll be able to see your garage floor once again!

#1 – Tools

pallet on wall for hanging tools on

Tools are a common fixture in most garages, often kept for the purpose of home repairs, car maintenance, or various DIY projects.

These can range from smaller items like hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches to larger equipment such as drills, saws, or ladders.

However, over time, tools can become broken or damaged, rendering them useless.

They can also become out of date, with newer, more efficient models available on the market.

Furthermore, due to the occasional nature of their use, it’s not uncommon to find duplicates of the same tool within a garage because you forget you’ve got something if you only used it a year or two ago.

These tools are all prime candidates for decluttering, freeing up valuable space for other items or activities.

#2 – Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is another category that often takes up a substantial amount of space in a garage.

This can include items such as bicycles, skis, snowboards, fitness machines, and various balls and rackets for team sports or individual activities.

Over time, these items can become worn out or are no longer suitable as your needs and interests change. They may also be outgrown by your children.

Additionally, it’s not unusual to have surplus sports equipment, perhaps from a forgotten hobby or impulsive purchase that never materialised into a regular activity.

These items, although valuable when in use, can become a burden if left unused or untouched for long periods.

Therefore, consider decluttering old, unused, or duplicate sports equipment to free up space and maintain an organised garage.

#3 – Hazardous Chemicals

Hazardous material can frequently be found in garages:

  • Motor oil
  • Antifreeze
  • Household cleaning products including bleach, drain cleaners, and oven cleaners.
  • Paints and brush cleaner.
  • Pesticides, fertilisers, and other garden chemicals.

All of these could (and usually do) contain harmful substances that can be detrimental to your health and the environment if not disposed of correctly.

In addition, you might find old batteries or electronics stored away, which contain dangerous heavy metals like lead and mercury.

If these items are broken, expired or no longer needed, a good idea is to carefully dispose of them according to local regulations and not simply throw them away.

#4 – Leftover Building Materials

Leftover building materials often loiter in the corners of your garage long after the completion of a home renovation or DIY project.

These can include scrap wood, nails, screws, tiles, paint cans, plaster, or insulation.

Even though they might appear useful for future projects, they can quickly accumulate and take up valuable space, reducing the functionality of your garage.

Only keep what you know you already need for things in the future – be wary of ‘just in case’!

#5 – Bicycles & Bike Equipment

Bicycles often occupy a significant space in garages.

These might range from children’s first bikes, which they’ve outgrown, to road, mountain, or hybrid bikes for adults. Over time, these can accumulate dust and rust due to infrequent use or neglect.

On the other hand, bikes are often replaced to upgrade to a newer model or more suitable type as the rider’s skills and interests evolve.

Old or damaged bikes, therefore, can quickly become a cluttered presence in your garage.

Additionally, you might find accessories like helmets, gloves, or spare parts which are no longer in use.

#6 – Outdoor Toys

Outdoor toys can take up a surprising amount of space in your garage.

These might include everything from basketballs, footballs, frisbees, and skipping ropes to larger items like scooters, tricycles, skateboards, or even inflatable pools and trampolines.

These toys, while providing endless fun during summer months, can quickly turn into clutter during the off-season or as children grow older and lose interest.

Moreover, many of these items can become worn out or damaged over time due to exposure to the elements.

Similar to other items, duplicates or impulse purchases can also contribute to the clutter.

#7 – Outdoor & Indoor Furniture

Outdoor and indoor furniture is often stored in garages due to seasonal changes or lack of space inside the home. This can include items such as patio sets, parasols, and sun loungers.

Also, you might find indoor furniture in the garage that has been replaced or moved due to redecoration, renovation, or simply a change of aesthetics within the home.

Old sofas, chairs, tables, or cabinets can lie forgotten in the garage, becoming a breeding ground for dust and cobwebs.

Not only that, but broken or worn out furniture pieces that are kept with the intention of repair can add to the clutter if left unattended.

#8 – Containers / Cardboard Boxes

Packing Boxes in a room

It’s all too easy to store those boxes that you get whenever something is delivered to your house.

They’re too good to throw away, and of course we’ll use them all – right?!

Well – usually this isn’t the case, and they can become a bulky waste of space that can take over the entire garage!

Discard empty containers, duplicate storage boxes, or containers with missing lids that are no longer useful.

#9 – Home Electronics

Home Electronics is another category of items that frequently ends up stored in the garage.

This can include everything from microwaves and televisions to old mobile phones, gaming consoles, or stereo systems.

Additionally, smaller gadgets like CD players, digital cameras, or MP3 players that have been replaced by more modern technology could also be taking up space.

It’s not unusual to find old cables, connectors, or chargers that are no longer in use or have become obsolete as well.

These electronics, while they may hold the hope of future use, can quickly become clutter if they’re no longer serving a purpose.

Moreover, their disposal should be handled correctly due to the potentially harmful components they contain. Consider decluttering by donating, selling, or recycling these items through proper channels.

#10 – Seasonal Decorations

Seasonal decorations, while bringing joy during the times they’re used, can become a source of clutter in your garage.

This category might include holiday decorations such as Christmas lights, Halloween items, or Easter decorations.

It could also comprise seasonal items like beach gear for summer or snow gear for winter.

While these items serve a purpose during particular times of the year, they can take up unnecessary space during off-seasons.

Lack of proper organisation can also lead to damage or loss, reducing their usability over time. It’s advisable to review these items annually and dispose of or donate any that are no longer needed or used.

Store the items you wish to keep in well-labelled, sturdy boxes to prevent damage and make them easier to find when needed.

#11 – Decorating Equipment

This category includes items such as paint brushes, rollers, trays, sheets, wallpaper scraps, stencils, and sandpaper. You might also find tools like paint scrapers, putty knives, or caulk guns.

These items, needed for occasional use during redecoration efforts, often end up stored haphazardly and forgotten in the garage.

Consider donating usable leftovers to community groups or recycling centres that accept such supplies.

#12 – Car Parts

Car parts often find their way into garage storage, contributing to clutter over time.

These can range from old tyres and car batteries, to exhaust systems, or even engine parts that have been replaced during vehicle upkeep. Additionally, you might come across an accumulation of car care items such as oils, cleaning solutions, or spare bulbs.

Older vehicles or those used for hobbyist activities might also generate a surplus of parts that get stored indefinitely.

These car parts, while seemingly useful, can pose a danger if not stored correctly, especially if they contain harmful chemicals or sharp edges. Consider selling or recycling these items through proper channels.

#13 – Gardening Tools And Supplies

Lawnmower and other items in brick garage

Gardening supplies are another common source of excess in garages – including various tools like shovels, rakes, pruners, or shears, often left lying around after a day gardening.

You may also find leftover bags of soil, mulch, or fertilisers, not to mention pots of various sizes, watering cans, and hosepipes. Seeds and bulbs purchased with the best of intentions may still be waiting for planting. Seasonal items such as hanging baskets or grow-your-own vegetable kits can also take up space when not in use.

As with many other items, it’s easy to accumulate more than needed, so consider sharing with neighbours or donating to community gardens.

#14 – Abandoned Projects

You know that DIY project that you started but never finished?

Decide whether you’re really going to complete it.

If not, clear it away to make room for new projects. That space it’s taking up is far too valuable, and you’ll just feel guilty every time you see it.

#15 – BBQ Equipment

This section includes items such as grills, charcoal, and an array of grilling tools – spatulas, tongs, brushes, skewers, etc…

Additionally, you might find unused or expired sauces, rubs, or marinades that were bought for a specific BBQ event and then forgotten.

While these items are indispensable during the BBQ season, they can easily become a nuisance during the off-season or when not stored properly.

#16 – Camping Gear

Camping gear can include a variety of items such as tents, sleeping bags, portable stoves, and camping chairs, that only see occasional use.

Other equipment like hiking boots, fishing gear, or headlamps also fall under this category.

Over time, you may accumulate duplicates of these items or hold onto older gear that has been replaced.

Expiry dates on items such as gas canisters or food supplies should also be checked regularly, as these can often be overlooked.

#17 – Car Washing Kit

You might find a variety of tools related to car washing in your garage – such as washing mitts, sponges, brushes, and drying towels lurking in the garage.

Also included could be car shampoos, wax, polish, buckets, hose attachments, and vacuum cleaners specifically for car interiors.

While these items are essential for maintaining the cleanliness and appearance of your vehicles, they can easily become disorganised and occupy more space than necessary, particularly if you have duplicates, or products that are no longer used or have expired.

17 Key Things To Declutter From Your Garage Today

By decluttering these unwanted belongings from your garage, you can transform it into a much more functional and useful space.

You’ll have more room for your vehicles, hobbies, and storage needs, making it a valuable and practical part of your home.

So, what are you waiting for?

P.S if you want to get your decluttering done fast – read this next!


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