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While meandering around Facebook tonight as I regularly do (finding articles to share with you mostly!) I happened across a decluttering article based around a new organising book from Japan that’s creating a stir around the world – it’s called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying

Positive Thoughts On Decluttering

The main concept is that you should “keep the belongings that “spark joy,” and get rid of those that don’t”, which, when I think about it, is something that I have been more and more on board with and have come to realise over the past few years is absolutely key to being content.

It talks about how much easier it is to make a decision about whether to keep an item in your home when you truly know who you are.

As we figure out who we are, it’s only natural that we accumulate stuff that doesn’t suit who we end up being…

We should, it says, look at who we are now, and accept what we love and don’t love as it all helps mould us into our true selves.

This is concept I can truly get on board with.

I know that I for one am so much happier when I can open my wardrobe and see a range of clothes that suit me and my tastes, or look around my living room to see items that make me genuinely happy.

On the other hand – I am not happy when I look around to see items I feel I should keep hold of because I was given them by someone and they may notice, or clothes that may fit again one day, or items that I am using for everyday use when the best stuff is tucked away taking up room in a cupboard without ever coming out for fear of breaking.

It’s no wonder your own home can feel claustrophobic at times if a lot of what is around you is reminding you of what could have been, or what you should have done, or who you think you should be…

Why would I want to have things in my home that make me and/or other members of the family feel negative in any way?

A better angle – positive decluttering

It gives decluttering a much more positive spin – rather than the difficulty most of us face when decluttering of focusing on the negative i.e. what you are getting rid of, it focuses entirely on the positive i.e. making you feel happy in your space with items you truly love.

It certainly makes the concept of decluttering a less daunting task as you are actively creating more space for the items that create a sense of happiness and peace for you.

What could be better than that!

Let me tell you a little story…

I am an awful shopper.

I hate spending money, and buying clothes is one of the worlds worst ways to spend a Saturday afternoon (in my humble opinion).

But recently I have come to see the joy of finding items that I truly love.

Not because I have more money to spend, but because I know myself more.

I know what I truly love, what I feel happiest in, and what suits the figure that God gave me.

Instead of feeling like I should be wearing x, or having y in my wardrobe – and always being disappointed when I open the doors – I have now realised that it’s OK to have my own style, my own look, and run with it – I understand now that I wasn’t being true to myself and what I felt comfortable in and what made me happy.

Shopping was causing me the same anxiety as decluttering – I was focusing on all the items in the shop that I felt I should like, and not focusing on the one or two items that made me happy instead.

I was letting the clutter get to me.

The outcome? Once I realised this it changed the way I shop – I go in with more focus, looking for the items that I love – and I can sort through the rails much more quickly with that in mind.

It’s a work in progress, but instead of having more clothes, I actually have less clothes – all of which I truly love.

And it’s the same throughout the house – I find it easier to give away items when I focus on what I am keeping and how that makes me feel instead.

It’s so much easier to let go of things when you are being true to yourself and creating a more positive place to be.

You want your home to be your haven, a space that makes you feel comforted rather than anxious or stifled – so focusing on that can only be a positive thing.

Positive Thoughts On Decluttering

Next steps…

So – next time you are looking around any part of your home, ask yourself this simple question and it may well be the answer to creating the space you want to live in:-

Does this reflect who me (and my family) truly are?

If the answer is no to any item, it may just be time to pass that on to someone who WILL love it instead, and move swiftly on to the things that really do bring you pleasure.

When you are decluttering, focus on what you are actively choosing to keep – and feel the positivity from these items rather than focusing on that which you feel guilt/anxiety etc.. about.

It may well make it easier to tackle the sometimes overwhelming job ahead, and it’s a way of thinking I for one am going to keep in mind going forward,

For now though, I’m off to read that book – it’s definitely hit a chord!


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