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It can be tricky to work out how to pack shoes for moving. There are so many different types, belonging to different people, and with differing storage needs. Here are all the shoe moving tips you’ll need to make sure they all get to their new home in one piece!

How To Pack Shoes For Moving House - Everything You Need To Know

Whilst moving house is an extremely exciting time, it does also come with problems you’re going to have to solve because, whether you’re moving to a different city or just moving to a different neighbourhood, packing up your lifelong belongings can be stressful.

One of the things you’re going to have to work out how to transport are all those pairs of shoes you’ve got (not to mention those belonging to everyone else in your home!).

You want to make sure they all stay in shape, without being damaged or lost in the moving chaos.

So – here are all the things you need to consider when moving footwear of all types – hope it helps!

Before You Pack – Declutter Your Shoes

To make any move easier, you have to make sure you’re only spending time and energy packing the things you really want to take.

As such, the first step to packing anything is to let go of things you won’t want or need after you’ve moved house.

Shoes you’ll want to consider decluttering are:

  • Shoes that no longer fit
  • Shoes that are broken and not worth / not able to be repaired
  • Shoes you never wear
  • Kids shoes that they’ve outgrown
  • Shoes for hobbies / sport you don’t do any longer
  • Any shoes you won’t have space for in your new home. Now is the time to minimise your collection if you need to!

Whatever the reason to let them go, have to look at your shoe collection (and those of everyone in your home) and work out whether they’re worth moving.

If not – those that are in good condition could be donated or possibly sold, and those that aren’t should be recycled or thrown away.

This process will make your life much easier and save a lot of time and space during the moving process.

Decide On What Shoes You’ll Need, And When You’ll Need Them

When it comes to packing everything you own – you need to be careful.

After your move, there will be a LOT to unpack, and it may well take time to do it all.

What if you need something earlier than it will take to unpack the box it’s in?

It’s worth looking at your calendar / diary and seeing what you’ve got planned over the next few weeks or months.

Make sure any shoes you’ll need during this time are taken out of the main shoe packing boxes – and keep them separate.

Label this box of shoes so that you can easily see it will be needed first. That way you (or the movers) can separate them from the rest when it comes to unpacking in the new house.

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Row of shoes on wooden floor

Make Sure Shoes Are Clean Before Packing

This is especially important if you’re packing your shoes knowing the boxes won’t be opened for a while.

Shoes can easily harbour mould, dirt etc… and this can cause issues over time.

Simple wipe shoes clean, spray with anti bacterial spray if necessary – and make sure they’re as clean as possible before you pack them away.

Your future self will thank you!

Prevent Your Shoes From Losing Their Shape In Transit

Shoes can easily bend out of shape if not packed properly – so before you pack them into any boxes, you need to ensure that they won’t be affected while there.

The best way to prevent them getting out of shape is to pad them from the inside.

You can do this in a couple of different ways:

Stuff Them With Paper

Using clean packing paper is a necessity when it comes to packing your shoes up. Don’t use anything like newspapers or already used packing paper. 

Whilst these might be great for packing other household items away, it won’t work with your shoes because it could easily leave stains on them that you may never be able to get off afterwards. 

Instead, use clean unused packing paper or clean paper towels.

Stuff Them With Socks

Socks are probably the easier and best option because you don’t have to buy them for the job, and they don’t cause as much wastage afterwards, as long as you already have enough of them.

Plus, it means your socks are already packed away, which is an extra bonus for sure! 

Use A Shoe Shaper

You can buy shoe shapers that can be used in your home for storing shoes at all times. If you have any of these already – just keep them in the shoes. If not – consider grabbing a few!

Stuff With A Bottle Or Pool Noodle

For tall boots you’ll need to protect their full length as much as possible, and if you don’t have specific products then a plastic bottle or pool noodle can do the trick really well.

It’s all about thinking outside of the box a little!

Prevent Shoes From Losing A Partner During The Move

Shoes come in pairs – and nothing is more frustrating than finding one but not the other.

When you’re moving all your shoes, you’re bound to have a few that separate during the process – so it makes sense to try and prevent this before it happens.

After all – a little time taken up front doing this will mean you’ll save a lot of time hunting for the matching shoe after the move…

A few ways to do this are:

Tie Shoes With Laces Together:

Tie any pairs of shoes with laces, such as trainers, together by their laces to keep them together. Don’t tie too tight as you don’t want to make it hard to untie at the other end!

Use Rubber Bands:

Use a large rubber band to keep sandal style shoes together easily.

Wrap Each Pair Of Shoes Together:

Another way to separate shoes from each other is to wrap them up together using paper or plastic wrap of some sort.

You could use lots of different types of packing material – including packing paper, bubble wrap – or even tea towels etc… if they’re to hand (and you’re OK to wash them after you unpack).

TIP – Try to refrain from wrapping them in a plastic bag because these can tear easily, which means your shoes could become exposed and get scratched during transport. 

6 Options For Packing Shoes To Move

Once you’ve decided on the shoes you’re going to move with you, cleaned them, and stuffed them so they don’t lose their shape – it’s time to pack them ready for moving day.

Here are the best ways to consider:

#1 – Pack In Their Original Shoe Box

If you’ve kept any of the shoe boxes that your shoes originally came in, then this is obviously the ideal way to pack them for the move.

Once they’re in the box , to prevent them moving around, simply scrunch up some packing paper around the shoes to keep them in place and they’ll arrive at your new home in perfect condition!

Packing high heels into a cardboard box

#2 – Pack In Shoe Boxes Bought For The Move

You can easily purchase simple cardboard or plastic shoe boxes online. 

This is definitely worth considering if you’ve got delicate shoes or high heels – as they can protect them really well (and you could also use in your new house for storing them stacked neatly in the wardrobe).

Shoes stacked in plastic boxes

#3 – Pack In A Suitcase

You’re moving suitcases if you have them, so why not fill them for the move?!

These work very well for your shoe collection, especially the hard shell type suitcases as they’ll protect the shoes well.

#4 – Pack In A Large Plastic Box

Plastic boxes are a great way to transport shoe collections – but remember these aren’t breathable and so some shoes (leather and suede) won’t work well being stored in them for longer term as they may crack after drying out.

A good reason to pick plastic boxes is that they’re waterproof. If you may be storing boxes in a garage or basement before unpacking – then this may be the best choice just in case the space has damp issues.

TIP – Pack heavier shoes at the bottom of your box, and lighter shoes on top. This will help keep your shoes from being squashed and bent out of shape, but also make the boxes less top heavy (which is better for stacking and lifting).

#5 – Pack In A Sturdy Medium Sized Cardboard Box

Cardboard isn’t as strong as a plastic moving box – so pick a small to medium sized box if moving shoes in one.

Packing trainers into a box

#6 – Pack In Their Storage Furniture

If you’ve got a small shoe rack, or a shoe storage cupboard – then it may be just as easy to wrap them up in place and move the entire item in one go.

(This is something commonly done by movers when packing up chests of drawers. Each drawer can be wrapped with it’s contents in place pretty easily and it saves a LOT of time on the unpacking front!).

It’s worth packing some clothes / bubble wrap or packing paper around them to stop them moving around in transit.

How To Pack Shoes To Save Space

I like to take a pair of shoes, and turn one around so that the heel of it is facing the toe of it’s partner. This will save space in your packing box (and is also a brilliant way of saving space when storing shoes in your home, just saying!).

Also pack them vertically rather than one top of each other – as this will prevent squashing some under others and (hopefully) keep them in better condition while moving them.

How To Pack Lots Of Shoes For Moving

Always use boxes that you’ll be able to carry easily – as shoes can be heavy when too many are stored together.

Also consider packing different types of shoes together in separate boxes – so you can quickly find what you need (i.e. trainers, casual, heels etc…).

How To Pack Heels For Moving

You want to make sure the heels are protected from being snapped in transit – and so wrap paper or bubble wrap around them carefully along with some crumpled packing paper in the space around the heel itself.

Ideally you want to pack each pair of heels in a shoe box to make sure they’re away from anything else.

How To Pack Shoes For Moving House - Everything You Need To Know

When moving your shoes collection, the last thing you want is for all of your shoes to be ruined during transport to your new home.

I hope the tips and tricks mentioned in this article will help you pack away your shoes so nothing gets damaged!

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