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Motivation works in different ways for different people, and there is a huge difference in getting the motivation to start something, and getting the motivation to continue. Today I want to talk about how to stay motivated once you have started a task.

How to stay motivated when you have started something



Some people are motivated enough just by starting something, that they want to see it to its conclusion.

Some people get a renewed energy when they start to see the results of their organising. When an area is really organised they get great satisfaction out of it and want to continue.

And for some people it takes a lot more to keep them on track….


If you are someone who finds yourself lacking in motivation to continue with a task you are doing, then why not try one of the following ideas to restart your fire.

  • Do you work well using rewards? Why not treat yourself to a favourite drink or meal at the end of the day, a hot bath, a magazine, time for you, etc…. something just for you that will relax you and make you feel that you have really deserved it.
  • What about timing yourself? If you find yourself losing motivation to finish a job, often a race against how long it took last time, or even just the sense of urgency can help with motivation levels.
  • Make yourself accountable to someone – You could try telling someone what you are doing – making yourself accountable to someone can work wonders on your motivation to get it done – who wants to have to tell them that you haven’t managed it?
  • Have a goal to aim towards – organise a party at your house for a couple of months time, by which time you will want to have done lots of organising so you will be proud to let people through the door and into your home.
  • Why not take some photos of the “Before” of your project. When you see just how far you’ve come, then you will be able to pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Its all too easy to forget how bad a space was before, and feel like you haven’t made that much of a difference – so giving yourself the before and after picture (just like I do in some of my posts) really can work wonders for your motivation levels.
  • Play music – this is known to keep you upbeat and you won’t notice time passing quite as much
  • Think about why some things are much easier for you to get done – what is it about them? can you make what you are doing now feel more like that? (If you thrive when working with others, why not invite a friend over to help with a promise of an evening out in return)

Ways to stay motivated when you are in the middle of a task and feeling drained and overwhelmed. Find what works for you and get more done!

The real key is to maintain a positivity around the job in hand, whatever that may be – and with that positivity will come the energy and impetus to keep you on track.

Use what works for you and you may well surprise yourself by staying motivated next time you are struggling with keeping going.

What do you use to stay motivated? Do you always struggle with this? I’d love to know so please leave a comment below…

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