6 Tips To Create The Perfect Bathroom Schedule For Everyone


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Do you have a bathroom schedule for your family? If you’re tired of the stress of rushing around each morning then this is the post for you!

Back to school is upon us, and with that can come a rush each morning to use the bathroom, get ready and leave the house in good time.

It’s the time of year that families are starting to get new routines as the new school year dictates when people need to be out the door etc…, and it’s a time that can create lots of stress if you’re not careful.

One of the biggest causes of arguments each morning is that need to use the bathroom – and it can create chaos in the calmest of homes if anyone is left waiting for too long….

So – what’s the answer?

How can everyone get ready in peace, with the time they need in the bathroom? – here are my top tips to hopefully help a little!

BATHROOM SCHEDULE - 6 tips to help you create your own that really works

Tip #1 – Create A Plan To Work With – Based On Peoples Schedules

Yes, Yes – it seems like overkill to create a schedule for using the bathroom – but trust me, it works!

If you have a large family then it may just save your sanity!

Firstly, look at everyones schedule and work out when they will be needing to leave the house, and what time they need in the bathroom each morning.

It’s easiest to get everyone to help with this, because then they will be involved and you can be realistic about what each person needs and talk it through properly.

You can then simply create slots of time that they can use the bathroom for each day – and add this schedule to the bathroom door to avoid confusion.

TIP – If anyone runs over their time or abuses this system then you could set up a system where they have some sort of forfeit. Maybe you take bathroom time off them for the next week, or they have to clean the bathroom that week etc… – giving them a reason to follow the schedule may well make all the difference..

Tip #2 – Use More Than One Bathroom If You can

You may have more than one bathroom in your home, or even just an extra sink/toilet somewhere.

If you can – use these as well.

For example – a toilet and sink downstairs may be enough to take the pressure off the bathroom itself for younger children who just need to go to the toilet, wash their faces and clean their teeth in the morning. There is no reason why they can’t use a sink other than in the bathroom.

Or – do you have an en-suite? If you do, and you aren’t using it on certain days then maybe one child could use it when the bathrooms going to be busy?

Tip #3 – Can Anyone Change Their Routine?

We’re all creatures of habit, and there’s no time like your mornings to see that in action.

We usually do exactly the same thing on waking – whether that be cleaning teeth, using the toilet, having breakfast etc…. – and this can be hard to change.

If you find that everyone has the same habits and routine for the morning, then they will naturally be more likely to clash when it comes to when they need the bathroom.

Thinking differently when it comes to your bathroom schedule may make all the difference – pretty easily! Some ideas would be: –

  • Can someone wash their hair the evening before so that they only need a shower the next day to save time?
  • Can someone eat breakfast before they shower to stagger bathroom use a little?
  • Can someone shower the night before so that they only need a couple of mins in the bathroom in the morning?
  • Can someone not shower if they don’t have to straight away i.e. they could get ready for fitness when they wake up and then shower after they have done that?

If you have more flexibility in your day then this is a great way to stay out of the bathroom at busy times!

TIP – have an evening schedule if necessary as well! – you may find that this is just as crucial to a calmer household..

Tip #4 – Only Do What You Absolutely Need To Do In The Bathroom

I’ve already suggested that you may not have to wash your hair or even shower in the morning if you plan things right, but you can go even further with this concept…

If you have girls in your home, then they can save bathroom time by doing makeup and hair in their bedroom rather than in the bathroom, for instance – and then the bathroom schedule will be less full.

Make sure that only the critical bathroom tasks are being done in that room and you should save time as a result.

Tip #5 – Leave It As You Find It…

If you have to sort the bathroom out before you can use it because it’s been left in a state, this is wasted time.

As such, make sure everyone wipes down the surfaces, puts their stuff away, and hangs up any towels etc…. – and whoever uses the last of the loo paper should replenish it ;o)

Tip #6 – Guests Come First

As an extra tip – when you have guests to stay and no specific bathroom for them, then they should definitely take precedence when it comes to their needs.

Why not ask them when they will want to use the bathroom to avoid hassles and awkwardness in the morning (they may also prefer to use the bathroom for a bath or shower in the evening so it’s handy to know this as well!).

Overall – the key is to simply be aware of everyone in the houses’ needs, and try and accommodate them so that everyone feels they get the right amount of time at the right time each morning.

Once you get your bathroom schedule in place, you’ll wonder how you did without it!

… and if you want to create a morning routine for everything you need to do, then THIS POST is the next one you should read – enjoy!


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