Useful 2 Page Per Week Planner Printable (A4 And Letter)


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Track your week beautifully with this free 2 page per week planner printable. A simple black and white template with plenty of space for every day of the week – and room for notes too! This is a really fantastic week on 2 pages design.

2 page per week planner printable

Note: This printable is one of 100+ Free Printables To Make Your Home Life Easier… that you can download today in the Free Printables Library.

Take A Look At the 2 Page Per Week Calendar

This printable weekly planner has the following fantastic properties:

  • Black and white design – you can add your own colour depending on your style and taste. You could even add stickers etc…
  • pdf format so you can download and print off as many times as you like – create a full yearly planner in a folder, for example!
  • Week starts on a Monday – means that your weekends are in one section together at the end of each week.
  • Available in Letter size and A4 – depending on the paper size you usually use.
2 page per week planner printable

This is a gorgeous printable that can be used daily, and is useful for lots of reasons:

#1 – Loads of space each day to write everything you need to get done. More space for everything you need to record. You could also split the space up for different needs (for example – I like to split it up into am and pm, or work and home).

#2 – You can print off a few copies and always be weeks ahead in your planner

#3 – Use any way you see fit. Use for a journal, a planner, a tracker – and so much more. The only limit is your imagination, really!

Get A Copy Of The Two Page Per Week Printable

2 page per week planner printable

This free 2 page per week planner printable can be yours right now!

It’s part of the Free Printables Library available to all subscribers of OMH, and all you need to do to get access to it is click on the button below and sign up.

Note: This template is available in both A4 and Letter sizes, as a pdf template. Although 80gsm paper is adequate for most day to day uses, I recommend printing on paper that’s at least 100gsm for the best results, and 120gsm if displaying the printable. You could also use coloured paper for a more personalised style (I love using brown paper!).

2 page per week planner printable

There you have it – a gorgeous printable that you’re going to love using every week.

Print off a copy from the Printables library now – and get started.

You’ll be more organised before you know it!

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