How To Remember Passwords – Easy Way You Can’t Forget


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This post is all about how to remember passwords once and for all – it’s a little trick that my husband taught me a few years ago and it really does make life so much easier!

How To Remember Passwords The Easy Way

We all know that passwords should be unique for every different login that we use – but because keeping track of each one can be so difficult most of us end up sticking to one or two and using them in everything – which isn’t that safe should anyone get hold of it.

There are password organising apps available, which I have to be honest I haven’t tried as yet, but what I do find is that I can keep all my passwords different, and still remember them whenever I need to.


'username or password incorrect' - at least tell me which one it is!

Step one – How To Pick A Good Password:-

Pick a main password that is a strong mix of everything you should have in it:-

  • Upper case characters
  • Lower case characters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols
  • Random rather than real words

For example – A1£fRw73

I have picked a 7 letter password as you can usually remember things of up to 7 characters easily (I read it somewhere but am struggling to remember where…). Having this many characters also makes it less easy for hackers to work out.

What to NOT include in Your Passwords

Definitely avoid names, words found in dictionaries, even foreign words. Try to be as random as you possibly can.

This can be called you CORE PASSWORD. Keep this written down somewhere safe should you ever forget it.

Step two – Change It Up For Each Different Password You need :-

When you come to create a password for something, simply start with your Core Password and then chose letters that relate to what the password is for, and add these to the end of the Core Password.

For example – For a paypal account, you may use the password A1£fRw7pp as this has the core password we chose already, along with “pp” at the end which stands for paypal.

Now, the beauty of this method is that once you have remembered this one Core Password, you can simply add on a couple of digits for each password you need, creating different and unique passwords for everything you need that is still easy to remember.

It really is that simple!

How To Remember Passwords The Easy Way

So, if you’re currently using the same password for everything, why not mix it up a little…

… and at least start adding on letters to the end to make the passwords unique.

Or ideally change your core password to be as secure and difficult to guess as possible.

After all – it only takes a hacker to work out the password using one of the less secure sites you may have added it to,  and then try it in other more important sites to make life very difficult for you…

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