Creating A Family Things To Do Jar – Never Be Bored Again!


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It’s the school holidays this month and even with the best of intentions about getting lots done and having some fun with the kids, it can sometimes be difficult to find things to do while they are home for a couple of weeks. As such, I wanted to share a little idea/tip that I am going to try out these holidays with my daughter to try and answer the problem.

Creating a things to do jar for the family

The idea is really simple: –

Find an old jar and some small note cards or strips of paper

Creating a jar for things to do

Get the kids (and you!) to write on each piece of paper things they would love to do

writing on paper what things you want to do

Fold them up and drop them into the jar

filling up the jar with things to do

When you have some spare time over the holidays, simply take it in turns to pull one of the ideas out – and do it!

TIP – Have some rules for what to choose i.e. you can say that it is something that is at home, or something that’s free, or something that all the family can participate in.

There are many ways that this sort of concept can work in a house – so be creative! – here are some other ideas for inspiration: –

  • Use the same idea for chores for kids over the holidays, when they are bored they can grab a task and if they get it done they can get a treat of some sort.
  • Use a jar for things to do with your partner – date night / cook a special meal at home / no TV night etc…
  • Use a jar for a school class if you teach – pull a childs name out each week and let them choose something to do that’s special
  • Use a jar for adding in the nice things that happen over a year, and at the end of the year sit as a family and read through them (I saw this on Facebook recently and thought it would be a really lovely keepsake as well, a sort of time capsule of the year!).
Creating a "Things to do" jar - how it can help your family in all sorts of ways - get creative and make one today!

I hope this simple idea has inspired you too – I’m excited to try it and see whether it will become something that it used every school holidays – above all else it may make things more interesting!

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