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Let’s take a closer look at the top 10 secrets that all organised people use each and every day of their lives to get more done. Learn these tricks and you’ll be able to take on the world (your part of it at least!) – one task at a time…

Organised people - their secrets to a productive life


Have you ever wondered how can some people get so much more done in a day than others? – What’s the secret that organised people know and how can you be more like them?

Here are my top 10 tips that the most organised of people tend to use as habits in their own lives, that enable them to have fantastically productive lives each and every day.

Which of these do you do already?…



#1 – JUST DO IT!

Stop procrastinating about how much you need to get done, and just get things started!

The actual time it takes for you to worry and moan to others about things you have to do could have been used much more wisely, and you could actually have spent the time doing some of the things from your TO DO list instead!

Some of the most productive people swear by doing what hurts them the most, first.

Getting the worst of your days tasks over and done with can really give you a lift, and you may find that you can get loads more done than you thought.

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The opposite is true if you are leaving the worst jobs until last, as your subconscious will try and delay getting to these tasks, and as a result you will go slower, feel slower, and feel very demotivated as a result.




We all have them, tasks that are so big that they feel completely overwhelming – and sometimes as a result of this we can’t even start them.

There never seems to be enough time in the day to complete it, and so what’s the point in starting at all?

Productive people break up large tasks into easily accomplished smaller tasks, that can be done in much smaller chunks of time.

They feel a sense that they have achieved each step, and this motivates them to continue.

Before they know it, the whole task has been completed and with a lot less stress involved.




Productive people tend to ask themselves before they start any task whether it will take them further towards, or away from, their goals in life.

Basically – is it worth spending their time on this task at all?

Of course, we all have tasks that just need to be done (housework, anyone?!), but there will be other things that you get asked to do each day that will either be of no use to you, or things that you feel you should do – of which all you will get from them is a sense of duty.

Learning to say NO to things that sap your time and energy is the best way to value your time.

Non productive people don’t differentiate tasks like this and can find that they are spending time on jobs that make no real difference to their lives or the lives of others around them – they are what I call “Busy” tasks – things that make you busy, but don’t get you anywhere.

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Your TO DO list has absolutely everything you want/need to do on it, and it can be easy to do those things which interest you most, first.

However, to be really productive, you need to ask yourself what your top priority is, and do that first.

Ask yourself – if you could only do one thing today, what would get you nearest to your end goal?

A good side effect of this is that if something unexpected crops up that takes your time, you should have finished the most important tasks of the day anyway – the rest can wait if necessary.




If you think that you can do things, then you get more done – pessimists don’t make productive people!

It’s much easier to get out of bed each morning and get going when you are looking forward to doing something – so use that to your advantage in your daily life as well.



10 tips used by organised people so that they make the most out of every day - which do you use to stay productive?

Already halfway through!

Are you finding that you do most of these already, or are there things that you could add into your day to help even more?

The last 5 tips are, in my mind, even more crucial to start doing in your day to day life, so let’s get going without delay…


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