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You Get What You Focus On... - which direction are you going

I don’t know whether you’ve experienced this phenomenon first hand, but the more people I speak to the more I believe its true!

  • People thinking of having a baby suddenly seem to see baby related stuff everywhere
  • Opportunities coming to people thinking of changing their job or career path
  • Even just thinking about someone seems to more often than not bring a phone call/email/text from them

Coincidence? or fate?!

Well, I firmly believe that there are some truths to getting whatever you focus on – its really just a case of priorities.

Whats your priority?

To ensure you get what you want out of life – you need to learn to focus on the right things.

Your top priorities take up the most time, and things that aren’t important can fade into the background really easily (think of your never ending TO DO list and how some things just stay there forever)

When I look at peoples lives and who are living the life they want versus those who are always moaning about their lot, I find something incredibly interesting holds true – and that is that happy and successful people have a focus in life, they know what they want to achieve, have worked out the steps to get there, and given themselves the time to achieve it – whether that be large or small goals – they use the same steps to get them there.

Whats your priority at the moment? Getting fit, Eating healthy, Changing Job, Moving House, Caring for someone, getting organised…… the list is endless!

Lets look at the obvious one here – getting organised.

Think about it – are you constantly moaning about being disorganised, and never neing able to find time, find things, or find space in your life? Or have you prioritised getting organised and now find yourself able to focus on other points of your life instead?

In fact, if you focus on getting organised first, then everything else will be so much easier!

But I haven’t got time…

Yes, Life is hectic.

But life is hectic for everyone, and others find the time.

Not having time can be an easy excuse for actually not having to see if you can reach your goals. If you never have t try, then you won’t fail, and sometimes thats what holds us back from the life we really want – your subconscious is working against you.

If you can set goals in life (which will change naturally over time as your priorities change, so revisit them regularly) and focus on them, then you WILL achieve.

You Get What You Focus On... - cshow

Are you focusing on the right thing?

I talked earlier about people who always can be found moaning about things in their lives – being disorganised being just one of these things.

Because they are always saying these type of things it gets completely into their psyche, and lo and behold, they end up creating their own self fulfilling prophecy.

So ask yourself – are you hindering your own life by focusing on the wrong things, without being aware of doing so?

Or, conversely, are you knowingly focusing on the wrong things?

If you focus only on what you don’t want in life, or the negatives within your life, then that will be like adding a magnifying glass to the issue, and will consume you so that you have energy for very little else.

If you don’t focus on the right things, then you’ll never get where you want to , and will always feel unfulfilled.

Learn to push away the negative

There are two types of NEGATIVE I want to talk about here, thats Emotional Baggage, and Day to Day Time Wasters.

Emotional Baggage

Emotional baggage is tough to push away – its the sort of negative thinking that you have been doing for years – such as “I’m no good” or putting others before yourself so often that your goals have been forgotten.

To start to get back on track, start to understand what you have achieved in your life so far – write a list so you can see how far you’ve come, and then write a list of where you want to be in say 5 years. From here its so much easier to start to break it down into easy to manage steps, and you will start to tackle the underlying negativity on the way.

Look at courses on things you’d like to achieve, and start to prove to yourself that you are capable – the rest will follow!

Day to day time wasters

These are things that have to be done, but do they really need to be done by you and so often?

Can you delegate household chores to other members of the family more, or even get outside help to free up some time?

Does everything have to be done daily/weekly – or can you free up more time much more quickly by reevaluating how often its done? Lots of people find they hide behind the daily tasks as its easier to stay busy than to refocus.

If you are having to focus on the day to day then you won’t have the headspace left for things that really should be your focus.

Learning to push things away from your immediate thinking will help to leave space for things you would much rather be concentrating on.

Rethink your focus

Heres a scenario for you:-

“You have a call from a close family member, who has fallen ill and needs some care for a week or so – and you are closest – can you help?”

Well, the answer for most of us without hesitation would be YES – of course! – and we find ways to manipulate our days so that we can create the time required to help.

Some things don’t get done, but they weren’t critical anyway, and other things are delegated. But the important thing to note is that life keeps ticking over even when you can’t be there running at 100%.

If you can learn to prioritise things that are important to you in the same way as you would in the above scenrio, think what else you could get done!

Rethink your time – look at what you are focussing on now and what can be changed 0 and you will find you have more time than you think.

Yes its hard, but its worth it!

Get what you want

So – whatever you want in life, the lesson here is to think about it often and make it a part of your conscious thoughts – then your subconscious will be automatically tuned in to finding ways to get you there!

Rethink what you currently do, and see if you can reprioritise what you want to focus on – learn to push away negative thinking and gain more time to focus on the important things – what makes you and those around you happy.

This works for anything you want to focus on – whether it be a major life change or a small change – but to work really effectively I try and stick to one main priority at a time. What about a monthly focus!? Try it and see how well you work and how much you get done – and as always, I’d love to hear how you get on!

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