For anything else, display what you can (I am a firm believer that artwork and anything on shelves should reflect you and your families life as much as possible.

Things that seem important one year may actually stop being important another – so keep on top of your memories and make them count!

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Decluttering guilt – Reason 5 – I will regret getting rid of it

People often hold onto things with a “Just in case” mentality. I know thats why theres still an ice cream maker in the back of my kitchen cupboard somewhere……. but I digress!

Keeping things that you aren’t going to use is a waste of time, energy and money. Give it away or sell it, and then free up space in your home for something you do truly need.

There is no reason why, if you do need it in the future, you couldn’t borrow one from someone else, or purchase it again – but in the meantime you haven’t had to maintain it, clean it, store it etc….

A great idea to do if you are still not sure of whether you can take the plunge and get rid of something entirely is to put it in a box in the garage. Once the box is full seal the box for 6 months. If after 6 months you haven’t needed anything in the box, and if you can’t remember what was in it – then just GET RID OF IT. Don’t open it up as you will simply open up all those feelings you had again, and start to reminisce over them. If you really needed them or regretted getting rid of them, then you would have remembered what they were at the very least, don’t you think!

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There are so many reasons its hard to declutter your home - and this post tackles just a few - from feeling like you need to keep presents you don't like, all the way through to the fact that you don't want to waste money.Wouldn’t it be lovely to end up with a home in which the majority of items are things you truly love or that are useful in some way.

This would create a more simplified and calm place to be, and you will feel really great as a result.
Keeping things because of a sense of duty, or guilt, is no way to feel in your own home – so why not take back control and get the clutter free home you are dreaming of.

Now, while its still fresh in your mind, why not take a black bag around the house and see what you can find that would make you feel better if it was out of the house – bet you you can fill the bag!

Good luck, and happy decluttering!

Why not start your decluttering right now with the super-simple 30 day clutter blitz challenge – interested? CLICK HERE

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  1. Scan info and save in Dropbox or OneDrive/cloud storage. It will always be there. As for kids papers, pick the best two of the week. Then, at the end of the month, reduce the pile to the best three. At the end of six months, reduce it down to three. At the end of the year, you should only have a handful of great papers/art. Then, as the article suggests, at the start of the year, gi through those piles. How many do you or your child REALLY want to keep and why? Unless you want the originals, turn it into memory or scrapbooks. I have a kindergartner and that us my plan. One book of his school life. The purpose is not just sentimentality, it (should) also be the best accomplishments and victories.

    • Hi Paige – LOVE the idea of keeping reducing what you keep as you get more – great idea so thanks for sharing x

  2. What about papers? That’s the worst for me. I have natural health newsletters I want info from. Then there’s my son’s papers over the years — Boy Scouts, church stuff, school. There are recipes printed out to try and then no one acts that happy about them and later wonders where is that recipe you made (whenever)?

    Information online and in hard copy — are my most difficult to deal with clutter.

    Any ideas?


    • Hi Flo – great questions – thank you! – I would definitely start a folder to keep your natural health magazines in – and only keep the parts that you require the info from so that it keeps bulk down. ripping out the pages you need and circling the information will make it easier to find what you need when you need it again rather than going through tonnes of full magazines. With your sons papers I would file in year order so that you can again find what you want when you need it – a regular filing cabinet would work well for this or even a plastic box would be fine. And lastly – for recipes I would look at not printing them out any longer but saving them on a recipe board you can make on Pinterest as this will automatically link to the recipe on the web. You could move recipes you love to a new RECIPES WE LOVE board when you have tried them and want to keep them – this will keep clutter to a minimum while still keeping what you need to keep. I hope these ideas help x

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